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Here goes another obligatory wishlist. Where material things rule and never granted (thanks goodness). This is only a for-your-information only post, and not some kind of tool to extort my friends and relatives. I always end up buying or making them, like last year lol. However people are free to grant these material wishes. Why not diba? It will be much appreciated.

These list are the things I want and need right now as I am starting a new life as an art student and¬†is also embracing my life-long fascination of history. (Which is only awakened due to historical revisionism by the Marcos camp, he’s no Hero btw).

  1. War in Cebu ¬†by Resil Mojares et’ al. – let us start the list by listing the biggest and most expensive book about History. Folks this is the big coffee table book to dig up what happened in Cebu during the World War II against the Japanese occupation. It’s also written by my idol historian and essayist Resil Mojares so that also got me really excited. Another wishful reason why I must have this book is that boy I might need to write a book similar to this on the War on Leyte Gulf durign the same period.. from a local’s perspective. #libremangarap
    Where to find: War in Cebu is published and sold by the University of San Carlos Press and are sold for P2,700.00


                               (c) PhilStar

  2. Kamingaw by Raymund Fernandez – This one is something personal because my current art professor in UP sir Raymund wrote this. I saw how hard he truly worked for this book this past year, and we’re jealous of this book for stealing his time from us. haha. ¬†The book is about the Cebuano painter Martino Abellana sir Mon’s friend and mentor. This book also serves as our guidebook about the Visayan art scene, and hopefully a great campaign material to make Mr. Abellana a National Artist.¬†Launch of the book will be sometime on January 2017
    Where to find: KAMINGAW is published by the University of San Carlos Press. Price is still for confirmation but should be about P2,700.00-P3,000.00.


    (c) University of San Carlos Press

  3. The Art of Moana – I’m a frequent window shopper at FullyBook. I could not really afford most of their leather-bound books (though I buy some new paperback novel there) and these includes the incredible “Art of” companion books of Disney, Pixar and most animated movies. ¬†So far the best Art Of book belongs to Disney’s new movie “Moana”. It’s a comprehensive book from idea conception to the post-production. And the designs are stunning.
    Where to find: The Art of Moana is available at FullyBooked stores. Price is about P1,800-P2,000.

    (c) Disney

    (c) Disney

  4. Oil brushes – this should be easy to explain: because I’m an art student. We are not yet into oil or any painting at all but it’s really helpful to explore the medium already. And brushes are distinguished and separate from every medium. I only have watercolor and acrylics brushes.
    Where to find: I’ll be needing artist grade brushes set and they are available in Fullybooked and at the

    (c) the Oil Paint Store

    (c) the Oil Paint Store

  5. ¬†Oil paint tubes – I only have the basic Reeves intro set, and its not really a good quality (my opinion). If I have money I’ll go buy some Grumbacher or ¬†Winsor and Newton artist grade tubes.
    Where to find: Artist grade tubes are available at the Paint tubes vary in price individually usually P300-P900. Mahal I know.

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  6. ¬†Acrylic paint tubes – Unlike oil, I’m much more at ease and used to acrylic painting. I only have limited colors of cheap Reeves and Sakura tubes. But if given the chance please buy me some Golden¬†and or Liquitex tubes.
    Where to find: Artist grade acrylic tubes are available at the Tubes vary in price individually usually P300-P800.

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  7. ¬†MMFF Tickets! – Prior to this year, I used to hate cinemas during Christmas because they only show those stupidly unoriginal and badoy films from the likes of Vice Ganda, Vic Sotto and Kris Aquino. This year however, I’m in full support in putting only the quality films and rightfully snobbed those big stars’ lazy entries. The result is an incredible and promising lineup that’s too good to pass up. Just give me money please!

    (c) MMFF

    (c) MMFF

  8. An Escoda Reserva Round Brush, size 2/0 Рrelax I wont request for the big guns, I only wanted a small one size 2/0 for details. Price is only P275 available at  ArtWhale Ph or DEs Artroom.

    (c) ArtWhale.Ph

    (c) ArtWhale.Ph

  9. ¬†External memory drive – I wont request for a new smart phone or a laptop even though I badly need it because mine are already so obsolete and ancient. But let’s be realistic, a terabyte of extra mobile memory is good gift.

