Posted: April 28, 2014 in Poetry
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There are places seem far and out of reach,
Hills, Seas, Islands and the great beyond
Growing up, I look at their directions
Hoping one day, somehow, to get there.

Years have passed, horizons broaden,
Mind’s ablazed of information irrelevant
Soul’s a weary one of countless challenges
Life beyond trapped in a cage, or is it?

Muscles grew big and strong,
Mind been kept sharp and wild
Imaginations expanded beyond
Thirst for adventures insatiable.

I dream of escaping reality,
even for a day, even a Holy one
We are strong and curious,
And off we went to that hill.

Here’s a place of legends of my younger days
Four coconuts on thine of thine hill,
Like drunkards they look down on us
Like warriors praying the sun.

The time hath come, we journey
To the unknown roads, long and steep
Drench in sweat and thirst abide
We walk and we climb, like vagabands

For at the top of the hill,
Stand not four, but three coconuts
One hath fallen never to see us
Claim thine throne up above.

Sight everlasting, a view of
Beloved homeland, I look at you
Yes so small yet o peaceful.

Altogether beautiful with the sky
And the crystal seas so clear and blue
I’m glad I came back and be thine champion
Beloved hometown.

For in this short life, I’ve been lost
Yet I came back stronger and better
Living still, for a life so beautiful.
Journeying still, I am a Pathfinder.



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