Posted: September 20, 2013 in Journals


Late last night, instead of spending additional overtime to an already extended overtime, I chose to watch a movie. It was an awful film called “Keith” starring this long forgotten popstar Jesse McCartney. The story is about some bullshit love story of a popular high school chick dating a hot Latino guy while falling for a weird car geek. I f***ing wasted my time watching that one. When the end credits came in (yeah after I almost throw my laptop against the wall) I realized  two things: never to trust a laos popstar and, let’s face it, some thing are Too Good For You.

Funny how the worst fucking movie ever a terrible movie  can somehow give me something worthwhile. TGFY. One word. Four letters… that can spell the difference between pursuing a kindred spirit  from  letting go of  a dream. OK, I have this crush, ah no no no that’s not a good term, it’s more like a deep admiration to this incredible young woman. I’m a big fan of this lady because just by reading her blogs and tweets I could get to know how incredibly badass she is.  God condemn me if I ever get to tell her I have a crush on her because that would be a great disservice to her because #1 I never meet her (i think) #2 she’s awesome #3 why would she ever talk to a stalker este stranger like me.

You might be asking. Who is she? If I give her name she will have me killed in no time hahaha. But here’s her blog: This Is Me. But anyways it’s not the name that matters, nor her age, her address or her facebook account. What matters is what she does. Which is what exactly made me her fan. Because she is a traveler,  a (decorated) runner, a creative person, a coffee addict, a writer, a blogger, a volunteer, a humanitarian and a looseball canon. Yeah like me (OMG I’m not alone!). This is a talented and athletic young woman. She’s got the attitude (i.e. a tattoo) and with a great big heart (volunteers in an orphanage and a few NGOs). In other words we do share a few interests in life.  We are a very rare breed, isn’t it folks?

I’ve been working on different cities in the country but no one came close but the ironic thing is my superwoman is just living so near at home! We are living in the very same Leyte Island all these years when I thought it’s gotta to be somewhere else far far away. We even joined a the same particular race last March. Life. But the comparison has to stop from there. We may be near yet we are lightyears away. And she’s on a completely different level; a goddess to a peasant like me.

Just like what Jesse McCartney’s character said in the movie “Dude’s she’s TGFY. Too good for you.” And please don’t ask me why or how come.

Right now, the lady just recently started studying abroad. And Only God knows of her return or if I ever get to share a cup of coffee with her which is everything I ever wanted to do with her.  God bless her.

  1. PM says:

    this is a sweet post. i might be crazy but i wish you’d tell her how you feel. you never know… anyway, i finally got a copy of love on the time of cholera. looking forward to reading it. since you mentioned it i’ve been meaning to get it, thanks again.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      Hi PM! anong sweet, kabiguan lang to noh. hehe. Yeah I wish i had the chance to talk to here. pero pareho kaming nabusy since summer, until nga yung naabutan na ng scholarship nya sa _____. kaya see her when I see her. Someday! hehe

      Enjoy the book PM, I’m sure you’ll love it! It’s a classic lovestory of epic proportions.

  2. Gen says:

    Hahaha! I’ve seen this film several years ago… At that time it was not that bad. But I cannot remember the story. Hahaha… I guess that says it all…

  3. jackieB says:

    tuwing napapad ako sa blog mo, lagi ka may bagong love interest lol…that’s why blogs are fun to read 🙂

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