A BGC Gathering

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Events, Journals, Photography



Even for a weekend I came back and braved the chaotic jungle of Manila just to see a group of people. Because I owe this guys what I am today. I meet them during the CPA review four years ago. These guys helped me a lot not just on the mountains of materials to study but most importantly during the day-to-day life in those crucial months. We clicked right away back then and stick around until the results came in (which is exactly fours years ago). We were the Power Rangers of the Glodenco Dormitory.

We never got together after that.  Most of them went into where CPAs go in the Audit world, others took up Law, and me bounced around from places to places. All of us went into our separate lives. I’m sorry I can’t live out there in the Big City where bright lights roar. I like the city life but for now I prefer the rural and simple life in my province. But hey I came back, and it’s so good to see again after all these years. How’s life? Where are you connected? Which country have you been to? Please don’t mention the paychecks and ask how’s your love lives. Mine Coke Zero. Ah! So we all are the same! Hahaha you guys never changed. Then suddenly I remember we are a loud bunch of characters and personalities; of arrogance, of loners, of monsters, of racists, of addicts and creatives wannabes.

We should do this again. Next time brothers. I owe you a lot.


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