A Badass Christmas

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Journals
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How do you measure Christmas? If you’re saying it’s the amount of Christmas gifts one receives, well I just have the worst Holidays ever, again. C’mon receiving gifts is not my forte, not that I don’t appreciate them, but what can I ask for more? I have my family together, I have a job, a healthy body, a creative spirit and peace of mind. This year I measured my Christmas on how much I’ve given to other people. 

And I  have experienced the most extraordinary Christmas ever!

The world witnessed how Yolanda crushed the heart of the world by bringing unimaginable loss to my brothers in this very island of Leyte. I made it a point to help on whatever ways I could give. So far, so good. I think. I volunteered. Gave away some clothes. Donated a few amount of money. Initiated a few donation drives for a particular community. And perhaps captured the hearts of many through a series of fortunate events and passionate writing. Whatever. I just did what I have to do and not expecting any returns at all.

I shared and helped the best way I could. God made all the rest.

I’m very much overwhelmed on how great things started to happen right after the storm. I’ve seen from ordinary people to giant nations sharing and donating in an epic scale. All wanted to help my brothers in Tacloban and the rest of the affected communities. The storm may have brought out devastation, but it certainly brought out the best in people (and yeah the worst of politics, shame). I’m glad to be one of those helping out there. And to serve as one of the vessels of help for my fellow runners in Tacloban? One of the best things that happened in my life. Special thanks goes out to the Cebu running community, SunStar Cebu, John Pages of CERC, RunRio, The Brick, Three of Me, Sir Jidan Jakosalem, and the Jopson couple. See you all at CCM.

All good things happen for a reason, yeah even the craziest things too. I.e.: Organizing a running event is way beyond my darkest nightmares and wildest of dreams. But I did. It was badass! And it happened for a good purpose. I love it.

So well, there goes my Christmas: no girlfriend, no Christmas gift and did not even enjoyed Noche Buena. But perhaps the true meaning Christmas is not measured by material things and the level of happiness from Xmas parties. It is measured by giving… of hope and of love.

  1. potsquared says:

    tama ka Lester, hindi nasusukat ang ang kaligayahan ng tao sa mga regalong natanggap niya.. happy new year ‘tol at belated merry christmas, hindi kita napadalhan ng card this year, naglipat bahay at trabaho kasi ako at medyo daming inasikaso.

    continue to be the best on what you do and i know that blessings will flow to you and your family. ingat palagi ‘tol! mabuhay ka!

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