An Awesome Taiwanese ‘Apple’

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Film
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How many times do I need to say I’m sorry guys for being from this blog? This time I really  mean it. Insert: confession coming.

September 2014. Now its been four long years since I started writing in this page. I’ve always been faithful to the blog. There were of course, a few weeks-long of  hiatus throughout  but never this serious. What is happening is, I’m now almost at the end of the rope. I seem to be losing the juice guys… the stories never stops coming but its just.. I think  whats missing is that drive, that fire to write what needs to be written to tell those stories that needs to be share. This never happened before as if either I’m a facing a monster called ‘Writers Block’ or perhaps its just the end of Lapiskamay dot WordPress dot com… I dunno let’s see. Perhaps this is still part of growing up.

But I’m not letting go without sharing something I liked recently, it’s a Taiwanese movie called “You Are The Apple of my Eye“. I’m a movie lover who searches for good stories anywhere regardless of the language and the cinema it came from. Some days I get lucky to find something. But there are days when I stumble across this priceless gem. Taiwan did it again (after Secret and Cape No. 7)!


But I have to admit “You Are the Apple of my Eye” got some similarities with the Korean film “Architecture 101” which I absolutely loved too. Both uses flashbacks, both are Asian  romance films that are insanely nostalgic, both shared scenes on train tracks and both share the same philosophy on the way they end their stories (sorry no spoilers here). So here’s Apple’s synopsis err trailer (Update: It’s actually the movie! Go watch!):

Here’s a quick synopsisy from Asian Fixation:
“It’s the year 1996 and Ko-Teng (Ko Chen-Tung) is only 16 years old, a senior in high school. He, along with his four other friends, has a crush on the smartest student in class, Shen Chia-Yi (Michelle Chen). The five of them has different ways of pursuing her, but for Ko-Teng, competing with her and annoying her endlessly are the only things he could do. After doing something foolish in class, Ko-Teng’s punishment is to sit in front of Shen Chia-Yi so that she can scold him everytime he’s doing something inappropriate. Shen Chia-Yi challenges Ko-Teng’s intelligence that pushes him to do better in school. It’s the start of a decade of competing with each other and falling deep in like.”
Asian Fixation blog


looks familiar? Architecture 101 has this scene too! 🙂

So what did I liked about the movie? Where do I start? haha. Ok the story is really nice perhaps too damn honest one could swear it really happened somewhere in our past. It’s the kind of movie that transport us to our high school years with all those pop cultures and feelings and crushes and stuffs. Again its an honest take on teenage love and friendship. The story captures the emotions from our souls, bakes it and serve it hot and sweet (sometimes crushingly painful).  The casts were terrific in portraying their characters specially the lead guys (especially the naked parts). I love Michelle Chen‘s charming portrayal of the nerdy girl and all-around-good-girl crush ng bayan. Apple is so sweet and  truly funny, I had a lot of LOL moments, alone. Dad thought I was weird last night.


But the biggest sell of the movie is their philosophy on love, on losing it and life in general. It’s very rare for a romantic-comedy film to have deep grip on problems beyond romance. It asks the classic What If question by showing the lovers talking on the phone asking themselves “What if there’s a parallel universe?” Perhaps they’ll be together. Perhaps the guy decide to man up for her. And there’s a few more What Ifs  then there’s this beautiful quote:

“People always say that the most wonderful time in a relationship happens before it really happens. When the two people are together, the magic vanishes.”


Apple is a movie that is never afraid what to show even it means showing some gross scene unacceptable by the Church (trust me this film will never reach the Philippine theater). It did not lost its identify to show this wonderful story the way it meant to be. Kudos to the film maker, the producers and sue me for writing this really bad movie review.


  1. duking says:

    Ayos. Meron sa youtube. Papanoorin ko rin. Kung nasa level ‘to na gaya nung Sassy Girl, paniguradong nakakalibang ito.

  2. Kakatapos ko lang panoorin. Waaa! Loved it to bits! Thank you for writing an entry about this movie! 😀 Niresearch ko narin yung movie and found out that it was inspired by the director/author’s real life love storyyy. ❤ Btw, the video you posted is actually the movie itself (hindi trailer) kaso iba ang subtitle. So I realized na meron pala sa Youtube yung movie and ended up watching it. So thank you again! Even if it meant na malelate ako ngayon sa pupuntuhan ko. :))

    As for losing that drive to write something, I think that at some point, we will all go through that "Writer's block" phase. Actually, lagi nga ako may Writer's block eh, haha! The good thing is there's always hope that it will end. No matter how long it might take, it will always come back. Someday, you'd wake up and find that itch to write something again… To inspire, or to share something. I think you're good at it. After all, if you didn't write this entry, I wouldn't have known about "You Are The Apple of my Eye", right? 😉

    P.S. Sorry ang haba ng comment ko, haha!

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