The Fault In Their Stars

Posted: July 20, 2014 in Books
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Getting a time to read for a book nowadays is getting harder to come by. Reality does bites. I love reading stories and I completely believe I only got the writing gift because of it. Mostly I read novels to be entertained, newspapers to be informed and online articles to waste some time. But to get heart-broken… I can try.

Enter: The Fault In Our Stars. The first book I attempted to read this year. I had to read it because the copy is hardbound-shiny from the Galdo sisters. I only got curious w/ the positive response the movie adaptation got commercially and critically. It might just be good, right? Sue me, but I don’t really got hype up with what the girls read nowadays especially when it’s narrated by a female character.. oh hello Twilight, 50 Shades and even Hunger Games (I remember nightmares).  I just cant connect and relate with the narrative. Sue me.

But #TFIOS (oh this annoying hashtags!) is a welcome breather. I actually liked the book. The story is surprisingly deep and thoughtful (and thank God less silliness). The story is about a teenage girl named Hazel Grace who has a lung cancer who opts to dislocate herself from the society while waiting for the Day. She’s a grade, the lesser she associated with people the lesser she’ll hurt when she, well goes off … off the grid of this Earth. Until Augustus Waters comes to the picture and challenge her beliefs and perhaps completely change the way her story is written.

Okay, it’s a love story most teenagers will definitely dig in. It’s beautiful and honest. But at the same time heartbreaking. But what really makes me like about the story is the way the characters interacts with each others. At least they don’t talk like Bella Swan or that stupid 50 Shades college girl. They talk above all else their philosophy and how they view life and love. It was a real treat. And for the record, I did not cry reading this book. Nice try, but it’s not a tear-jerker enough for me haha

Of course all the credit goes to the author, John Green, for making the story readable for non-believers. He made the narrative entertaining and fun through humorous and thought-provoking first-person narrative in Hazel Grace’s point of view.  That is an amazing accomplishment. Thank you man, for giving us one beautiful story to devour in one day. And maybe perhaps two hours of good drama on my laptop Someday (when the copy is downloadable already). Sue me I missed the screening last month. 😛

Cancer sucks, I know. But that doesn’t mean the people who have them does. They are friends, family and even lovers. This book made us understand even better on how great their battle is. Respect. Respect to those who are fighting. Respect to the long list of cancer heroes… and beloved ones who have gone before us. Respect.

For Ney, RC-san and Tiya Ofella.

  1. jackieB says:

    Glad you like it… paborito ko yan! hehe

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