Old Dragon

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Events, Journals
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Forgive my extended tardiness but I would like to greet you guys from the bottom of my soul… have a terrific and productive New Year! And may you find some happiness to come.

My 2012 was quite a year. I made a lot of misses but certainly there were some big hits. A year filled with mistakes, but hey, I’ve learned (I think). It’s also a year of disappointments but it’s also a period of milestones. I guess in a year no matter how much you try or hide away from the situations there are always gains and loses out of it; of pain and pleasure, of sacrifices and blessings. And maybe perhaps there’s always a time to get lost  and a time to get back, of finding your self.

But the biggest part of the year are time you spent with people, of connecting  and sharing a piece of your heart, and even your soul to them.

The hard part is losing them, but the painful part is leaving them. People come along. And leave. That is life.  That’s exactly what I did when I left The Island, a beautiful place I’ve written about in a chronicle in case I will no longer be around to tell my experiences out there to my descendants. Thanks God, I have no regrets.

Because along the way, as I discovered a new path, comes new faces, new inspirations, new friends and new experiences. And after a long series of unfortunates experiences and hazardous detours, nothing beats the moment where you truly discover you true self. I got lucky. Or perhaps truly blessed knowing of the even greater things to come. Things that are beautiful, heartfelt, thoughtful and, if luck strikes, things that can inspire others to create positive things.

2012, what a year it has been. It’s a good year, but not a great year I expected it to be. But I’ll take the bruises, capitalize on my mistakes, earn the lessons and never forget on the many many good things that happened that Year of the Dragon. Celebrating the New Year isn’t just about looking back at what went wrong and counting busted resolutions but rather about looking ahead and promising to make life better one day at a time.

I can never thank everyone enough but, wtf, daghang salamat ug  Happy New Year!

  1. Marya says:

    Happy New Year! Year of the Dragon ka ba? di daw masyadong swerte ang dragon nung 2012 sabi ng mga astrologists pero this 2013 swerte daw sa pera at career. Good luck!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      Mahal, este Marya! Happy New Year din!
      Oo di maxadong swerte nga ang dragon last year. Dragon din ako, kaw din ata anoh?
      Sana nga maging maganda ang taon nating ngayon, Goodluck sa ating dalawa!

  2. hello, happy new year, kapatid! a good perspective on the year that was… 🙂 keep on writing…

  3. cheesecake says:

    we can only hope for the best 😀

  4. I know it is belated….but happy new year to you as well Lester! Also, I like how you wrote that you capitalize on your mistakes — a nice way of writing that our mistakes are investments for better things to come =)

    • Lapiskamay says:

      Happy New Year to you too miss Frances! no problmen, anytime of year is a new year filled excitement and hope. 🙂
      yup i view that way,. it doesn’t hurt that much in that perspecitive. 🙂 Have a great year ahead.

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