Travel to Bethany Run 2!

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Events, Journals, Travels


OK let us put aside Politics (it’s not good for the health) and start talking about other matters worthy of sharing, i.e. running and traveling. I love doing both activities and they usually come in hand on hand (I’m living deep in a running-proof town so I have to travel to run a race) and thanks God they made my life even more awesome as an artist, writer, a free-spirit and a young professional. Thinking back how I came across running and traveling, well, they came from two bad (or two of the worst) decisions I made in  life. Don’t ask me how, haha.

The last time I run was of course this morning (I’m traning for my first 21K! Miss Chic help!), and the last time I traveled was last weekend in Tacloban City. I’m loving this city as I’m focusing my sight on their budding running scene. I’m actually loving every inch of their running course, it’s like “Man, this feels like home. How about I take my Masters here?”

The latest fun run was the Bethany Run 2 organized by the Bethany Hospital held last May 19th. Bethany is my church’s crowning achievement in the community so it was an honor to help in their endeavors. I took on the 10k category as part of my 21K training program. I traveled to the city the day before so I have to check into a motel somewhere and a friend runner from Tacloban gave me an advice to stay in Z-pad Residence, just accross the side wing of the hospital. It was such a classy place even though I rented the cheapest room. I was like “Really! I’m staying here for just this amount?” I love the building designs. The interiors, the furniture and the home-ly set up of the rooms.


Now let’s talk about the Race:

I ran 10K. I ran as fast as I could spare some gas in the entire course. I was gunning for a sub-60 minute finish. So I promised not to tail or run with a lovely lady, like the last fun run. hahaha. But one thing I did not saw coming was the delayed gun start, and that’s a real villain to any runners who were prepared to run before the first light (It’s a psychological thing). I was not running as fast as I should have for two reason #1 it’s not dark anymore #2 I aint got no music in my ears to help me with the rhythm! So I just run in my comfortable pace not so slow and not so fast.

But overall it was a strong run overall. The pacing was consistent and I was pretty confident I would finish 10k on a respectable clocktime. Weird though that  I stopped  and walked 1k before the finish line when I passed through the Astrodome just to enjoy the sight! I think the organizers was a bit more generous with their water stations and foods. It was my first time somebody handed me a banana and a chocolate on the middle of a run which I really appreciated!

But another downside of the race was the lack of an official time, you know the big clocks (or clocks) on the Start/Finish Line. And it also happens that I did not wear my watch to get rid of any added weight that could affect my lateral movement. I asked the official timekeepers for the time and told me it’s 1 hour and 8 minutes into the race, only I crossed the finish line a couple of minute ago and I’m not even sure if she was referring to the gun start of the 18k runners or in my category. The 15 minute gap between categories was not also observed, I think it was mere 5 minutes from the 18k runners when they set us loose.  So I’m guessing I finished  around one hour and a few minutes, just enough for a new PR. But nevermind I’ll take the experience with open arms. 🙂

Me with my new running idol “Barefoot” Albert of Dalagan Tacloban Group.

It was a very great run for me. The best thing was really seeing some old friends out there on the race. I saw there Jireh, one of my earliest friend in the Church and Nikka whose family used to live in Manila when I took the CPA review. Both of them now practicing their nursing profession in Bethany! Small world. Special also to my good friend  and Tacloban runner Luis who had registered me and find me an acomodation for the race. Afterall a fun run is not just about running but also about the time spend with the people before, during and after the run.  Meeting new friends too!

  1. jackieB says:

    Z-pad Residence? bago yan ah! thanks for promoting my hometown hehe

  2. I like how runners no matter how near or far their origins are, it is a community. Hope we can have a run together one day Lester!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      Yes indeed! Its such a good feeling that there are other people who shares the same passion and enjoying each other’s company. By that alone, it’s a smooth sailing to meet new friends, good friends!:)
      Oh I’m also looking forward running with you miss Frances! When you visit the PH, we should register for a race!

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