Filipinas? What the F!

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Events, Journals
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The Philippines is a confused culture. And you can’t blame us, the Filipinos. 300 years as a not-so-well managed Spanish colony, 40 under the American democratic crusade and 8 years of World War 2 horror brought to us by the Japanese. Now tell me, what are the things that are truly Filipino? Something that’s unadulterated by foreign influence. Prepare your etomology and history books because there aren’t that much; from language, courtship, music, literature, mentality and etc. Well, except for our truly beautiful ‘kayumangi‘ skin color. But f**k! Thank’s to the modern and twisted commercialization, who really among  us doesn’t want whiter and fairer skin? F**k You Skin Care Products!!!!!

And to add further damage/insult to our confused culture, the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (Commission on the Philippine Language) just passed a resolution renaming the Filipino official name of the of the Philippines from “Pilipinas” to “Filipinas”. See below:


This Filipinas thingy is pure bullshit. One it’s it’s not the right time to talk about it. Two it’s completely rubbish nonsense. Three it will do more harm than good to the Filipino people. Filipinas? Are they serious? Do they think their resolution can completely give the people a sense of identity that they’ll stark to work hard and honestly because they’re so damn proud of the “Filipinas”. This will not solve anything, this will just add up to the confusion of who we are as a country.

The Komisyon should just exert massive efforts in grassgroot programs and scholarships in writing and communication to discover the immense talent out there in the province. That can help make our country better. Not changing some serious proper names.

Sure there really was a Filipinas, but that back in the turbulent days under the Spanish regime. Back when we don’t have a country of our own to govern. Filipinas was an Idea our national heroes fought for. Pilipinas is the Country that came out of their sacrifices. There are reasons why somewhere in our country’s timeline they change the F-word into the Pilipinas that it is today. Perhaps it Pilipinas is more Pinoy to pronounce, or it’s badass because we’re still proud of it, or it’s P for Philippines. Not Fhilippines.

And now our genius linguist and experts wants to have it back to Filipinas? What the f**k! Of course this is bound to fail and get ignored anyway. Because:

a. F’s not even in the Philippine alphabet.. you know that a-ba-ka-da-ha in our first grade. (Unless they officially inserted  it sometime, which of course was ignored anyway)

b. F’s to foreign to pronounce, too classy, too faken social.

c. F is not in the Pinoy DNA.

d. F’s is too notorious to stand alone. You know that F-word I’ve been dropping earlier.

Now imagine if the Commission would really fight for that shit resolution into a law. They’d be comple laughing stocks of meme’s and mean jokes, as even evidence the way the social has embraced this by far. So we would be like speaking Futangina. Facundo ifako sila sa Krus. Fastelan.  Falitan na ang Salfi. Banko Sentral ng Filipinas. Limamfung Fiso. Tao Foh. Fasko na naman. Futo Maya. Fre inom tayo ng kafe. Syet parang nababaklaan ako sa F na yan! haha

My God, it truly is More Fun in the Fhilippines!

  1. winnymarch says:

    wow i just know it recently after reading ur post

  2. This was such a great topic! And I like your reasons against the whole thing (the part about “F”)

  3. Ryan Fruto says:

    Dear Misguided Filospos:

    >”a. Unless they officially inserted it sometime, which of course was ignored anyway.”

    If you’re old enough to remember the “A Ba Ka Da” of Lope K. Santos from “the First Grade”, then you should be old enough to remember having your elementary school classes being disrupted by that li’l thing we call “The First EDSA Revolution.” Remember that? You must remember the 1987 CONSTITUTION that was born in its aftermath, no? Thanks to that, no more “A Ba Ka Da”.

    Go ahead and ask any First Grader TODAY what the “Filipino (not Pilipino) Alphabet” is. You’ll get “A B C D E F G…” and so on. It’s the Entire English Alphabet, including your hated “v”, PLUS the “ñ” and “ng” digraphs. “Ignored”? Perhaps you presume too much.

    >”b. F’s to [sic] foreign to pronounce”

    And yet you seem to have no trouble using it to say “foreign”. Perhaps not TOO foreign after all?

    >”c. F is not in the Pinoy DNA.”

    So you’re saying, our “National Heroes” didn’t have enough “Pinoy DNA”? Because they sure weren’t fighting to become “Spaniards of the Far East” when they penned their revolutionary documents filled with “F” this and “F” that, no?

    >”So we would be like speaking Futangina. Facundo ifako sila sa Krus. Fastelan. Falitan na ang Salfi. Banko Sentral ng Filipinas. Limamfung Fiso. Tao Foh. Fasko na naman. Futo Maya. Fre inom tayo ng kafe.”

    Now you’re just being absurd for its own sake. “Puta”, “Paco”, “Pastelan”, “Piso”, “Pascua”, “Puto”, and “ComPadre” are all Spanish, where they start with or use Ps in their original “Foreign” forms. They’re not Tagalog, so why would you change them to use Fs as a form of parody?

    And “Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas” straight translates to “Banco Central de Filipinas”, so your protest of its initials changing from BSP to BSF is not so far-fetched at all, and is precisely one of those things the KWF would like to see changed.

    PS: >”it’s P for Philippines. Not Fhilippines”

    No pendejo, in English a “Ph” start of a word or syllable is straight pronounced as an effing “F” not a hard “P” – see “Philip” (which is how the Americans transliterated from the Spanish), “Philosophy” (two Fs there), “Phallus” (that organ guys sometimes think with in writing these blogs it appears). Go to YouTube and watch every uploaded international pageant there. Do the non-FIlipinos pronounce our contestant reps as “Miss Filiipeens” or “Miss Pilipeens”?

    • Lapiskamay says:

      Thanks for your insight! this was from a different lifetime. this was a bullshit post on a period of rage and youthful idealism. This is a post of a misguided idiot, not from the general Filipino. will look into your points in the comment. Thanks brother. Malipayong Pasko!

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