What Happened 3,653 Days Ago

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Events
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It was a blazing April afternoon but yet it was not only my first taste of March Madness or the NCAA Final Four, but of a curious cliche; something that is unexpected, unforgettable and agonizing euphoria.

I can remember my big sister and I were watching a college basketball game at home. Our parents were away in school so we prepared and ate our food. It was a summer vacation already and for a Thursday noon it can only mean NBA games for me and catching up with the pillows for my Ate. But all that seemed to vanished when we watched the game between the Syracuse Orangemen and Kansas University Jayhawks final game. It was a very close game as one Orange guy named Carmelo Anthony was playing really well versus that good looking dou of Kirk Heinrich and Nick Collison. Syracuse won after a hard fought match that was decided down to the last second. Weird, my sister never really gets interested in basketball but she stayed with the game anyway. So it must have been a really good game.

That was the day I fell in love with NCAA College Basketball. Pure unadulterated, intense and fun basketball. That was March Madness.


But that’s not what happen that fateful afternoon…

After the game, my big sister got reunited with her beloved bed for an afternoon siesta. And I got myself ready for a summer job. At 15, my first job came from the tennis court as a ballboy. It’s a strange yet classy kind of game, but all I cared was the tip the players pays me from chasing their yellow balls. But that afternoon was different, there’s a group of new players out there probably dayos from another town. Cool they could pay me lots of coins this afternoon hehe, I thought.

Then I saw one of the girls in the bleachers. And I swore my heart skipped a beat. I did not work that afternoon because I could haardly move without feeling her presence. With skin as fairs as a ghost, eyes as charming of an Asian pearl, and her focus to the game as a European. I knew it,  it’s the goddess of tennis was walking among us in that court, in my turf that summer afternoon. That was the day I fell in love with her tennis.

But OK, that ‘Something’ that happened that afternoon was her. Young lads turning sunog-bagas were going nuts, for once. Me frostbitten on a blazing summer heatwave. And tennis suddenly become the only relevant game on the planet. Damn, I believe it was love at first sight. What a cliche.

3,653 days later. Carmelo Anthony went on to become an NBA Superstar, I still watch March madness, Maria Sharapova became my girlfriend, yet still doesn’t know how to play tennis and basketball, became a professional, worked in four companies, saved nothing, and until today I am still counting the days that passed since I saw her. Perhaps I am still hoping to see her again, or maybe perhaps I’m just good with numbers. But rest assure my faithful fans and admirers, I am long ago moved on just like the many girls I came to know and loved after her. Gaano man kalakas ang tama, nawawala din sa paglipas ng panahon.

But then the cliche called has an unforgettable imprints on soul, that every year on this very day everything that happened that wonderful afternoon comes back. Suddenly April 3rd is like a holiday in remembering how lucky I am just to taste and experinece a Love at First Sight, and it has a name: Seldy.



But wait! There’s one thing I remember about that day.. this song came out and complete become the themesong of that summer. “You Make Me Wanna” by Blue (oh so boyband..eyes rolling)

  1. bagotilyo says:

    parang nainlove din ako sa tennis bigla :3

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