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Posted: April 28, 2013 in Journals, Photography
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I have an important (and a potentially life-changing) announcement to make. I joined Instagram!

Last week I bough a smartphone because it’s about time to keep with technology. Since college days I only used those cheap low-end Nokia units. They were fine and durable but with very limited features (mainly texting and calling).  But after I broke my digital camera and my laptop is a bit of a burden during my travels, I knew I need to amp up my gadgets. So to solve my problems I bought a data plan with a serviceable phone unit. I know it’s late but at least I finally a smatphone, and to make up for the delay I picked the best smartphone there is: Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

April 19 Friday

 I am not really sure if signing up in this so called “Instagram” was a good idea given that the same camwhores ruining my Facebook newsfeed are the same camwhores camping in Instagram. Also i don’t like presets and frames that are almost served on silver platters in photo editing, and the presets on Instagram does not really impress me either. But WTF Instagram uploads faster so I signed in, and here’s my photodiary:

Thursday – April 18th “No Havaianas, it’s Islander bebe!”

April 18 - Thursday

I have a big feet which is good for running and bad for expensive flip lops i.e. Havaianas. So I make do with the local and cheaper and badasser brand Islander. I’m a poor man and wearing havaianas is not even an option.

Friday – April 19th “Pantalan sa Bontoc” #sunrise #umang

April 19 Friday 2

This is a rape case between Mother Nature and people of Bontoc, Southern Leyte against the Faggots and Pigs Politicians in our hometown. It is a picture of the ongoing (and badly managed) quarrying operations in Salug River. Nobody wanted it but the politicians themselves, easy money for the elections no doubt.

Saturday – April 20th “Dont want to mess dis up.” #jesa #wip

April 20 - Saturday

It was Saturday and I was not travelling so I got bored. So I drew up a portrait for a beautiful friend I dated in Boracay. It was her birthday over that weekend so i figure I should pay my dues since I promised her to draw her long time ago. 🙂 It is still a work in progress. Take note I first work on the proportions, then I define the eyes and went through the facial details. #drawing101

Sunday – April 21st “To one of the most beautiful friend I have in Boracay, JesaMae; Jesamae mucho! hehehe’ Yung klase ng friend na magdamagang usaban habang naka.nytshift, pero nakakanpanganga pagnakasalubong mo sa daan. Miss you!”April 21 - Sunday2

I guess that’s about it. The finished product. One of the best portrait I’ve made by far.

Monday – April 22nd “Kuya @andoyalchemist eto na yung xmas gift napag-usapan natin’ Summer na dumating!! hehe

April 22 - Monday

Ok, this was supposed to be a Christmas favor gift for an accounting colleague working at Ayala. Imagine what season we are now haha.

Tuesday – April 23rd “Went to office with this! 1st day ride. 🙂 #yamaha #wakomacrash

April 23 - Tuesday

Here’s my daily ride from now. I used it for the first time this week! It’s an old motorcycle used by my father a decade ago and now I’m using it now!

Wednesday – April 24th “Escape to Wonderland” #art #mybrushes #happiness #goodmorning

April 24 - Wednesday

Here’s my brushes which I have not been using for the meantime #work #busy #longlistofportraitclients. Once I’m free I can escape to wonderland with flying colors all around. It should be fun something I’m really looking forward 🙂

Thursday – April 25th “Proof that im not exclusively endorsing Adidas, mosuot pud ko ug Nike oi.. labina’g original! hahaa

April 25 - Thursday

Ok I’m a big Adidas fan. My atheletic apparels from the head to toe are almost exclusive Adidas. But when a cousin handed me down an orange Nike Polo, I’ll wear it anyway as long as it looks good and fits me right!

Friday – April 26th “Dear Pencils, we did a gig last night for our good friend who is celebrating her beerthday today. And i believe we did sucked bigtime haha. We missed a little curves and details but the result was someone not like the girl we love hehe. So its a rematch tonight at the drawing board. hahaha

April 26 - Friday

And here’s my second portrait as birthday gifts in a span of 1 week. But this time this girl and her smile meant everything to me before I got assigned to Boracay. Too bad I did scrwed up the portrait; it’s just wasnt her if you  look at in front but the amazing thing is when I took a photo from the right angle.. suddenly she looks like the dream girl of Cebu. Take note we did not date. But the feelings lasts even though it’s a little too late to make up the time lost because of my departure. Naks.

So that’s my week through the lens (of a phone). Instagram turns out to be just OK for me at least on a social and performance level of the app. I’ll stick to it regardless of aesthetics and the many camwhores out there. So wish me luck!

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  1. hana banana says:

    oh your drawings! they look sooo real 🙂

  2. jackieB says:

    wow, Samsung Galaxy Note 2! Can you doodle or sketch with that? Im really considering buying a new gadget but Im torn between Samsung and Apple.. ok ba yan? 🙂

    • Lapiskamay says:

      yeah I’m drawing on it nowadays. nothing much though kasi medyo busy pa sa work. naghahanap din ako ng magandang app pandrawing. sana nga matutukan ko. oh regarding your dilemma pls pls buy a Samsung, especially the Note and S series. they practically make iPhones look like toys. ang layo ng gap ng kayang gawin ng Samsung. 🙂
      that’s only my advice though. 🙂

  3. potsquared says:

    ikaw na may bagong galaxy!! like like sa instagram! ehehehehe

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