  10. Free Tuition fee – but my oh my! This one’s was actually granted before I could even put my ideas into writing. The Senate already approved a bill for Free Tuition Fee to all State Universities and Colleges (SUC) which also includes UP! Yes, best Christmas gift ever!

Of course, except for No.10, everything is wishful thinking. What we truly need this Christmas is some peace, some time with family and some winter chill and kilig. Char.

Have a very merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!



It’s really rare for me to be in Cebu on a weekday. Look, I’m Leyte born and based but I like to call Cebu as a second home. I used to work there and fell in love with the place. So it’s an easy decision to take up my masters degree in one of its universities. So Cebu classes and art sessions (I’m still on a running hiatus) on weekends are my escape from the rural landscape at home and at work. ¬†Last Friday I scheduled a trip to renew my passport¬†for long-shot scholarship applications. And of course, to join the first ever¬†Drink & Draw Cebu!

Drink & Draw is a unique event where artists can¬†meet not just to learn but also to bond with one another. The rule is really simple; bring you sketching materials, pay the registration (affordable, just for the drinks), sit back, strike a pose and well.. drink and draw. The event was held at¬†Coffee Prince at Osme√Īa Blvd and was schedule at night from 8pm to 10pm to suit the hobbyists’ schedules and the night owl artists.

Coming in from a long waiting game at NSO and DFA I was physically drained, much more I don’t know what to expect for the event. I just want to meetup my good friend and fellow water-colorist Wee Bong, get my new¬†Daniel Smith paints¬†and have an even rarer night life (haha).


Nicole, Me and the mega-focused Wee Bong

Wee Bong and I were the first one to arrive at the event and soon people started to come until we started at 8:20pm. By the look of the crowd, I knew these are my pack haha. It was easier to introduce and talk stuffs because we’re all art lovers. So what really happened during the event?

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We drew. A lot. And fast. In a span of two hours I think I drew at least 50 separate drawings. How come? Because it’s not your typical plein air and on the spot sessions we see on art school and TV. The artists are the models taking their turns on the spotlight (I did not volunteer) and there’s time pressure. People here’s the format; we draw whoever is on the stage and the goal is to capture the curves and basic anatomy of the pose. No details and fancy techniques needed, just plain ‘get the poses right before the bell rings’. If my memory serves me right the entire session was composed of fifteen 15-second poses, ten 2-minute poses, fifteen 30-second poses, ten 2-minute poses, and one 15-minuter. For a guy who draws all my life, I struggled a lot! I never draw that fast and of that volume. I think we all did. But we really enjoyed the challenges. ¬†The poses are really funny, dramatic and downright bizarre.



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I think the P350 registration fee are really worth it. The venue was good, we had good drinks and yummy snacks. So yeah we kind of practically just paid for the food! But the experience and winning new friends are priceless.

Two hours just gone way too fast on us so most of the artist did stayed up until midnight to chat and drink. I really think it was the highlight of the event where we get to know each other, became instant friends and learn each others’ crafts. We sort of just belong to each other and I’m very thankful to hear their stories and see their works. I guess we call it a community. And for that Drink & Draw was a very successful one.

Drink and Draw will surely comeback soon so you guys better watchout!




D&D Cebu: First Class!

[Note: Event photos used in this blog are from the event page with express permission of Miss Pia Mercado.]



There was another reason I visited Davao other than running the Milo Marathon. I went shopping. For art materials.

I’m a Cebu guy and I’m completely aware of the art materials available in the market (or the pure lack of it). National Bookstore are now madly in love with Best Buy brushes, Best Buy paints, Best Buy everything made in China. Gone are the days of Sakura, Winsor & Newton, Lyra and other names that most budding would look for after getting past the beginner level. We can’t level up on Made In China alone. Our only realistic option is to buy whatever is available online or go to Manila’s art shops to hoard. Yes this is an artist’s rant paragraph.

But Davao City’s Morning Light Art Gallery and Shop erased my frustrations. I instantly fell in love with the place. The brands, the wide options, the price range and warm people. Why go to Manila when Davao got you covered? ¬†It’s practically a one-stop shop for every artists’ needs. They have a lot of selections for many mediums in art be it in watercolors, acrylics, oils, pencils, charcoals and etc. Let’s just say that I did got everything I needed and purchased a few items to experiment with.







