Politics: A Month After

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Events, Journals
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One month have passed since the elections. And I could say a lot have happened.

Mainly becaused I’ve written and posted two blogs about the elections; on the ugly things I’ve learn in the elections and that open letter to our mayor. People shared them and people talked about them. People from both sides, even people from the high up. One thing is missing though, I did not send either of them to a national paper. I knew it was publishable specially that open-letter, but somehow I backed down. I might get into much deeper troubles should that piece gets published.

There were changes in the way I look at the society and also the way society now views me. A lot of people appreciated my works, and that’s very humbling experience when suddenly people I don’t really know sending me congratulations for jobs well done and voicing their opinions of this and that. But on the other side of the coin, the are unhappy people about what I’ve written. Of course, I’m as good as a persona non grata in the Poblacion area i.e. the Town Hall or whatever is left of it. So sad I have two good friends and a lot of acquaintances who works there, but now I’m nothing but a rebel and an activist. A goddamn bane in their lives.

But you know what hurts the most? In the eyes of my parents, I did something terrible. Of course, I understand they fear for my safety since it’s the Mayor and the King I’m writing for and about. And I think they know there would be consequences sooner or later,  maybe in their work in the school, some project and supports that were given by the town before is now in danger.

I fucking screwed up man, shit. But hey, I’m an honest people and what I wrote is real, something every Bontocanon in their right mind will have to agree in one way or the other (depending on which sides they’re in). I can still sleep and say, I did what I thought was right. Unfortunately, others might disagree even my parents and relatives.

But the best thing that ever happen to me is also connected in Politics. And I’m glad there’s someone out there who works for a Mayor with so much love and trust to deliver the promises given in the elections. She loves and serve her Mayor, and I fucking want to throw up just seeing my own Mayor. Funny how fate have introduced her to my life. Look we’re both public servants, we got a big heart to help the community, we run long distances, we blog, we travel and do exciting stuffs. Kindred souls at the exact opposite sides of politics it is. And she doesn’t even know me. Hahaha. I’m just so thankful someone like her does exist.

Life is still good after politics.

  1. Rodel says:

    That’s life!

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