What I Did Last Summer

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Drawing, Journals
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trail summer2

If you think Summer is voer, you are wrong. You are lucky. Lucky to experience it at all. Life caught up with me, locked me in a dry place somewhere. I couldn’t get out, until now. I missed the beach, didn’t go to an island or two and almost all my plans drifted away. That’s life.

Now it’s June, tomorrow the start of classes at the University. Dark days ahead, even darker nights to deal with. I dont know I still feel lost. Perhaps I still lack a direction to follow. Would it be someone who will give me the answer? Or would it be another strange happening that led me to this path. We’ll find a way.

For now I can continue dreaming of that paradise island, to swim in its crystal blue waters, jump in its cliffs and conquer its trails.. with or without someone. I am my own show, the director of my fate, the champion of this soul.

Now let’s conquer the island! Perhaps Summer is there trapped like hell, like me.

– Lapiskamay



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