2015 Game Plans

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Journals
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For me the plan is simply not to have one, or at least to avoid making New Years resolutions because that’s so embarrassing to asses by December. But for the year 2015 I really have to set things into writing. I must simply have some decent goals to achieve. And thanks to Instagram I already post those:

Yup it’s true that:

1. I’ll finally enroll for a Master degree

2. To run 2,015 kilometers this year (yeah I’m that crazy)

3. To run faster (because I have to finish my marathons earlier for breakfast)

4. Draw More and Paint More (I’m making a disservice to God if I keep ’em secret or locked up)

5. Just to make the most out of life through travelling, reading and doing stuffs I really love.

6. Learn a new foreign language (that’s a tough one)

7. Reconnect with God. I admit these past few years I’ve been having some trouble reconciling and understanding the institutions called Religion over my Faith. I just want to worship a higher being.

Hello 2015! Sorry this is epic late.

  1. therfpscribe says:

    Wonderful goals, all of them. I highly recommend you apply for a scholarship to do your Masters in a foreign country – this will give you the opportunity to tick off 3 to 4 things on your list (travel, learn a foreign language, and if you go to a cultural city, you’ll naturally paint and draw more).
    Good luck!

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