Into the Dead Poets Society

Posted: August 15, 2014 in Events, Film
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I guess this is a case of saving the best for last. I just watch Robin Williams much-beloved non-comedy film called The Dead Poets Society. It was terrific. A true timeless classic. A master piece. And I only just watched it.

Robin Williams died the other day and sent shockwaves to the world on mouths wide-open. Look I’m one of those nineties kids he entertained through his humor and genuine charm with movies such as Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Aladain, The Bicentennial Man and Flubber just to name a few. Those were good movies sent from heaven from a kid’s perspective. His smile meant the true meaning of life to us. His adventures speak for the unlimited power of courage. And his charm and heroics  in those movies, those were the first definition of what a true love feels like. Robin Williams was, is and always will be our hero. And no amount of negativity and pain about his life and the way he died can ever ever erase those treasured memories.


Now back to Dead Poets Society: It’s a drama about teenagers and boarding schools and poetry. Things a 7-12 year-old kid can understand and much less enjoy. DPS along with his fine performances on the serious movies  like “Goood Will Hunting”, “Insomnia”, and “What Dreams May Come” came much later when I started to devour movies as an appreciation of art, talents and film-making. He was great in those characters. But not a character is as memorable as Prof. John Keating in The Dead Poets Society. He gave the character a face and a soul that imprints deep into the soul of the viewers. Let us not be cynical, we secretly wish that our teachers and professors are as good or unorthodoxically fearless/effective as Prof. Keating. He’s a dream mentor we never had. Thanks God there’s Robin William to fulfill that part.


I wont be making much review about the film because I don’t think I can give justice to it using my own words. But mark whatever integrity I have left the movie is beautiful and pretty much as important in our society today. The movie is about education on an elite boarding and of how a single teacher can make a group of boys change their lives forever. Education, education… society view this word as a noun defined as sort of key to a brighter figurative room. While we are supposed to see it as a blessing, a privilege when we should be consuming it like a blessing, like food that should be devoured and enjoyed to make one’s life better. But strip the movie down to the basic core we have these young boys that needs guidance where John Keating came in. It was a kind of unnatural teacher-student relationship that is still debated nowadays if its effective or destructive. I guess it depends on the actor who plays them.

But Prof. John Keating is sure is fun. Just like Robin Williams, he’s always fun and never fails to make us laugh despite his deep sorrow and loneliness inside.. which ultimately got the better of him at the end. The movie pretty much reflected how he come to our lives as a Godsent character and how cruel he has to leave. But one thing is sure  that when he left by the door, I was one of those who proudly stood up and  said: O Captain, My Captain.



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