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Posted: March 26, 2014 in Events, Journals, Travels
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three of us

There’s something about bloggers. They are connected though not physically and most of the times we are just total strangers bumping into each others space online. It’s just the way it is. Bloggers doesn’t need to meet other bloggers to call each other friends. It’s the moment they start reading your posts and liking them and commenting on them, that’s  the connection. Its been said there’s a bond of unconditional friendship among bloggers. But sometimes shit happens… one of these days you’ll meet them anyway.

Last week, I met two gorgeous bloggers. Me, Addie Encarnacion of Betwixt and Beyond and Apple Ochon of  The Appletizer decided to have a night out.  I was in Manila for a one-weeek seminar and by night I’m all free to make suroy-suroy in Manila. Take note that I don’t have their numbers, none of us have. Not even all of us use Facebook. But bloggers are resourceful so were able to get each others numbers. Text, call, text deep into the night, and I was caught in traffic in EDSA. I was late when I got to the meeting place.

We have never met each other before. Strange, we feel like we’ve been  friends for a long time. We’ll we’ve been blogging friends for a couple of years already. Addie and Apple happens to be two gorgeous ladies. Shit happens. I knew it! Lol


Not really my lucky night, right?

The girls decided we met up in Ortigas at a Starbucks shop in Shang (social to ah). I think I had butterflies when I saw them already there and hangin’ out by the glass window. Big smile! Addie is the sexy lady with a striking smile and a surprisingly angelic voice (did not saw that coming). Apple is the cute, soft spoken and the sweet one for her tall feature. Both of them lovely. Both of them conversationist. Both of them really smart. They’re fun to chat with. I never felt out of place even though I should be by the way they look and carry themeselves (deymn I’m so haggard!). haha

We transferred somewhere to have dinner. Strayed a few restaurant at that Mandaluyong social place (I never been to that part of the Metro). Until we found Woodfire Grill Republic at the Metrowalk Commercial Complex (Meralco Ave). The foods were great eventhough I’m full into my third dinner of the night (we met around 11pm na kaya!), the cocktail drink is sweet at walang katama-tama (thanks God). But the best moment of the night is the sheer opportunity to talk to these two gorgeous ladies.

before series

We mostly talk and talk and talk and yeah eating. Besides talking was one of things that connects us. The three of us have this deep fascination to the Before movie series which practically about two people talking all the way. I think I’m the one who introduced them first to Before Sunrise. They loved it. Then the two devoured the next one, Before Sunset,  in an epic online livestream scene-per-scene televecast last year. We capped off the trilogy with Before Midnight where Addie and Apple both watched the movie alone in theaters. I watched it alone in my laptop weeks before Yolanda. Sue me.

Then our conversation shifted and wandered on to the madatory things friends have to asks to each other: careers, life in the province, mutual friends and lovelife. Careers, it turns out the two ladies will be having a few more nightouts without me since both of them are now Manila-based. Addie has always been the Manila girl since she studied college and worked there. Apple, on the other hand, is just a few weeks into the Metro coming from Ilo-ilo City to look for greater opportunities. Both are working on exciting corporate careers. Me? I’m a boring accountant, and they never asked anyting more about my job (thanks God!). Province: all three of us came from the province and we are proud of it. Addie is from Catanduanes, Apple is from Ilo-ilo City and me from Southern Leyte. All roads lead to Manila, right? But we do love our provinces the way we talk about our childhood and the goods stuffs to see there.. we even spoke our dialects at one point. It also turns out that we do have a circle of friends and mutual bloggers we follow like Kara (whom I met in Cebu) and Pot2 (that crazy funny guy in Japan) and few more we are targetting to meet soon. And for the lovelife…

Trust me, I did all the talking when it comes to that hahaha. Addie and Apple were laughing when they took notice of how kilig I am in explaining my current dilemma that is destined  for epic failure or the greatest lovestory in the blogosphere. Yeah they really are good friends when I sought for their advice about a particular thing I have to make in the future. Part of me wants to be the villain, the badass guy who sweeps off the feet of this mi amore. And Addie and Apple were not all please of it, they want me to hold back and be a gentleman and do the right thing. Parang natauhan din naman.. they were right. When in doubt, listen to your friends. Perhaps that’s the greatest gift they’ve given me aside from their companionship.


with The Appletizer. Really cute and bubbly girl.


With Addie. Man, I could listen to her talking all day. Love her voice!


I love  both of them, Addie and Apple, and that amazing night we had. I can one wish we met much earlier into the day so we can spend  a longer time with each other. But the clocks just beat us up.. it was 2 AM when we call it a night. Time to hit the cab.




  1. Addie says:

    Haha. Love the recap. Twas a fun night indeed. Btw, it’s Addie at Betwixt and BETWEEN. Haha

  2. thelighttraveler says:

    I love the “Before” trilogy, and how each is open-ended, even “Before Midnight!” I wonder if there will be a fourth, though I can’t guess what the title would be.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      yeah one of those rare movies that’s not afraid to please anyone. it’s just there unfolding before our eyes to amaze all in the form of conversation. I love to meet a woman like Celine haha.

      if may fourth pa, they can use my title or Before Breaking Dawn. hahaha

  3. April G. says:

    Addie looks like Ginger Conejero.

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  5. […] has a more detailed post about our meet-up here. I had a great time with these two. Our mini “eyeball” made me realize that although we […]

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