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You take out Ironman’s suit and you got yourself a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and an ass. Strip down all the eccentric roles of Johnny Depp and we got ourselves a musician, a painter, a winemaker and the purest form cinematic artistry. And you don’t have to travel in Asia to get to know a guy named Jay Chou who is an actor, singer, composer, screenwriter, producer, director etc. Man these guys got long titles to describe them.

Me always been fascinated with people who explores a lot things and be good at them. Me not really a big fan of one-dimensional faces, but yes, me agree that being good in a thing they so passionate is really sexy. But being  jack-of-all-trades is way hotter to behold. Me look ups to people with multiple skill sets because they are like the real-life super heroes walking among us; cool, versatile, interesting and badass. Me prefers the Jacks than the Masters.

Me only gave superstars above for example, so let me give not so sikat  people with lots of sidelines.

1. Me likes Valerie Chua – artist, illustrator, fashionista, YoungStar columnist, traveller, painter, blogger and who knows what else. She’s “a self-taught visual artist who specializes in traditional media such as watercolor, gouache and acrylic and is also skilled in traditional and digital collage work.’ – words from her site,” Picture also stolen from AVA something contest of the 15 up and coming artist to watch out for so to vote and show our love me sister’s one-time mentor, like and share this picture in Facebook:

click the photo to vote

2. Me also like CJ De Silva – you’d recognize her as that gifted Promil Kid painter who paints. Fortunately she does not enclose herself into painting she’s now a graphic artist, illustrator, designer, advertising magnate, blogger and just a creative director for one famous advertising agency. She means business.


3. Me loves the Lourd de Veyra – He’s my birthsake. His resume second only to one guy, Jose Rizal. The Lourd is a Palanca Award winning poet (thrice!),  multi-awarded Filipino musician, emcee, poet, journalist, blogger, funny man, broadcaster, and more recently a commercial model.


4. Jose Rizal – national hero (against his will), original playboy de kilabot ng mga chicks, writer, novelist, poet, illustrator, painter, fencer, manghuhula, a goddamn lotto winner, scientist, engineer, statistician, researcher,  actor, model, horticulturist, journalist, linguist, musician, polyglot, sculptor, sharp shooter, genius and the ultimate badass. No wonder some people worships him.

Me still have a long list of super dudes con jack of all trades, but I have to make this post short. But these people really rocks. Me really believes that being an artist or a student in life is not about focusing one’s time mastering a particular skill set but rather it’s all about exploring uncharted places, learning news skills, testing new mediums and screwing up a lot the rest of the way.

Me is no jack of all trades. Me just wanna be jackass! You know one of those crazy guys doing crazy stuffs, stupid stuffs. Me thinks that’s exciting and liberating. This guy is not afraid. But seriously me really want to explore different things and continue to learn more. Me don’t really care to master any skills as long as me enjoy doing them and make other people happy then me is happy with that. Some people just don’t want to be a close box, it doesn’t matter if it’s a jewelry box or a balikbayan box what matters is that is an open box.


The Philippines has always been one of the few Asian countries who truly celebrates Christmas not just as global celebration of joy but because of it’s religious significance, and perhaps, as a way of life to us. So it’s not surprising that as early as the ‘-ber’ months comes there are already Christmas songs in the airwaves, carolers murdering Christmas songs, Christmas decoration in malls and of course Christmas lanterns sold by the sidewalks. The celebration goes on all the way until February.

In speaking of Christmas lanterns, or parol as we call it here, I remembered that five years ago in our Humanities class in  Business School we were grouped into teams of six to build parols. The mechanics were to create bright beautiful star shaped lanterns using indigenous materials under a minimal budget. These are same mechanics our group deliberately broke bent just to be the baddest ass kicking Star making team. Other groups built a star, we made two stars rolled into one with ten bright bulbs for each point and with all the unexpected badassery we put in there.  So we also blew up our budget that we actually spent twice the grand prize. But it was a really fun activity!

**mulitply the figures by 10.

Ironically making that Parol was never really about winning, I can remember we just making the parol as an escape from Taxation nightmares and the insanity of Accountig studies. It was really about fun and pouring in some creative juices that were constantly denied at school haha. Btw, the framework of the star were commissioned at the near Provincial Jail, and we’re actually cool walking inside the prison and hanging up with the inmates for a few days . They said our presence out there was like a second chance to them. Extra income. Redemption.

