Forever 21

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Events, Journals
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forever21I’m not blogging about a fashion brand (I can’t afford their products btw).

There are points in our lives where we want to relive over a cup of coffee. Like for example those years we spent under the sun of one blissful summer. The months of euphoria for a first love found. And most people would really love to go back to their childhood where problems are shallow, where innocence is loud and all the troubles of the world comes from a distant galaxy.

Those were good days. We all have a fair share of it, I certainly hope so. But if given the chance to come across the universe in the coming X-men First Class: Days of Future Past (where heroes of the ruined futures travels to the past to make things right), I’d love to come back to the year when I was 21. Not to change anything from that, or not that I need something serious worth changing in my current timeline. I just want to relieve and experience all of it in that golden year.

I had a great childhood here in the province. An awful high school life. And a particularly blessed college to boast of. I’m not changing anything of it. These periods are part of who I am now, perhaps embedded now on my DNA. What happens next after them is quite a story.

At 21 I graduated from college. At 21, I become a CPA. At 21, I had my first job. At 21, I had my first taste of  the real life. At 21, I tasted depression. At 21, I got addicted to coffee. At 21, she happened. At 21, I made friends with wonderful young people across the country. At 21, I prayed like there’s no tomorrow.

Somehow, in one year stuffs like that happens no matter how good or foul the side of it. Even until now, I still don’t know how could those events transpired in one particular time line in my life, as if the Age of 21 is the melting pot of life’s spectacular offerings. So maybe if I could go back to that age when I was 21, I might find some answers. Why that time? Did I even deserve those blessings? Where did I go right? Where did I go wrong? Questions, questions.. they never end, they keep coming back creeping on midnight’s sleep or on my solitary lunch break. It was a pretty damn good year for me.

Because what happened after “21” Life as it should be happened. Slow, deliberate, full of failures and hard decisions. Completely unpredictable. And stuffs just pop up, for good or for bad, and there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s life young man.

21 happened. Now it’s long gone. Deal with it. But treasure it because for once in this life there’s a particular timeline I will never forget and get tired of looking back over and over again. Forever 21.

  1. jackieB says:

    i don’t know but i always see my present life better than my past. i had a wonderful time when i was 21… twas better than my high school years… but i can’t say: “sana 21 pa lang ako or sana maulit muli” Perhaps im just optimistic that life keeps better as the years go by. But yeah,my 21st year was one of the most transforming years of my life 🙂

  2. Liana says:

    Nostalgia. It hits like a tonne of bricks sometimes. I, too, wrote about those early twenties just this morning! ‘The 22 Blues’, a time that was as horribly confusing as being a teenager, yet as exciting as they come! –

    It’s always good to know that people feel the same way as you!

  3. I believe in bring forever 21!!! It’s the way to enjoy life!!

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