A SINULOG Virgin’s (mis)Adventures!

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Events, Journals, Photography, Travels
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I just spent my weekend in Cebu to experience for the very first time the Sinulog Festival. Not that I planned on seeing it, it’s not even a travel planned out weeks prior. I just went to the city to process some papers and also to buy some art stuffs and a few books.  But it seems like fate practically dragged me back, in one way from the other, into this wonderful city to finally see her infamous festival. It was an explosion of emotions of an unlikely adventure filled with ups and downs, of loud colors and dancing fireworks. I thought, OK let’s check this out, I’ll be ready.

But coming off from one of the wildest weekend I ever had, heck nothing could have ever prepared for what was about to come. In a span of two days: I got rescued by the Coast Guard on a rubber boat, I lost a nail (ouch), and dropped my cellphone in a sea of 3.5 million people. And the weekend was still awesome!

To get to Cebu from my hometown I have to board a ship on a cold night that made even colder by the airconditioning unit in a deluxe accommodation. The night trip usually last for 4-5hours, but I slept for 6. And the next thing I know all the common travellers are already gone and the ship was definitely leaving somewhere else. Shit! Are they going back to Leyte!? It turn out the ship was participating in the fluvial parade a few kilometers away from the port. Under normal circumstances I would have stayed and enjoyed the fluvial but I wasn’t the only who overslept that night.. There were three lovely ladies and an old couple who turned out that the old man’s a retired colonel who really really needs to catch up a plane in a couple of hours. So hello coast guards, hello rubber boat, hello open waters! Whoo!


Come Saturday night, I have already processed my papers and bought the art stuffs that would make me look like a pro artist. Man, these things hurt, especially my pocket. But no worries I got my loud and wacky little taller-than-me little brothers and we decided to watch the movie “Life of Pi”, on digital 3D. It’s a great movie coming from a book I really thought unfilmable. But the movie turned out to be a cinematic masterpiece with dashing special effects, breath-taking cinematography, sharp one liners and a heart-warming story of survival, hope and religion.  The movie made my brothers’ jaws drop. This needs a separate film review, soon. It was money well spent.

photo credits to my brother Paul.

photo credits to my brother Paul.

As we head out of the cinema we saw this and a whole lot more…

I have seen a lot of fireworks before, but this particular night seems to be one of the most memorable because we were amazed and shouting by the sight of those explosions, which I’ve never done before.  Even at that time of night the parking space of the Mall was filled with thousands of happy people. It was euphoria and what a way to end the day seeing a good movie and followed up by the best and loudest fireworks.

I lost my nail on my left middle finger while chasing a jeep on the way home.  It’s an accident. Great, what a day!


Where’s my nail?

You haven’t been to Cebu if you haven’t seen the street dancing of the Sinulog Festival. So on the second day we hit the streets. It was the biggest gathering of people that I have ever seen. So big that the moment I dropped my not-so-smart phone from my pocket, it was forever lost in the crowd of 3.5 million people who watched the Sinulog festival. There’s not a single feet not filled with people in the streets of Cebu.  People with cameras, people with hats, with henna tattoos, with water in their hands, with all kinds of shoes, with drums, with microphones and most importantly people who perform out there with their colourful costumes and exciting dance moves.  All of them lined up the streets under the blazing heat of the sun. Just looking at the scale of the festivities up above the hotel I can’t help but be amazed how this festival could draw so many people, tourists and performers to come here year after year. There are just too many colors everywhere! It’s a feast of colors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In a span of two days: I got rescued on a rubber boat, lost a nail (ouch), and my cellphone. But thanks God it could have been a lot worse; I could have drowned in the parade,  could have broke an arm, cut deep a flesh or lost my wallet. They are just an experience about a cold sea, a minor hand injury and simply trashing an old phone. I’m very thankful despite my loses because in return is an unforgettable weekend with my brothers and friends in a city I dearly love which celebrated it’ epic grandeurs.

It was an awesome weekend I will not soon forget in a very long time. And shit, my brothers will be laughing about me for a very very long time too. Oh brothers.

  1. potsquared says:

    awww parang ang sakit mawalan ng kuko ah… ingat ka lester..

    at sa friday manonood din kami ng life of pi.. ehehehehe.. saya saya!

  2. CrazyFrog says:

    Humapdi bigla mga daliri ko…
    Tutubo pa ba yan? ^_^ oo naman db?

  3. hana banana says:

    i was there too celebrating the sinulog 😉

  4. jlapis says:

    Kaiinggit naman ang sinulog!!

  5. jackieB says:

    got rescued on a rubber boat!what an experience! hehe

  6. renxkyoko says:

    Lovely ! ! Wish I could go to such events. there’s nothing of that sort here in my neck of the woods !

    Cheers !

    • Lapiskamay says:

      hahaha You can always go back here in Cebu to see the festival. It’s in your blood, so you’ll be here eventually. make sure to make an early booking in Cebu, because everything gets fully booked by Christmas up to the Sinulog. 🙂

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