Our parol’s was about religions in the world, so that explains the markings we carved in the red parts of the Parol. They are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddism and Toism (I’m not sure with the last one). So I guess that makes that parol even more special and still applicable to our world today that still badly needs respect and understanding towards other cultures.

Fast forward to the present, I found myself gearing up for this exciting project of resurrecting the Parol! It’s going to be a solo flight for me since my groupmates have their own jobs in different cities and countries (I’m the only one left in the province!). But hey it’s still a couple of months away before Christmas. I may even bribe my brothers from joining me this coming semestral break. So I drew up a rough plan of the parol, and please consider my lack of drafting skills:

The initial budget is set at P1,500 ($35) but I’m expecting this amount will double which is still quite a significant cost on my travel fund. Yes I’m already starting to save for a Vietnam trip next year probably around the Mid-Autumn Festival which is coincidentally celebrated with lanterns (see cover photo above created by the Vietnamese artist Tuyet Dinh Sinh Vat). But no matter what the cost will be, the sight of seeing another hard-worked parol hanging in our for all the townspeople to behold is simply a priceless thing no accountants can ever measure.

May this parol project  make this Christmas a little brighter. So help me God. Merry Christmas everone!

Finally the long wait is over as the last installment of Christopher Nolan‘s realistic and gritty take on the Batman mythology comes to a fitting end with a bang, a really loud one.

It’s been seven years since Nolan and Co. shook things up the way superhero should be made with the psychological bare-fist thriller Batman Begins. In 2008, they took the world by storm with The Dark Knight which featured The Joker and a brilliant display of multi-layered climaxes and fantastic action sequences (not to mention an unprecedented viral campaign, Why so serious?). But the last installment almost never saw the light rise when Heath Ledger who played The Joker passed away before the film even hits the theater, leaving a legacy of menace  and taking an epic finale in a would-have-been third film to the grave. During those year I really thought there would never be a third act because The Joker’s role is very much alive with no one crazy enough to step up to that role and the filmmakers will have a very tough time cracking up a new missile launch code. But they did. The idea was: the only way you can replace The Joker who just wants to see the world burn is to put in someone crazy enough to burn the world himself. That’s the entirety of what the third act, The Dark Knight Rises, needs to deal with.

And oh my, Bane and his army answered the call and he is that guy who is a lot bigger, stronger, smarter and worst of all, a ruthless killer with an even worse sense of theatrics in spreading mayhem. Ra’s al Ghul burned the Wayne Manor, the Joker blew up a hospital, but Bane he just wants to blow the whole city  up like Hiroshima. You see this guy means business, he has plans and its all bad news for the people of Gotham. And we saw it coming when Tom Hardy, the one playing Bane, quoted in 2010 Nolan film Inception: 

By the way, I already saw the film so I want to give the readers a juicy detail (it’s not a spoiler!): Bane came from Hell. The movie literally has one and you have to see it for yourself. There was this some sort of parable or legend (like the thief in Burma) that sometimes a man has to rise up from hell to save the world, but sometimes Hell itself spat out something nasty. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are notorious for having villains with no origins as to where they came from or how they come to be. But for a third act, Nolan paid homage to the previous Batman films giving us a close look into the origins of Bane including why he wears his mask. For a film to be great, it needs a greater villain.

I wont talk about the plot of the film because it’s just hard to describe. Let’ s just talk about the film. It is long with almost 3 hours running time and it gets complicated down the middle with lots of secrets pulled out of the closets. But it’s all worth a great set-up for an epic climax that’ll blow you away. The tone of the film is really heavy emotionally, I mean there are depressing scenes where our heroes and Gotham City  reaches their breaking points and a few other disturbing bad news. And trust me, it sure got a lot Bane’s fingerprints all over it.

The amazing ensemble of cast Nolan has assembled once again delivered to its standards. Forget about how good The Avengers make a great boyband because it won’t help you, they’re just a fluke in the greatness of the  Nolanverse Batman. When it comes to casting, the number one question in everyone’s mind is ‘Did Tom Hardy pulled off a Heath Ledger performance?” I will tell honestly it’s a No. He simply surpassed it and rewrote The Joker’s book of Spreading Mayhem 101 into How To Raise Hell in Gotham. It’s a completely different role he is portraying because Bane is not The Joker, he is completely sane with a great sense of purpose who believes the destruction of Gotham is his destiny.  Bane has no sense of morality, he kills with reckless abandon because he can and when you’re getting in his way unlike The Joker who does it for fun. And Tom Hardy can spread terror through his eyes. He has this overwhelming physical presence matched only by his characters ruthlessness.

