Tulong Na, Tayo Na, Bili Na Suki!

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Journals
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tulong na tabang na tshirt

Call me KillJoy, but I’m not totally sold out with this kind of shirts.

If you think buying this shirt will help the Yolanda victims, please utang na loob #1 mag-isip kayo. This is just plain capitalism by our favorite TV station. A shirt cost P250, which kind of mura for such an indemand shirt. But here’s a breakdown on how your money will reach the affected areas in Leyte. Take note that these are estimates based on my professional judgement. It is by no means accurate, please God let me be wrong. Btw, I’m a CPA, I think.

The production cost and overhead is likely to be ‘at least’ a P100.00 (40%), bring in the advertising cost, the share of the supplier/distributor, salaries for the Sagip Kapamilya Foundation employees and whatever the f**k ABS will charge against that revenues. Then there are taxes for BIR, di po yan TAX EXEMPT (dont even ask for the %). And at what amount per shirt bought actually reaches to the victim? My safe guess is P25 (10%).

Utang na loob #2 MAGDONATE NALANG KAYO SA REDCROSS, WORLD VISION, HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, GAWAD KALINGA, TACLOBAN CITY LGU or ‘directly donate’ the money to those who are affected and to the real people who are out there working their asses to help Leyte.

(On the second thought, as an artist, the shirt design looks like shit. C’mon! sana naman nag.effort sa pag.iisip)

Man I look like an ass. But I donated money to real NGOs working and helping out there. I also volunteered. What an ass.

  1. cheesecake says:

    Really really good point. Super agree.

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