Break A Leg

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Events, Journals
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break a leg

You must have heard that irritating girly expression “Break a leg!” where one wishes a person to perform well in a game or contest or whatever. I never really knew what that term really meant, perhaps to wish your opponents fall down or pray they have a hell of a bad day. I mean not literally right?

That was until this play happened this morning:

That happened on a NCAA Men’s Basketball game, the last match of the Elite Eight Round between second seed Duke University Blue Devils  and top ranked Louisville University Cardinals. Cardinals player Kevin Ware attempted to block a 3-pointer from a Blue Devil player but landed badly on his right leg. What happens next was probably the nastiest injury in sports history. That was Holy F***ing S**t! That was gruesome, that was like a SAW movie material. I wish that injury wasn’t real. Watching it makes me wish instant replay was never invented. That’s real bone sticking out cutting through the flesh. But that’s real dude, throw up if you might, explain the physics if you can or storm down the shoe brand that poor player wore. You cannot turn back what happened, we can only live with it. It was quite shocking seeing it on national television, live.


Louisville player Kevin Ware broke his right leg during the first half.

I’m a huge fan of Duke since God knows when. It always gives me heartbreak to see them lose, but I have never wished bad things to happen to their opponents (i.e. that play above). This is college basketball, this is March Madness; pure, unadulterated, raw, intense, fun basketball. Win or lose Duke and Coach K will always be a strong championship team year in and year out. Duke lose the game because of that play; their players just can’t bear the shock, but Louisville caught on fire obviously turning  the pain into inspiration. It’s just a bad unfortunate play in a big game. NCAA and basketball will never be the same again.

But the argument is a lot different when it comes to NBA where I’m a big fan of the L.A. Lakers (uhmm L.A. Losers?). Me and my brothers mindlessly throw curse words on their opponent’s best players through the years, sometimes to the point of saying “Balii na!” (break his legs!). Lakers fan will never forget  the 2002 Western Conference Finals against the Sacramento Kings (#chriswebber #mikebibby), 2008 NBA Finals against the Celtics (#bigthree #rajonrondo #perkins), and in almost every playoff games they play (#2004pistons #2012thunder #2011mavs). We were there shouting, praying and  cursing the opponents bad luck and ill will, and perhaps some broken bones. You don’t even want to know what those #hashtags meant.

The moral lesson: Dude be careful what you wished for, they might just get it.

Kevin Ware our thoughts and prayers goes to you and your family, we wish you a speedy and meaningful recovery. You da Man.


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