Life After the Marathon

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Journals, Running
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The marathon is over. Now what?
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The Cebu City Marathon 2014 held last weekend was a very successful event from a personal and social aspect of my life. I am very happy that I’m finally a  part of that select group of crazy people called ‘marathoners’. I am happy that I’m a little bit instrumental in bringing my fellow runners in Tacloban and Leyte to the event, trust me you have the donors and organizers to thank for. And I’m extremely happy to the people I have met there over the three-day Cebu Marathon weekend; from the donors, the elites, the lovely media people and most especially the  the Leyte runners, whom just a few weeks earlier lost their desire to run during the aftermath of Yolanda. Man, I fought so hard for those guys. Kumapal talaga mukha ko for them,  just to get the much needed support from the Cebu running community. It was all worth it. We ran with pride.

I did have a blast even before the gunstart, so yeah it was a very unforgettable experience.


My number one and only, international bragging rights.

Marathon Blues. But perhaps the hardest thing is getting back to the normal life. Suddenly the excitement, the anticipation and the rush coming from the biggest sporting event in the Visayas vanished.  Man, I’ve prepared for so long for that event. I got stressed out carrying the delegation out there.The boat trip back was particularly painful as I failed to say goodbyes and well wishes to my running buddies and to my new friends, and the relentless pounding of the waves didn’t help either. Damn I wish it did not rain.  I reported to the office the next day and found out the stuffs there became nightmarish and unforgiving. And then there’s this cold biting chill brought by Agaton.  I guess this is what they call the Marathon blues. Yeah, it sucks.

Grassroots hope. Out of these winter chill, comes a great tale of Hope I’m bringing to my place. It’s not  really about the tales of victory, it’s about the promise of a new Hope. The Tacloban runners will surely be talking about their conquers in the coming weeks. But me, I’m starting the herculean effort of bringing running here in my province of Southern Leyte. It’s my way of paying forward the generosity we got from Cebu. My short term plan is to organize a running club in my workplace which is a state university. So I’m really hoping I could convince the professors and the students alike to take on running. Those winning shots from CCM will be my bait to capture their attention hehe. My not so long term plan is to organize a running event in the university hopefully by the next intramural games.

Run, Tacloban, Run! So far I haven’t visited Tacloban for weeks now. I missed volunteering out there especially now that she’s there to volunteer too. I hope I could still meet her and say that we did it. She is my inspiration why I got into the Marathon dream bandwagon, so in the off chance she read this, I just want to let you know I did my best to make you proud. You know who you are. You, me, and the rest of our brothers around the world, we will rebuild our beloved city. Hey how about a cup of coffee? It’s cold outside.

Now let’s talk some serious running stuffs. We’re bringing back running to Tacloban, as early as possible, as soon as this rain stops and summer finally reigns supreme. Running cannot die out there, it simply cannot. After all all the efforts I and the  Cebu running community poured in, and after it’s runners did the unthinkable of running  (and finishing) an entire marathon with hardly any practice. The city will rise again, together with the runners. I’ll fight and do my best to bring back two of it’s treasured running events: The Tacloban City Marathon and the I Shall Return Ultramarathon. And of course I haven’t forgotten about Jake Bramida’s currently  on hiatus Kapamilya Run. Tacloban guys, TOES, and organizers you have my full support.

tacloban marathon

The Marathon Dream started on this event, now it has to come back this year!

In times like this, the title couldn't be more meaningful.

In times like this, the title couldn’t be more meaningful.

BDM. After claiming the Marathon Dream, many runners would think what’s the next run? Me, I don’t really know where or when’s my next event. I’m resting for a while and focus on work. But it sure meant the creation of what used to be an improbable undertaking. After CCM, there’s another three letter event I’m eyeing on: BDM. Yes, the Bataan Death March. It’s a 102 kilometers of brutal running retracing the historic march of those brave soldiers in WWII. No marshalls, no water stations, nothing but running. I have some family issues to settle in those roads.  The more I run this year, the more I’m expanding my chances of survival from that suicidal running event. So yeah, for that to happen, I’m becoming an ultra runner this year! I’m not sure if I can do the BDM next year even if I train hard for it. I just cant afford to bring an entire support crew there. Perhap I’ll practice my socials skill too, who knows I might get a hitch for BDM.

CCM, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. See you again next year. Btw, I’ll be bringing more dreamers next time. It’s a promise. Keep dreaming, keep hoping.


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