All Roads Lead to Hong Kong

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Journals, Running, Travels

Hong Kong it is then, next year in 2016! I will visit one of the best cities in the world,  for film geeking, touristing and of course running a great marathon. At least that’s my goal, my dream and my next epic destination. Something sparked inside when I visit Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, like a will to explore and to  see beyond the rural landscape. I want to see Asia! I know that’s a damn cliche (at least it’s not I-wanna-see-d-world thing). This age is a great time to travel.

The plan is basically summarize on this Instagram post of mine (pls dont throw up):

I came to Singapore solely because of the Singapore Marathon, which was really awesome and tough, but then it’s something I did not dream of visiting only until the race was announced, that my sister is coming. I’m just contented with just visiting a foreign country. It was a hand-me-down travel and I’d be forever grateful to that opportunity. But Hong Kong is different..

Hong Kong, my goodness. It’s a city of legends, of things great and marvelous. I devour Asian movies for years now, especially those from this island state. As a movie lover you cant help but simply fall in love with the industry and its stars and filmmakers. For years, I secretly dream of visiting Hong Kong.

But again, my passport for going to HK is another running event. This time it’s bigger and colder than SCMS, I’m talking about the infamous Hong Kong Marathon or the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (SCHKM). 73,000 participated in this year’s event just two weekends ago. I just got to find every damn way possible to join next year’s edition. And the reviews about the race positively raving about the beauty of the course, the cold weather, event execution and the enchanting allure city. Its the unspoken thing as the best marathon in Asia.

Back to movie stuff. Let’s admit I’m going to geek out in Hong Kong! Hahaha. I have these favorite movies from Hong Kong and I’d really love to visit the actual location where they film them. Some of the movies and the scene I’m talking are:

Infernal Affairs



Chung King Express

In The Mood for Love

In the mood for love / In the mood for love

Game of Death. Enter the Dragon. Or any place that’s been part of Bruce Lee’s filmography. Every place.



These movies are the first that came to my mind (and I’m already freaking out droning the exact locations haha). Expect this list to file up in the following month. Remember I treat their modern Kung Fu actors like Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and many more as gods of kung fu. Even the Batman movie The Dark Knight and James Bond film Skyfall both shot great scenes in Hong Kong. This will be fun.

Without getting into details, I’ll definitely check out the usual touristy stuffs in the travel guide for fun and compliance purposes. I’d be stoned to death if dont haha. But most importantly I’ll go visiting the area where my hero Dr. Jose Rizal lived in Hong Kong for more than a year. He even practiced ophthalmology there! So I’ll be hunting this sign (as if I haven’t droned it already haha):


So yeah, that’s my tiny-little secret no more. All reads in 2015 definitely leads to Hong Kong. Because that’s where my dreams come to life.


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