I’m not going to elaborate on the brands but they have entry-level to artist grade materials. Their people will assist your needs amigo. They have a wide range of brushes and I certainly found my first ever liner brush (yes! Finally after 3 years already) and the versatile dagger brush. I’ve juggled watercolors and acrylics lately¬†so I am happy¬†on the selections paints they have for these mediums. I specifically bought a travel-friendly Sakura Koi 18 watercolor kit to upgrade my Prang and Reeves. For acrylics, again, I went to the Sakura brand. There were a lot of color to choose from but for starters I settled for the three primary color tubes. I bled for 65 pages of Canson watercolour papers, something Cebu desperately lacks. Here’s my spoils of war:


The medal is not included. Earn that one next year fellas! from top to right: a bowl of gesso, 3 Sakura primary colors and tube of model wax (for textures), 65 pages of Canson watercolor papers, Sakura koi 18 (must-try!), postcard watercolor papers (for Christmas gifts), 1 liner brush, 1 dagger brush, and a block of canvas bind like a sketchpad (I want another block of this!).


New toys. Canvas be ready!

New toys. Canvas be ready!

And I didn’t really spent a fortune out there. Believe it or not I spent¬†below P2,500. Way below my budget. I’m no businessman but I know costing and market price analysis (haler!). The prices are spectacularly lower than those sold in the bookstores (if they are stocking at all). My siblings are lucky I brought them pasalubong.

To be honest the real highlight of Morning Light is not just about the art supplies¬†but it’s more about the very nice people behind the shop. It was a great pleasure to to talk and chat lengthily with the owner, Maam Miyen Lim. We really talked specially on the business side of the shop because I told her about the prices if they are for real. It’s a family business but more of a passion project for a family of artists. It’s not a financially rewarding business because of the high overhead cost and they don’t put too much mark up on the materials. So a Cebu branch is not on the horizon, yet, but sa #TamangPanahon. But in return, it’s good for the soul to give Mindanao artists the access to good materials for¬†their crafts and for others to try Art as a new hobby. They want to keep it as affordable¬†as they can.. “so that art students don’t have to starve and skip their lunch just to buy art materials“. It was a cool conversation and I really opened up to her about the struggles of having a career in finance and a passion for art.¬†There’s an overwhelming goodwill in this place. And I’m a lucky guy to have visited it.

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It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the art materials but one must not forget that the place is a gallery. And these are just beautiful artworks from Maam Miyen and her husband. The expressive surreal kind! That’s my actually goal ¬†in acrylics painting (I should apply to this shop hehe)

The Morning Light Art Gallery and Shop opens every Monday to Saturday during mall time. But it’s not located on a mall (yet) but in Marfori Heights in Davao City. Quick tip: just grab a taxi. I was not the only out-of-towner out there because there was other girls who came all the way from Cotabato City for the same artistic reason I have. It’s that popular, dinadayo talaga for all the good reasons. Definitely, Morning Light is a must-visit place in Davao. You can check their facebook page here.


What I Did Last Summer

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trail summer2

If you think Summer is voer, you are wrong. You are lucky. Lucky to experience it at all. Life caught up with me, locked me in a dry place somewhere. I couldn’t get out, until now. I missed the beach, didn’t go to an island or two and almost all my plans drifted away. That’s life.

Now it’s June, tomorrow the start of classes at the University. Dark days ahead, even darker nights to deal with. I dont know I still feel lost. Perhaps I still lack a direction to follow. Would it be someone who will give me the answer? Or would it be another strange happening that led me to this path. We’ll find a way.

For now I can continue dreaming of that paradise island, to swim in its crystal blue waters, jump in its cliffs and conquer its trails.. with or without someone. I am my own show, the director of my fate, the champion of this soul.

Now let’s conquer the island! Perhaps Summer is there trapped like hell, like me.

– Lapiskamay




“LaBoracay” by Lapiskamay (mech pencil on moleskin notebook) drawn May 1, 2014, a Labor Day.

It’s that time of year where people flock in the island just to enjoy the heat. But what really catches my eyes are not the bikini bodies but those random and clothed people just lying in the sand and not having a care in the world. That’s summer paradise. Wish I can have those moments.

My Moleskin Diaries is back! I found a new notebook with an actual moleskin to¬†justify my hand’s craving to doodle. I had my first post back in January but I lost the notebook and only last week I found a replacement, and I love it. ¬†Thank you FullyBooked Cebu! (I really hate your price tags though).

