Ellie Goulding: KickAss Singer & Runner

Posted: October 24, 2014 in Running
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It is not rare to hear more and more celebrities are into running. Locally we have Anne Curtis, Piolo Pascual, Karylle, Kuya Kim Atienza and Matteo Guidicelli just to name a few. The sport is getting bigger and wider that crosses in all walks of life from billionaire to student-athletes, from superstars to fans, and from the obese to the anorexic. Life seems dull until you get infected by the running bug where all thing bright and wonderful especially on the road. But perhaps the biggest name that really took all my attention is the English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding who ran a half-marathon in 1 hour and 41 mins. Now that’s a very fast time.

What’s even more impressive is that she made it looked so easy sporting this girly outfit on raceday, below:

Fitness fan: Ellie Goulding took part in the Royal Parks Foundation half marathon around central London on Sunday morning

Usually fans get to admire a singer by watching the performance on a music video or concert then get to appreciate the kind of lifestyle the artist leads. With Ellie Goulding it’s the opposite. I actually didn’t know Ellie Goulding or her  music until a few weeks ago when I read the race article. Right now, she’s one of my favorite artist. Haha. This one below is one of the many examples why:

No, seriously. She turns out to be a great singer with great voice, powerful lyrics and just sings beautiful music. Lots of massive hits for such an amazing voice. I’m loving her songs! The way I read her profile, I think she’s a superstar level in Europe and starting to invade the US. Sorry I’m not much into music. Hehe. The girl even has a Nike endorsement, she’s a running ambassador!



But hey, I hope it’s not a bad thing to admire an artist not on her craft but on her type of exercise. Let’s get back to the 1hour 41 half-marathon: it’s a really really fast time. That is running 21 kilometers running non-stop on a pace where you could hardly speak with legs fully extended and strides maximized. I was able to catch the rankings on the best times for  Philippine women’s half-marathon in 2014, and Ellie’s time  will land on the top 25!

To summarize: My next goal is to run a half-marathon at that pace! C’mon my running friends are logging that time too nowadays. So yeah, it’s time to train. I’m targeting a March 2015 race date. Libre mangarap mga pre. haha


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