Getting a Driver’s License

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Events, Journals
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driver's license

The minimum age requirement to get a driver’s license here in the Philippines is 17 (for non-prof);  I’m now twenty-five, so yes I am that late. Anyways I never really had a need before to have one. I’m even a late bloomer when it comes to transportations;  got my first ship ride at age 19, first plane/elevator/train ride at 21, and just a few week ago I learned how to drive our ancient Yamaha motorcycle. Toinks!

Since I am a law-abiding heaven-sent citizen of the Republic of the Philippines, I chose to get a license before I start ‘decommuting’ myself from PUJs in going to work. And I see to it that I’ll get my driver’s license via the Tuwid Na Daan. No goddamn fixers!

But curious I feel bad as bribing a fixer the way I’ve handled the driver’s license exam. I think I cheated sort of.

The night before the exam (I had a bad fever and) I was reading some sort of online ‘reviewer’. I read over the 100 Questions (with answer keys) before going to sleep and hoped one or two items will come out in the actual exam. But to my surprise the following day (this time having a worse fever) that out of the 40 items, at least 33 or basically all of the non-guess-the-Road Sign part was verbatim out of the review, as in word for word! Now I wonder if I’ve read a leakage. And I passed the exam 34/40 (passing is 30). Not bad sick man, not bad. Be proud you passed because you’re no drug addict, not even so sick they cleared you in the medical exam, and please be proud you have now a driver’s license. That I said to myself.

I guess it’s better taking the exam (with leakage or not) that way than paying some fixers.

If you guys are wondering to apply for a driver’s license allow me to refer you to this site

Hit the comments below for your violent reactions about the look of my Driver’s License. It’s blazingly cool isn’t it? Hahaha

  1. I have a drivers license . . . But despise driving, hehe.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    I heard getting a license in the Philippines is quite lax. My Mom got hers without any practical test. And she drove the car to the agency to get her written test, without a license.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      hahaha. i didn’t have a practical test either because i told I was only riding a motorcyle (restriction 1), but people who want to drive a car they’d have to undergo practical exam.

  3. jackieB says:

    wow as in sa reviewer almost all questions? great! now I know hehe

    • Lapiskamay says:

      oo parang lahat ata lumabas, kaso may dalawang type yung exam: theories at road signs.
      kaso yung mga road signs nasa paligid mo rin lang naman makikita so consider bonus. hehe.
      Kuha kana jackie ng licenxa mo! ^_^

  4. bagotilyo says:

    may angbigay sakin ng leakage sa exam. ewan ko kung tama. hahaha ..

    Meron n rin akong drivers license di ko naman ngagamit. pengeng car :p

  5. atul says:

    I am atul . But me not licenses and me bike not full train.

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