The Cornetto Cupidities

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Events, Film
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“Everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to be in love…”

There was this series of short films release in the YouTube Channel of Cornetto, yeah the ice cream brand. They were pretty awesome and I only just discovered them. Better late than never coz these stories deserved to be heard er watched. I absolutely digged them. I think each of the stories are unique and independently produced but the quality is really great.  It’s really the content that captured my imagination. (I think I wanna do stories and short films like these and perhaps quit my job)

All of the short films starts with the quote I wrote above. They have the same narrative style by cutting out segments of the stories into ‘Acts’. I find it cool to have different international short films follow the same narrative formats even though they have different languages. Oh love, it’s so universal.

Be warned these are heartwarming teenage kind of love stories, well sue me, I’m a romantic. So here’s my Top 3 Cornetto Cupidity.

3. Margot – this one’s shot in Asia, or at least it’s an Asian story with very Asian actors. It’s like a fairytale and probably the most heartwarmingly-hopeless- romantic in the series. It has this killer quote short into the beginning, “It’s funny what the world really love is not a lover but a love story. Journeys of the hearts that inspire us all”.

2. Kismet Dinner – This one is set in Brooklyn New York, well this one started it all. Got this from my facebook wall and it blew me away. It got a catchy premise where a talented singer get ignored by a cute guy every time she performs, and the reason will surprise everyone. Deymn, that’s a short film. I’ll be happy if I can make a good story like this but for now jus “Enjoy the Ride. Love the Ending.”

1. Travellers – for the movie lovers, a tribute to them and their passions in life.  This is set in European town of Polignano on the way to Rome. This will come in familiar as this story blends in a couple of really good love stories like the two random strangers meeting on a train in Before Sunrise and an ending scene that deeply echoed a scene in My Sassy Girl. But this story goes deeply personal to me, some part of it did happen to me.. there were decisions I’ve made, of paths I followed, things I’ve done and did not do, of the never ending questions of what-ifs and what-could-have-beens. Man, it feels so good to be reminded of life and of love and those rare encounters of a midsummer night’s dream. This one nailed it.

I am Cupid, and this Cupidity.


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