Runner’s World: Pages of Hope

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Events, Journals, Running
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One of the best things that ever happened in my life was the moment I embraced running. It was love at first try and I have no idea all the great things it will give to me beyond fitness. That was so four years ago, fast forward here I am writing  and publishing our stories in Tacloban,  for a magazine. I just wrote a full article on the latest issue  Runner’s World Philippines!!! So happy and honored to be there.



2nd page of the article. (yup it’s quite a long one)

It’s not really my first time to be a part of the magazine, I think this is my third or fourth already. But never in a 2-page full article, this is way way more than I could ever ask for.  But funny to know that I didn’t have to submit to the editor and pray it will pass and get published.

This time they gave me the honor to write for them. I think it began when I emailed the magazine’s new Editor-in-Chief  Maam Angela Constantino-Aquino on a great job on the Anne Curtis powered January-March issue (which was really really great) and gave some updates on us, Leyte runners, that we  are OK after Yolanda, that we are organizing a free running event for the benefit of two elementary schools in Tacloban.  And suddenly she offered me the gig to write about the community from Yoland to CCM to Unity Run 2.

And write I did! With reckless abandon and passionate writing (in the name of Hope) I broke the 1,200 word count limit and submitted a 1,800 words. The story is pretty much about the Leyte Running community on the Tindog Tacloban: Unity Run 2 (which I helped organized ) and the events that  lead us there: from Yolanda to Cebu City Marathon to the early Unity Runs though my own point of view.  I never expected that they’ll publish it until I saw the finished product. First thing first, my initial reaction after reading my article was that I was so impressed on the level of editing they made on the draft I sent. Maam Amale Jopson was right they do have amazing editors! They did worked wonders on the write-up by making it more fluid and cohesive and the sentence structures better while still maintaining the full body and soul of it.  #Respect


Coach Rio in the Cover. He’s also one of the generous people who helped the Leyte delegation reach for the Marathon Dream.

It still feel so weird and proud to see my name and my work out there. Because deep down it was never mine to claim credit. The story belongs to the amazing runners of Tacloban and Leyte that after the unspeakable devastation, we persevered, stood up and proved to the world how resilient we are. I am blessed to run with them. The article is our story. I only just have the privilege to write about it.  I dont know how the readers reaction to the article but I really tried my best to share the message of Hope. One thing is for sure though, I HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE TO THANK FOR! So blessed to have them in my life.


Inside Coach Rio’s Instagram life. See the last photo: that’s us after the Cebu City Marathon!

My group, the TOES, it’s always been them I’m writing for was featured multiple times in this issue. Aside from the article I wrote,  the magazine run a story of the 10 brave women of TOES who conquered 50 kilometers of fashion show at the All Women Ultra-Marathon (AWUM) in Cebu City last March! I think it’s really my favorite part of the issue, just so inspiring! #Proud


To read the full article, the Runner’s World Philippines – April to June issue is now available at all major bookstores and magazine stands nationwide. The SRP is at P150 only. And by the way, it’s the best issue they ever have, yet, so go grab a copy and be inspired!



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