An Architectural Nostalgia

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Film, Journals
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By the time a boy reaches 17 he’d be out of high school and choose a path in college. That choice will define who he’ll be in the future. In my case I never had much choice, don’t even know what kind of life I’d have at the first place. Fine Arts seems nice but I wasn’t sure I was afraid because my talents was and still is limited, but to be honest it’s out of the question. My family just can’t afford it that time, my sister’s on med school in a big university and two brothers in high school. It was pure bad timing that’s all. I guess I took up Accountancy because it’s the first college course that pops up alphabetically.

What I didn’t know all these years is that there’s another one next to it: Architecture. Why didn’t I think of that?

Present time, while killing of boredom in a Board Meeting I suddenly had the craving of watching a, well sue me,  love story! Based on experience, the best love-story are found in South Korea! Somehow I found my way to a  movie with a curious title: Architecture 101. And disappoint, they did not.

movie poster from

movie poster from


Architecture 101  is a moving throwback of epic nostalgic proportions. It’s so beautiful and poignant that I can’t help to look back on some things that happened. The movie connects to me like no other had. It’s one of those movies that hits you deep and demands those emotions to be felt, like pain, like love. The story was very well written and unpretentious as the picture introduce about two middle-age people; an architect and a client who shared a common past.  Through the architect’s point of view during the present time as he builds this wonderful house for the lady client out there at  Jeju Island, the narrative is a colorfully mesh that shared past some half a lifetime ago, back in college, back in the Architectural 101 class… what happened to this two?

I wont talk much of the film’s story but trust me it’s not a sappy kilig-to-the-bones love story but rather an intimate view of the lives of these two characters. It’s a film that throws back at you massive dose of nostalgia through those beautiful 1990’s flashback. It’s a film that let’s you nosedive, should you allow it, to the past.. to that stupid first love, to that stupid first heartbreak. And why the hell did I not took Architecture?! The story does not pretend, but tells the story as it should be bounded by the moral of society and how people sometimes mess up with their decisions. Ultimately, it painfully reminds us of the things that we lost, things that we can never get back. It’s a tale of Love, Nostalia and, deal with it boy, Heartbreak.

But you know what? The movie teaches something: we can make up for lost time or start all over again. Like what Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad said recently, “Take a chance. Take a risk. Find that Passion. Rekindle it. Fall in love all over again. It’s really worth it.


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