POLITIKA: 10 Things I Learned In This Election Season

Posted: May 19, 2013 in Events, Journals
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I’m back! The cause of my lay-off was primarily due to politics and the recently concluded mid-term elections.

After six years of separation I was finally able to vote in my hometown. I swear I voted wisely, that I have to be proud of because most of my bets are on the other end of the results. It was an eye-opener this whole election stuff happening this past week. Because I’ve learned a lot about the ugly side of the local political landscape. I think I wanna throw up but here’s the lessons I learned:

1. Vote Buying Does Exist – this is happening for like since the world began, funny though no one ever was convicted against it.

2. And It Really Works.

3. Make (and Pay) Your Barangay Captains HappyĀ – and they’ll do the rest. BRGY are the smallest units in our government so if you got a stranglehold to these honorables chances are you’ll win. Big time.

4. Most Elected Local Officials Are Not QualifiedĀ – academically and professionally they don’t really have doctorate degrees. Heck all you need to win in the election are a thick budget, a fake smile and a killer speech delivered in a powerful way. Monkey business.

5. PCOS Machines Works!Ā – don’t take seriously what the media are showing in their goddamn news programs, the percentage of reported PCOS machines gone rogue are like .5%. Please look at the bright side folks, we got the result the following day and on a relatively cheat-proof tabulation. No more sickening to the bone “Hello Garci” tapes from that Little Girl.

6. You Can’t Win IT AllĀ – from Congressmen down to Councilors, there will be upsets but they are too few and far in between. As I’ve said money decides the results. So don’t be surprised if your bets who are a million times more educated and qualified for the position still lose.

7. Ā Vote Wisely Even if Others Cannot, Are Not, Will NotĀ – not all people are smart voters so please parangawanyonamanplease vote the qualified, the educated, yung may track record. And, seriously, who voted for Nancy “OJT Queen” Binay and to what virtue?

8. Friends Over PoliticsĀ – at my age, some of my friends/colleagues are now working with the current administration. TheirĀ careersĀ are at stake should there be climate change in thy political landscapes, naturally they will support the administration even if Ā that leadership absolutely sucks. You make an attack to a political party, you are hurting your friends too. So the moral lesson is:

9. Be sensitiveĀ – choose your real friends over anything that’s got to do with politics, the latter isn’t worth fighting for with your good friends. Those politicians you are supporting now will not remember you when you need them, but your friends they will stick and take good care of your worth for good.

10. I’m Surprise Nobody Bought My Vote. Ā – hey! Where’s my money! hahaha


  1. Rodel Bontuyan says:

    Very true!

  2. Rodel Bontuyan says:

  3. dundeet says:

    Go on blogging… your thoughts reach more individuals than you think it can.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      daghang salmat! Hinaot unta di ko madaut aning gipang.yaw2 nako diria. pero at least makapagawas ko sa nakita nako, mao ranay importante.
      Hinaut unta after sa vote buying ma’am matutukan nato ang Quarrying sa Bontoc. luoy kayo mi diria, di lalim among pamuyo diria.
      Salamat usab.

  4. ester Dela rossi says:

    tinuod jud na Sir Lester…thumbs up! jud ko nimo….padayon lang sa imong tuyo ug tumong kay madugay kanang mga BUAJA masakpan ra..gogogogo

  5. Alleged vote buying practices are rampant and the amount per vote is staggering in the remote provinces compared to the capital region and nearby places are probably due to the provincial candidates’s lack of access (too expensive and not readily available) to national print and broadcast media where they could promote their political image and platforms.

  6. jhanel says:

    thumbs up….like it

  7. […] POLITIKA: 10 Things I Learned In This Election Season […]

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