UP Diliman: Urban Takbohan Sanctuary

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Journals, Running, Travels
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UP Diliman - Suroypilipinas


I’ve been in Manila, as I said before, for a whole week seminar. And guess where I made tambay in between 5 long days of seating, (sleeping?) eating, and learning? No, it’s not in the Malls although I stayed a good deal of time there too haha. I was loving every moment I was in UP Diliman Campus, the country’s premier learning institution that have produced some of the best products across so many fields. It was such a nice place that is no doubt conducive for learning and well, running!

Ok, I have a confession to make. I flunked the UPCAT exam. So I’m a frustrated Iskolar ng Bayan. God knows it did changed the course of my life. But everything turned out for the better anyway on the other side of the what-ifs  on life. So it doesn’t matter now  anyway. So going there at the campus was like walking across  place that somehow felt so familiar.. something that welcomes me, whispering on my ears that I belong there. It was as if I’ve been somewhere on my past.. or perhaps on another lifetime. Only I’ll never be a UP student, that boat already sailed. This time, I landed there to conquer the campus on foot!


the UP Academic Oval

I walked the whole campus and I run like hell at their famous UP Academic Oval! Love the sights. Wow, I was in Eureka for a few days every time I was there that fateful week. It was a massive relief to find a peaceful place filled with trees and fresh air in a Metropolitan of cars, pollution, rush and mayhem on the streets. What an irony. What a sanctuary.

No wonder it houses to so many runners,  even celebrities run there.


Finally landed my feet at UP-D!


Mandatory selfie with kuya Oblation!

Five days in Manila, four days and a few training session at the UP Diliman. So addicted to this place. If it were a chix, I’d definitely marry her. So the next time I’m in Manila,  on top of the list would be UP-Diliman! Funny, when I got home via Cebu (to attend my brother’s graduation) all my pasalubong came from UP campus. haha.


Happy runner! (witwew my outfit noh? haha)

And oh yeah! Thank you Warat Runner for posting your  pic wearing the UP jacket  (utang yan ha). Now she’s a real UP product, an overachieving Matalom kiddo.  I also bought a couple of jackets but nah, there’s no way I’m posting it. Maybe on my next race you’ll spot me wearing a maroon jacket  with a big hood, because it’s the only souvenir I got from my new favorite place in the big city.



*cover photo from suroypilipinas.com

**last photo’s a screenshot of Armie Garde’s instagram post

  1. thelighttraveler says:

    UP is really beautiful. I hear now they have sunflowers. I want to go there at a time when both sunflowers and fire trees are blooming. 🙂

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