Promises To Nobody

Posted: January 26, 2013 in Journals
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Running by MikeRossPhotography

Promises are made to be broken, especially if you don’t take them seriously. I don’t how many busted promises I made in my life but I’m sure many of them are caused by my forgetfulness. I’m human. I’m flawed. And I forget things easily especially those that doesn’t interests me. You can’t trust me in little things like petty promises and New Year’s resolutions. If breaking promises is a crime I would likely serve a lifetime sentence. I’m tired of making promises, I’m scared of forgetting, and I feel bad to the people I’ve promised to… people I left hanging.

However there are a chosen few promises I just can’t escape but fulfill  Promises like: I’d finish my degree on time, become a CPA in one take (which other people thought I’m nuts), never to screw up and steal at work, help other people in need whenever I can, visit foreign countries, and to live a good life. Those were easy promises, and mandatory. The hardest ones are the promises I never knew I made but somehow felt that I have to fulfill them.

One shining example is the urge to run distances like… a thousand miles (I’m a fan of that song). But after a 4month lay-off of physical activities which left me at the ‘fattest’ point of my life; I just have to do it. . But wait! Pwede bang tumawad? Can we make it a thousand kilometers since a thousand miles means 1,600 kilometres? So it’s just a 20 kilometer grind per week for the rest of the 52 week-year. The distance is only a quantifiable appetizer, the goal is to get back to self and be that hot dude I was once upon a time in 2011. Not bad, but I have to teach myself to be consistent. And oh, Hello Running again!


Not as fat as this. Unless I won’t do anything. ^_^

As of today I weigh 83 kilos with a waistline of about 40. Fat. But one thing I’d never do in the quest to getting my macho body back is go on a diet. No effin’ way! I’m not a big fan with that one. I eat anything on the table. Look I don’t buy my foods, I don’t cook them and don’t even know how to cook. Should I say “Mom, I am not anything that fatty food” I will not only starve, my parents will disown me right-away hahaha.

promise to nobody

This is a Milestone.

But the biggest promise I never to made to anyone was my Pledge 25. It’s a Red Cross thing where young people are encouraged to donate 25 time before passing the age of 25. Rico Yan did it more than a decade ago, I completed mine last week. I am still 24. I donated the first time because I want to earn (my one and only) flat 1 grade on a college subject. Nothing more. But it suddenly became a hobby, or a statement that I am one brave guy. I never chased Pledge 25, I just wanted to earn as many blood bags as I could. They are my essential investments for storms to come to me and my family, even to random strangers. I’m just glad that over the years we were able reap the benefits out of those blood I’ve given up. Right I don’t have any plans of reaching 50 donations but I really have to promise to earn as many blood bags as I could, I think I only got seven available and the rest were already consumed. That’s how important blood donation is.

Making promises is a sacred thing, too bad people easily forget. But sometimes, somehow no matter how badass a guy can be there are promises taken seriously even if they are promises to nobody.

  1. cheesecake says:

    fattest point of my life: relate 😀

  2. potsquared says:

    OMG! 83kilos ka!!?!? mahahabol mo na ako!! 90kilos ako! pero kaya yan lester.. kaya yan..

  3. Rhence says:

    Go exercise go! 😀

  4. I like the “thousand miles” song as well. I’ve always wanted to run longer than the marathon length, but so far have not achieved it—no matter what great music I bring with me on the iPod. I love running!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      wow! you run too! and you already run a marathon? that’s so cool, you must have a really excellent figure! I really should see you someday. haha. me, I have not even got past a half-marathon. 🙂

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