Summer Starts in Digyo Island

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Events, Journals, Photography
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Funny how good friends, no matter the length of time shared together, are able to come up with an idea to go on a road trip and island escapades in just a matter of minute – and the very day before the trip. That’s what happened last Monday when my former workmates decided to make use of the one-day non-working Holiday celebrating “Araw ng Kagitingan” every April 9th.  All it takes is a picture to get the decision:



The destination’s name is Digyo Island in Inopacan, Leyte just an hour’s motorcycle drive away from our hometown. I haven’t heard of the place before until I decided to post my Top 7 Destinations this summer. It was just a coincidence they got that picture so it’s like a destiny to visit the island.

To get to the island we have to rent a motorboat, it costs us around P2,500, and that’s an ‘Ouch!’ to our small/humble budget. The island is accessible from various part of Leyte and we sailed from Hindang, Leyte because Inopacan is quite farther for our motorcycles beside a company attorney/friend has a house in the town. But according to the boatmen P2,500 is quite low compared to the rates in Inopacan, but the fare still hurt! haha. Anyway, the sea voyage took about an hour before we landed on the Island; there were waves and we love it!



When stepped foot on the island I knew this is a good place to relax and have fun with friend. Exactly what I need. The weather was cooperating since it’s not so hot because of the cloudy skies (God I can’t afford to have sunburn in the office). And the little island is beautiful. It’s small but who needs a big beach when you’re in there for just a day? There are lots of coconuts for shelter, some cottages for groups (which we did not avail), and a 360 degree view of the whole sea. That would suffice despite the lack of island activities and facilities like scuba diving, beach volleyball, some jet skis and everything. What’s important is the feeling of solitude and peace while being so far away from civilization… just like getting stranded on an island, that sort of stuff.


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The beach was really. It’s no Boracay but it has white sands with coral stones. There are two great sandbars to hang out with friends and get some pictures. The water was cool and clear but you have to be careful with the currents since the island has steep shores, just don’t swim too far because it gets pretty deep in a few meters.

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All in all, I think Digyo Island is great place to visit. Sure it has a lot of misses and still plenty to improve upon but the island is still relatively untouched by capitalism tourism which is a very good thing. It offers you great relaxation and peace of mind ala king of the island. So it definitely lived up to its promise, me and my friends have a great day out there and that’s what really matter. Summer started out there on that little island.

One down, more to go. May this summer be a good one.

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  1. lester, himue pud tong sa uwan uwanan..hehehe

  2. john tugano says:

    ang ganda nmn jan..nice shots buddy..Very serene ang paligid..

  3. pagbinisaya lang gud long..hehehe

  4. potsquared says:

    wow! parang gusto ko magpunta jan ah!! astig!

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