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Posted: March 3, 2014 in Events, Journals, Photography
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The last post was about a month ago. Sorry I got distracted with life, work and love. (char)

So how did the Unity Run 2 fared? I think it was wildly successful. I cant write a total full scale epic event review  but trust me it will just not now, and just not here in my blog… watch-out! But here’s some pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve been busy (screwing up) at work after the run. It was like an epic uphell battle. Man, I suddenly missed going back to school. But the payday’s a beauty I cant give up yet. hehe

So as an outlet (outside running) I became a rapist. I practically violated my phone’s replay buttom the whole month of February with this song..

“How long will I love You” a soundtrack from the indie film About Time, which is so damn good too.  Man, despite my chickboy reputation, my love life is still coke zero. But who cares, I’m very very happy and I’m awesome! hahaha. So that song goes out to all the girls I’ve meet, been meeting and will meet in the near future.

And just lately, I had my second rape victim. YouTube’s replay button  hahaha. Still the same  crime motivation though, a freakin’ heartwarming love song! And here’s the scandal:

The title is “Duyog” by Jewel Villaflores. I think Duyog is melody in English. It’s a modern Visayan lovesong. The song got some powerful lyrics that captures the heartstrings inside the soul. Sweet, hopeful, poignant and just beautiful beautiful music. Man, how does it feel to love again? Listen to this song, and pray to God you understand the Bisayan dialect (or you guys can comment below and I’ll translate the whole song into English).

And not surprising we go back to running. I’ve had this dumb topic when I spoke to a CCM friend named the Warat Runner  about the personal evolution as a runner. Btw guys,  she’s the ‘girl’ every guy should kill for. But perhaps what amazes me most is that she somehow evolved as a runner. We started both in 2010. I screwed up and hopped around the country rendering my love affair with running as infidel like hell. I did not evolved at all. She on the other hand stayed and never stopped running.. from jogging, to joining races, to marathon and ultramarathons.. from rubber shoes to running shoes until resorting to wearing full time a pair of… tsinelas.  Wtf!? Yeah it’s badass. I should try Kais sometime.

But for now, allow me to abuse my Asics Nimbus 14 bye running and treking the various hidden gems in my backyard here in Southern Leyte. This weekend I re-found two routes. Here’s my trending facebook posts: (lol)

Route number 1:

Confession of the Day:
I literally Run two provinces to this place today just because ‘she’ was there last year hahaha. Kamabaw!
16k Uphill/cross training to Gunhuban Falls in Bato Leyte! (truly a hidden gem on my turf)


TOES family visit me here this summer ha!

Route number 2:

18 kilometers of heat/off-road/uphill training to Libas village.. done!
Man, it never gets easy going out there. But still a special run to be out there to a place linked to one of Philippine Literature’s treasured masterpiece “The Witch” by Edilberto K. Tiempo.

(c) Dominic Jualo
full story on the place:

Man, Life when it seems to settle back to subtlety yet  never fails to surprise me. There’s just so much  Love to find in the Lapiskamay’s journey in life.  Thank you Lord!


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