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Posted: December 23, 2012 in Drawing, Events, Journals
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Guys, I have a confession to make..

I have no yet installed our Christmas tree at home. And the Christmas lights too. Oh I had all the time in the world, only I kept pretending I’m busy with my job, I’m studying portraits, I’m reading this book, I have to finish the Assasin’s Creed game  and I have to submit these and that. What an idiot.

Yes, I was successful with my Parol Project and it’s twin sequel Parol Project 2.0 but these were weeks  ago. I just practically denied myself to let the creative juice flow freely. No excuses.

I had a few ideas after completing the Parols like making Chinese-like lanterns for our garden, draw an epic Christmas scene for DeviantArt, and write some friends letters and postcards. But let’s see if I can squeeze any of these ideas into my limited holiday schedules. And oh by the way, in my company’s exchange gift I gave a novel called “The Kite Runer” by Khaled Housenei (one of my favorite books that brought me to my knees sobbing). Unfortunately the recipient gave me an impression “Dude, you and your book really sucks. Thanks for nothing. Have a terrible Christmas.” Brilliant  it pretty damn hurt.

Now, speaking of gifts I’d like to share some pretty cool ideas for the Holidays. The following are made by two beautiful and very creative ladies which in many ways set my path from being a finance dude to a wild dog chasing that shiny thing called ‘ART’. What a year.

1. Valerie Chua – I think we are friends already although we have yet to meet. I sponsored my big sister to attend one of Valerie’s Watercolor Workshops and I got her materials and an autographed notebook! Just last week she opened a booth in World Trade Center and posted here products here (her blog).  As far as tastes go, I prefer dark and Gothic themes which is the exact opposite of her style but ironically I seem to get drawn closer to her works which I absolutely love. Fascinating.






(Photos taken from

I was not able to go to the bazaar but to my relief she agreed to mail me her prints in my doorstep! I ordered quite a few as post-holiday gifts for my friends. And please Feel free to send here an email if you want to own of her products at


2. Tuyet Dinh Sinh Vat – And the Vietnamse artist is back here in my dumpsite blog! I wish you are continuing to read my blog and remembered my confession of love towards her. It’s an unrequited affection and admiration for now but still I’m going to Vietnam, ahm not really to see her (remember the odds of meeting her in her city is a 6.5 million to 1 odds) but more of a traveling and cultural exposure con “just want get my passport stamped”. She’s a vain girl who worships the camera, you can’t blame her beauty, but you can’t simply ignore her extreme sense of creativity either. I’ve featured once her paintings and drawings now allow me to share her ideas and projects this Christmas.


tuy xmas

tuy xmas1

Some eggs for Christmas ideas and gifts.

Some eggs for Christmas ideas and gifts.
(Photos taken from

I’m not really sure if she made the egg designs, they are products of a Vietnamese fb page “World of Eggs”. But I can bet she made the designs, because the aesthetics and colors fits her other previous works.


To sum up this blog: I totally suck and these two girls really rocks! This is not a rant but they certainly are two reasons why there is an unfair distribution of assets in life hahahaha. But seriously you have to give them some credits, they worked hard for their looks and even harder for creating their ideas into a reality which ends up getting the appreciation of the many. That’s why they are called artists.  Cool artists.

Maybe perhaps next Christmas and the may to come, I can be one of them creating wonderful stuffs making the Holidays a little bit merrier. Merry Christmas my dear readers. I love you guys, hope you enjoy your Holidays.

  1. winnymarch says:

    hey there
    nice photo 🙂
    im from indonesia and i like ur blog and i wish u would follow me back 🙂

  2. potsquared says:

    sabi na distracted ka eh…. yihee!

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