Yeah every summer for the rest of my life I’ll be looking back on the days I spent in Boracay. Used to be a slave¬†an auditor out there. Great place for summer and its bad news if you hate big crowds haha. I think I’ll go back there next year for the Skyathon 2015, it’s a beach run easy 10k course. I’ll be half-naked and barefoot out there. Anyone who want to tag along just contact me.

For the meantime here’s my previous post on my Moleskin Diaries:

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By the way, a moleskin notebook looks like this (mine’s technically dont have a moleskin cover, it looks like one though haha).

1947977_10202628674749588_1789076243029859117_n 10334366_10202628675229600_3361209960092047451_n

Waiting For Summer

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Save me from this cold nightmares and disappointments because I know you can. Just thinking of you is Hope enough for me, better and warmer days will come.

It’s been a long long time, perhaps we should finally meet… beloved summer.


Guys, I have a confession to make..

I have no yet installed our Christmas tree at home. And the Christmas¬†lights¬†too. Oh I had all the time in the world, only I kept pretending I’m busy with my job, I’m studying portraits, I’m reading this book, I have to finish the Assasin’s Creed game ¬†and I have to submit these and that. What an idiot.

Yes, I was successful with my Parol Project and it’s twin sequel Parol Project 2.0 but these were weeks ¬†ago. I just practically denied myself to let the creative juice flow freely. No excuses.

I had a few ideas after completing the Parols like making Chinese-like lanterns for our garden, draw an epic Christmas scene for DeviantArt, and write some friends letters and postcards. But let’s see if I can squeeze any of these ideas into my limited holiday schedules. And oh by the way, in my company’s exchange gift I gave a novel called “The Kite Runer” by Khaled Housenei (one of my favorite books that brought me to my knees sobbing).¬†Unfortunately¬†the recipient gave me an impression “Dude, you and your book really sucks. Thanks for nothing. Have a terrible Christmas.”¬†Brilliant¬† it pretty damn hurt.

Now, speaking of gifts I’d like to share some pretty cool ideas for the Holidays. The following are made by two beautiful and very creative ladies which in many ways set my path from being a finance dude to a wild dog chasing that shiny thing called ‘ART’. What a year.

1. Valerie Chua – I think we are friends already although we have yet to meet. I sponsored my big sister to attend one of Valerie’s Watercolor Workshops and I got her materials and an¬†autographed¬†notebook! Just last week she opened a booth in World Trade Center and posted here products here¬†(her blog). ¬†As far as tastes go, I prefer dark and¬†Gothic¬†themes which is the exact opposite of her style but ironically I seem to get drawn closer to her works which I absolutely love. Fascinating.






(Photos taken from

I was not able to go to the bazaar but to my relief she agreed to mail me her prints in my doorstep! I ordered quite a few as post-holiday gifts for my friends. And please Feel free to send here an email if you want to own of her products at


2. Tuyet Dinh Sinh Vat¬†– And the Vietnamse artist is back here in my dumpsite¬†blog! I wish you are continuing to read my blog and remembered my confession of love towards her. It’s an unrequited affection and admiration for now but still I’m going to Vietnam, ahm not really to see her (remember the odds of meeting her in her city is a 6.5 million to 1 odds) but more of a traveling and cultural exposure con “just want get my passport stamped”. She’s a vain girl who worships the camera, you can’t blame her beauty, but you can’t simply ignore her extreme sense of creativity either. I’ve featured once her paintings and drawings now allow me to share her ideas and projects this Christmas.


tuy xmas

tuy xmas1

Some eggs for Christmas ideas and gifts.

Some eggs for Christmas ideas and gifts.
(Photos taken from

I’m not really sure if she made the egg designs, they are products of a Vietnamese fb page “World of Eggs”. But I can bet she made the designs, because the aesthetics and colors fits her other previous works.


To sum up this blog: I totally suck and these two girls really rocks! This is not a rant but they certainly are two reasons why there is an unfair distribution of assets in life hahahaha. But seriously you have to give them some credits, they worked hard for their looks and even harder for creating their ideas into a reality which ends up getting the appreciation of the many. That’s why they are called artists. ¬†Cool artists.

Maybe perhaps next Christmas and the may to come, I can be one of them creating wonderful stuffs making the Holidays a little bit merrier. Merry Christmas my dear readers. I love you guys, hope you enjoy your Holidays.