Tuhog Donor No More (Almost)

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Events, Journals
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20130724_115616 - Copy Hi! I’m Lester, I’m 25, high blood today, and still awesome. Yes, today I clocked in a high blood pressure as I was screened for my 28th blood donation. So young, yet so high. I dunno what happened out there but it could be stress, a week of no exercises, or I was hungry for lunch, or if the cute nurse made some error. But the message is sent: I’m only 25 and having a highblood at that age is not cool.

Ok, I wont be telling an “oh-my-God-I’m-gonna-die” bullshit stuffs. Let me talk how badass I’ve been until that HB moment. I’m a CPA and trust me: I dont look, feel and act like one. I’m a lose cannon is more likely the right definition. Four years out of college, and I’ve worked in four companies in different places. I do drawings and a few painting stuffs. I am currently training for a marathon next year. I travel. I write and blog a few stuffs. And I’m a Blood Donor.

Blood donor. Yes, a blood donor. At age 25, I completed the Pledge 25, a feat so rare people don’t know about it (ok it’s 25 donations by the time one reach 25). Today is my donation number 28 already. Oo, bente-otsong beses na akong natuhog ng karayom. Tuhog, baby. Tuhog  multiply it by 28… Madugo. It’s not an easy thing to do and I think have only two more to go before calling it quits. So before the year ends I’ll have 30 donations already, I’ll take it and be forever be proud of it. But some hobby/advocacy, like ordinary things, just have to end.

I’ve been a blood donor for seven years now, and I believe the number of people I convinced to donate does not even reach 7. 😦 I’m tired asking and convincing people to give, that its good for them and for their family. They all just turn me away and say I’m afraid of needles. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I don’t know if it’s me, that fucking Freaky Guy, or them just simply uninterested. All those years of frustration is taking a toll on me. It fucking hurts as if I’m not trustworthy or that this donation thing is suck a freak show for freaky people. I failed. I lost to the needles and I have no plans of continuing to stay a loser.

There I said it. What a relief. Good luck Red Cross, good luck dear friends.

And I have another reason I should quit (or maybe take on a long hiatus) donating. I’m getting a tattoo next year. Hey I’m an artist and I have valid, solid and asskicking reasons to get inked…right after I finish the marathon. I love running as much as helping people without expectations of getting anything in return. And I figure after I achieved that crowning glory of every runner I should put on permanent on my skin. The tattoo(s) is not going to be about the sport but about who I am. I just want to make the day extra special and extra liberating (because nobody who knows me will ever approve getting tatt’d). So yeah watchout when I cross the finish line, and watchout for my tattoo a few hours later.

Getting a tattoo in the minds of people means lifetime banishment from blood donation (and lifetime dirty badboy image). But don’t worry it will only be a year’s worth of penalty, the least. I consulted the right professionals.  After that year-long penalty I’ll decide whether to go back donating or not. But don’t count on it though. I’m a child sponsor now and this time I know the very person I’m helping. And it gives me happiness too – without the freaky factor nor the chance of getting turned down for possible donors.

By the time 2014 comes, I’ll be a Tuhog Donor no more.



  1. john tugano says:

    cguro qng may award ang pagdodonate ng dugo lester malamng iyong iyo na un..Hats off to you you’ve done something for the humanity..

  2. Congrats on being a star donor. Unfortunately, I cannot donate because of anemia :/

  3. silver price says:

    Thank you for taking the generous step in considering becoming a blood donor. As you can imagine donating blood is a critical service and as such needs to be conducted under strict and rigorous rules to ensure the safety of our donors and the blood supply. This results in there being occasions when blood donations are offered but must be declined by the Blood Service: whatever the result is from your offer, thank you.

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