I Kissed Blood Donating Goodbye

Posted: February 1, 2014 in Events, Journals
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The past couple of months this blog have practically turned into a  sport blog featuring Running, Cebu City Marathon and my TOES group in Tacloban, deym I started this as an art blog. But anyways, let’s take a breather and lets talk about something unrelated to running but rather takes on what used to be a big part of who I am: Blood Donation.

I have been a regular blood donor since I turned 18, and ever since I was able to donate thirty (yup 30) times. I swear I expected absolutely nothing in return all through out. It was all pure voluntary act of love (partly because I have  no income then to donate so I give my blood). Being a donor for that long  was a long run filled with joy, satisfaction and a true sense of altruism. In blood donating one can absolutely be assured that you are helping another person, perhaps evn literally save their lives in some cases (been there). It was cool and badass… and it cost me nothing.

But it did have some fair share of disappointments, doubts and regrets. For seven or eight years I admit have failed to inspire other people to donate because Fear (or cowardness?) got the better of them. People see blood donating as a painful activity, not a selfless act of love. People see the needles, not the sacrifices and heroism of the people doing it. So every time I ask others to donate, every time, I get the same damn bullshit replies “Mahadlok ko (I’m afraid)”, “Dako man ang dagum (the needles are big)”. Over and over an over. It gets to the deep into soul if you’ve been doing that for 8 years with a very disappointing success rate. Man it felt like you’re no good and that people don’t trust you when all I ever wanted to help others. Deym. I cant even blame anyone, so frustrating. The way I see it, I had more success convincing others to start Running in the past 8 weeks, than beg them to donate their blood in the past eight years. So yeah it kinda sucks. We have our own limits.

So last December 11, 2013 was my last hurrah in this bloody hobby of mine. I was done. I’m moving to other stuffs to help other people.

Camera 360

This was taken last December and it’s already February publishing my story, what a bahaw news. But seriously I’m done donating regularly. I think I’ll do another blood donation someday when it is really needed (or when my bloodcards run out na hehe).

Of course there are reasons I’m retiring from being a multiple galloner donor. Number 1 is I have to get a tooth of mine extracted. It’s been bugging for a few months, maka-30 donations lang tiniis ko. A tooth extraction will cause me a year of delay from donating blood. Number 2, I want to travel to some countries Red Cross Philippines graciously tagged “you go there, bawal ka na magdonate” or stuffs like that in the interview part of the application. Number three, I’m getting a tattoo real soon. 😛 And Number 4, I just dont like receiving NO for an answer on a consistent basis… “Donate ta bai..”  “Mahadlok man ko..Tangena!

And there’s the Philippine Red Cross systems issue I really really want to let out now that I’m retired: They are using the donors for business. In bisaya.. gipangkwartahan ra ang mga donors. Don’t blame me, or the personnel working in the PRC, blame the system and their policy. Over the years their blood claiming policy kept on changing, fees got higher, they got worse and became more  anti-blood donor. There’s practically no distinction from a donor to an ordinary needy patient when claiming blood. Everybody got to pay. In my local chapter, it’s P1,500 processing fee per bag? Watdafaq man! Donors cant even claim our own blood for free, not even a blood bag in exchange for 2 bags previously donated. We were burned. I take that as a betrayal of our trust that we help them so they can help us when we need them. Why can’t the Red Cross see that? Why do I have to pay that big for my blood that I put in their blood banks? I know it’s business, salaries to pay, overheads maintenance and blah blah costing and finance. Bullshit! I’m accountant, btw. I believe we, the donors, deserve competitive benefits too aside from the tetra pack juice and biscuits upon donating which are okay the for ‘one and gone’ blood donors. But for long term donors and volunteers who practically gave their life and blood to the organization for free, Red Cross come on..

Dear Red Cross, please take good care of your remaining regular blood donors. These are good people who has their limits too, they deserve recognition, they deserve some benefits other than ballers and solicitations. They deserve something like.. “Sagot naman kita this time” They might jump overboard to equally good and fulfilling NGOs like  World Vision to send a kid to school and get a letter of progress and ‘thank you’ every year. Or perhaps they’d go to the streets and start running, which is a whole lot cooler and badass than blood donating. And wait, is the issue regarding Ma’am Gwen Pang’s alleged misuse of some funds already resolved? Did you have it externally audited (not the ones from the Board please)? May results audit results naba? C’mon we’re all stakeholders here, we deserve to know the truth. Look I have nothing against Red Cross, I love their personnel they’re my family and friends, and I love giving my life for these people.  What I don’t like is some issues and system bullshit plaguing the organization. So please, utang na loob,  straighten these up. 🙂

You know you will always have my support, too bad I just simply lost the desire to donate my blood. Don’t take this personally, I really hope something comes out of this writing.

Love you, thank you and Good bye!

Camera 360

  1. john tugano says:

    Too sad in how prc has taken advantage for such great donors like you lester, but never got tired of sharing yourself though.

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