Half-Marathon, Half-Destiny

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Events, Journals
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RUNNING by all accounts is an inexpensive sport. Shoes from ukay-ukay thrift shop; P200.oo. Worn out shorts; P0.00. Hand-me down jersey; P 0.00. The joy of an agonizing first run; fucking priceless. Give it a year or two into the sport, think again… Running is a moving pain in the pocket. For a single out of town Fun Run trip this sport can cost you this scenario. Registration fees; P500.00. A good pair of branded shoes; P3,000.00. Compression pants; P2,500.00. Athletic socks; P250.00. Hotel accomodation; P1,000.00.  Meals, hydration and post-run feast; P800.00. Transportation; P5oo.oo. And finishing your first ever 21k, a loud cry called Priceless!!!

I’ve been into running for almost three years now. But other people, or even I, often wonder why I’ve never done a 21k before. Oh man, the list are infinite but to name a few; job locations, nightshifts, other exciting hobbies and perhaps the sheer lack of focus to the sport. I’m a runner who enjoys running, and that’s a truth. But hey I’m an accountant, then I draw, then I write, then I travel, and I screw things up most of the time. Running is quite on the backstage. There were months of hiatus then I break it either because there’s a good race coming or I’m just feeling fat like hell.  But deep inside, I truly love every centimeters of it. I just lack focus to take it to a higher gear.

Until the Boston Marathon bombings happened. Those bombers failed.  They picked the wrong type of people to destroy and hurt in it’s most sacred ground. Runners are made to withstand and survive the limits of the human capacity. And to hear that heartbreaking news on TV early in the morning of my father’s birthday; I cried for those innocent people, for those scared runners. It changed me, believing that maybe somehow I can make my dad proud of me running like a true marathoner, afterall it was his birthday. 21K or even a full marathon two months ago suddenly became an obsession, no longer a distant hallucination in this inconsistent love affair with the sport.

And then came this incredible young woman ; so talented, so multi-dimensional as I am, and so passionate in running. We are of the same age, joined the sport around the same but she already finished a marathon this year. And where was I all these years? I knew the time is right to pursue some serious distances in running.

Marathon is my destiny. I’ll start with half of that distance: 21k.

So I trained, hard and like a madman. To the townspeople’s I’m probably a boxer on training, but for me I’m just a man on a mission. Two months is all I need. I stuck to a gameplan, followed and execute it on race day. And well, I survived.


Half-Marathon. One down. Three to go. Then I’ll take on the 42k, in the place where it all started.

Stay tuned, the next post  is the full blown Marathon review.

  1. running is cheap…yet priceless!

  2. Peter van de Beek says:

    Well done! And a marathon is truly priceless! Incredibly hard while you’re doing it, but so satisfying once done. just nurse the muscle aches… Walang problema!

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