Why I Will Join The Cebu City Marathon 2014

Posted: January 3, 2014 in Events, Journals, Running
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coverpage ccm

I think it’s safe to assume that every runner’s dream is to complete a full marathon. That’s 42.195 kilometers or 26 miles, and that distance alone is such a crazy idea to me this time of the year in 2013. And look at me now pursuing that dream in 8 days! So what made me do it? What are the reason behind? The people, the events, the ideas that made me decide to pursue the Marathon Dream.

Before that one must take note that I’m no beginner in running. I’ve started running three years ago but I only got serious in running and joining races last year. I had my first 10k only last March! Before that running has been a hobby, a me time activity every morning when I have the time. I run because I love it, not because of some PRs and distances. I ran in the oval, I ran half-naked and barefoot in Boracay, I run in the hills of Libas, I ran in my neighborhood. These are places where people doesn’t run, thus no fun runs at all. I thought racing is expensive and just waste of money. I was wrong. In 2013 I got addicted and fell head over heels with it. Yes, I’ve been training for this marathon the whole of 2013.

route map

So here are my 7 reasons, in no particular order, of why I will join the CCM:

1. CERC & RunRio Collaboration- I know that Cebu City Marathon is organized and founded by the legendary Cebu Executive Runner’s Club (CERC), and through the years it has the reputation of being one of the best organized races in the running calendar. This year they spiced things up a big way, they just added RunRio (the country’s premiere running organizer)  into the mix. OMG! I love Coach Rio’s RunRio Trilogy especially that crazy RUPM experience. And just the thought of experiencing it all over again in CCM? Wow!

2. The Medal – it’s so badass that runners are worshiping it already. My precious… I’ll be hearing that battle cry on the road comes raceday.


3. BQ/International Event – yup two reasons in one. They’re the same though. CCM this year got accredited IAAF AIMS  as a Boston Marathon qualifier. Man, BM is the Holy Grail of running. Thus that makes my first ever marathon attempt an international one.  But please utang na loob, don’t expect me to qualify in Boston, that’s somebody else’s dream. Me, I just want to make #4 proud..

4. The Chic – Okay, okay there goes that saying again, behind every great man is a woman.  This is Ma’am Iste  (of Sun.Star) and Ma’am Rose (of Aktib.ph & RunRoo.com) favorite aspect of my running career, mga chix. Pastilan. Matud pa nila babaye lang ang hinungdan sa tanan.. kiligon man lamang ta ana.

But on a serious and honest note, I owe this particular girl a lot. I never met her yet but she did save me from running alone and  afraid of joining races. I bumped into her blog about her full marathon experience in CCM last year and  I knew this girl is so badass.  I got to try that Marathon too! Now it feels so good to have someone to blame in case I fail my marathon. Lol. And for clarification purposes: Yeah I refer to her as a ‘crush’ due to lack of available term. I really have a deep admiration on this girl’s life especially her being a  philanthropist and a traveler. She’s one rare woman of substance. I just want to meet her, nothing more.

5. My Tribute to Cebu – I started running in Cebu, and I believe it is most fitting that I do my Marathon Dream in that beloved city. Cebu will always be a favorite City to me, and I’ll always bear the burden of not being able to come back and work out there again because I’m needed here in Southern Leyte. And through CCM I’ll be able to pay my utmost gratitude for Cebu’s wonderful gift of running. It’s a credit long overdue, and I hope I will succeed. The timing is just so perfect, you know; it is Sinulog Festival, Cebu’s crowning glory, and in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda the Cebu Running Community was all there in full support for us Leyte Runners. Every meter, every dose of pain in that marathon  are my sincere thank you to the Queen City of the South. There’s just no other races I’d rather run after my Marathon Dream than in Cebu City Marathon.

6. Sinulog Festival – please refer to #5, it’s already there. And it’s the time of the year to be in Cebu! On the race course there will be Sinulog dancers, bands, lots of cheerers, runners in costumes and yes a whole lot of food. lol.

Only in CCM, fellas.

Only in CCM, fellas. Photo credit from the CCM page: https://www.facebook.com/cebumarathon

7.  I have a statement to make –  I don’t live in Tacloban, I run there. Yolanda came & devastated our city. If there’s one thing I want to save in Tacloban, it’s the running community out there. I’ll do everything to save that city’s running culture. So this CCM I’m taking on a bigger role of more than just running a marathon, I’m carrying  the burden of HOPE for the whole Tacloban  and Leyte Team that will represent in CCM thanks to the full support from Cebu’s running community. It will be our statement run that no matter what happened in our place, no matter how much we lost in the storm, Yolanda is not stopping us from running for our Marathon dream! Yes, our time will suck but we will overcome. We just survived Yolanda, and CCM is definitely our stage to show to the world that We are Alive & We are Never Hopeless. We shall rise again.

Never Gone

We, the Yolanda survivors, will be there.

So there goes my reasons why I’m running my first marathon at CCM. The closer it gets, the more reason I got in making it out alive and yeah still kicking . CCM is and still our Dream Marathon. It is not your ordinary fun run, it’s a marathon of greater significance and it is something a lot more personal to me and my running brothers in Tacloban. So I hope to see you all at CCM 2014 and pray for us runners out here in Leyte for a successful run and to the organizers who have stood side by side with us to make sure we make it out there.

CCM, let’s have a date with Destiny.

  1. potsquared says:

    Goodluck Lester! Kayang-kaya mo yan! I will cheer for you! Wooohoooo!

  2. bagotilyo says:

    go for gold brother! 🙂 Someday makaka takbo din ako sa ganyan. hehe

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