Man of Steel ‘S’ Awesome

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Film
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In case you’ve missed this little movie called Man of Steel in the cinemas/dibidihan. Well if I’d say the most honest thing on Earth, it would be “Go! Watch that awesome flick!” It’s just a movie about this cool and super-handsome and super powerful character called Superman (who did forgot his outer brief).

Okay it’s a massive reboot of all the previous Superman movies, so please don’t #throwbackthursday any of it. This one is totally different and totally awesome. It’s everything that every superhero fans want from a superhero movie. It has a great story of a reimagined Superman saga. It is kind of an origin story but almost completely skipped his childhood story (oh thanks God! Smallville really sucks). The writers David Goyer, Christopher Nolan and director Zac Snyder really did cracked the mystery on how to really bring back the Man of Steel the right way by focusing on that grown up and lost young man from Smallville and only hinting his childhood through flashbacks. And the best way to do it turns out to be to just tell it through the eyes of his two fathers Jor-el and Jonathan Kent. Two contrasting philosophies, one destiny and one’s man incredible promise to earth: Hope

(which is what that ‘S’ stands for btw).

Origin stories are usually the most boring part of superhero franchises, but not this one. This one got the right ambition and perhaps the biggest and most badass of them all. The action sequence is really BIG, something you’ve never seen before in terms scale, explosion and production designs. Avenger’s Battle of New York? That was so so last year’s kids play. If you love action this one is for you. And I just can’t help but be amazed of how they present Supe’s way of flying, it’s he’s on a supersonic rush that even the camera can’t catchup with him.

The cast is great. Superman’s new actor Henry Cavill is really hot and definitely the best who’ve worn the suit in talent, appearance and delivery of the role. Amy Adams, just perfect. Michael Shannon, very bad. And Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner stole the show. The music so grand you’ll never notice and notice you’ll never have to hear that gas-gas John Williams score. The fight scenes; absolutely stunning and yummy and crunchy and intense and you’ll never attempt to go to the CR.

It’s a dream come true. I hope they make more movies like this. And oh please give yourself a favor; disregard the film’s 57% Rotten Tomatoes rating. I don’t what those lunatics I mean critics are thinking, what they are looking for and from what planet they came from. It’s a great movie. Perhaps one of the best I’ve seen in years; something that delivers it purpose with style and vision and ambition.




The word “epic” is an understatement to describe movies and trust me my words can only fall short to its greatness. This movie can make you lose your faith to critics but it will surely make you believe in movies that just want to make you feel like kids again.

Superman is definitely back. Watchout Marvel.


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