What’s Up 2014?

Posted: January 1, 2014 in Events, Journals
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2014 horse

Hey 2014,

I’m still not up to posting anything about you now but it has to be done.

The year ‘before’ you was a roller coaster ride. Overall it was a great ride that until Yolanda came and forced us to wrap up the year on a bitter and heartbreaking note. Still, 2013 was a good year where I got this nice job, started to run seriously and made it a lifestyle. I also traveled and explored my environment and myself as well. The finances were good too. I made good friends especially in the running community and the workplace. And in my pseudo-writing career it was great too with blazing articles in the local dirty-like-hell politics, the MSL and recently those impact heavy pieces on the post-Yolanda running scene in Tacloban. The latter opened up an unprecedented opportunities to help other people.

But 2014, I really don’t know what to expect from you. I just pray that no major calamities will come to us again. But I guess I have to make a checklist of what I want/need to do this year. I haven’t thought much of it but here they come:

1. Finish a marathon (hello CCM!)

2. Help in the rebuilding process of Leyte (art projects, fund-raisers, writing etc.)

3. Volunteer for an NGO every weekend

4. Draw portraits (I really hope to improve this year)

5. Learn to Paint (ala Bob Ross style)

6. Read 10 books

7. Travel abroad  (don’t even try to miss this one, too long overdue na)

8. Buy a new motorcycle

9. Driving Lesson

10. Try to find that courage to Love again

Based on the list below, there are things/plans I have to forego this year. Number one is graduate school, I can’t possibly balance #2 & #3 with my masters on my weekends. School can wait. Than I have to travel less, locally, so I will try to tone down my racing calendars. So that leads to run lesser mileage and fewer races. The tattoo plan is currently pending upon a chance event to happen (signs?), it will happen when it happens. And most probably I’ll try to lower my profile… less social media and yes blogging. I’ll try to write less and avoid some troubles.

These are plans plans and plans. Nothing is final and comitted. 2014 just lead the way and please be good to us. Please don’t suck. We have plenty of things to be done here in Leyte. We have to rise, that’s my priority this year.

Badass as I wanna be,

  1. potsquared says:

    magagawa mo lahat yan, tiwala lang!!

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