The other new characters were great too especially the guys who came from Inception (Hardy, Cotillard, Gordon-Levitt). Anne Hathaway‘s Catwoman fitted in greatly into the Nolanverse as Gotham’s very own femme fatale anti-hero. You also have to keep an eye on Marion Cottilard‘s character because she’s no pushover, she’s there for a really f***in’ good reason. But the film’s wild card surprise comes from the performance of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake. He practically kept the characters Commissioner Gordon,  Bruce Wayne and even the entire GCPD from falling apart.

Essentially, The Dark Knight Rises is still a classic tale of Good vs Evil only this time in an unprecedented monstrous scale. The fight scenes are really awesome and plenty (yey!), with an epic climax that can rival Lord of the Ring’s in Return of the King. But the massive amount of explosions in the movie completely blow all of my expectations away. I should have aimed higher. There are new cool gadgets including ‘the Bat’ together with the old ones. The script was really grand, complicated and long so there will be a few flaws (that critics will surely exaggerate, those jerks). And Gotham City once again felt and looked different compare to the first two. I noticed that the Wayne  Enterprise HQ  have different version in each film in the trilogy. See below:

Does it come in black?

Overall The Dark Knight Rises is worth all the four years waiting. It’s really good to see how the previous two films connected to the third installment. It has been a great and painful journey for Bruce Wayne/Batman from an avenger to a hero, from a tortured young man to a  broken old man, and from a symbol of hope to a silent guardian. I just can’t believe Batman is over. This is really the final Batman film under the Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale tandem. But I am very grateful for sending the dark knight into a conclusive and satisfying end. Because the true test of a hero is when the fire threatens and the darkest of nightmares haunts, he must be broken so he can rise up and become the legend.

It’s a Thursday, a day named after the Norse god of thunder Thor. The superdude was portrayed by the Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel’s cinematic universe movies ‘Thor‘ and ‘The Avengers‘.  And last week we saw him struck the internet with a rather peculiar appearance. Apparently some guys (or girls or gay?) just can’t get enough of the god’s striking superhuman look they made him some funny tribute. Watch ’em below:

I’m a week late but I love the concept of (mocking) praising a god/superhero so I decided to join the bandwagon just like last year’s spoof on the DPWH officials. I have a feeling I’m already late in the party hahaha. Anyways here’s my Thor spoofs:

Happy Thursday everyone!

Last January I promised to watch tons of movies and make a hundred reviews. Watching is easy, making the review is the tough one, really really tough. I have only managed to write just 2, as in two.. dos.. dalawa.. duha.. Why? Believe it or not I haven’t been watching movies at all (my dad and big sister will not believe this). I’m practically making up for lost time watching TV series!

Unlike in the movies where I find myself more often disappointed than impressed with what I watched, TV series have so far been generous to me (thanks to the reviews). As a viewer, I’m really just into the ‘story’ not in special effects, cinematography and the actor’s abilities, just give me a good story and I’m OK with that. The format provided me bountiful feast of clever storytelling, highly developed characters, unique plots and even outrageous twists (and they do that with limited budget and minimal CGIs). Hats off to those writers, it’s really their turf. The only downside with TV series is their length and I can hardly finish a season in one seating. But again, as long as the story is engaging I don’t mind the hours watching as if I have all the time in the world.

So here’s my list of TV series which I genuinely enjoyed, a lot:

Just so brilliant in their first season...

  1. Game of Thrones – how do I describe this one? A high fantasy but it’s not Lord of the Rings. This got great great story in a world where kingdoms tries to outshone the other. Lots of scheming, intriguing characters, great production value, and smart witty dialogues. It’s more of a family drama than an epic war story like LOTR, but don’t worry once you get hooked there’s no turning back. Spoiler: Dragons at the end! haha
  2. The Walking Dead (season 1) – We’re only given a group of survivors trying to survive a zombie invasion. Ironically, the walkers are the least of their worries because this series digs down deep into the souls of the characters as their faith and principles are constantly getting tested while mastering the fine art of putting a bullet in a zombie’s head. Loads of crazy stuffs in this one, and you’re in wild ride of a lifetime
  3. Heroes(season 1) – ‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’ where can you get such silly tagline like that? But trust me, the first season pulled out one of the most exciting and unforgettable actioner TV has to offer. By the way, the characters got awesome superpowers.

    Unexpecting, they took me by surprise...

  4. Band of Brothers – It’s like a “Saving Private Ryan” and “Thin Red Line” that lasted ten hours. Ten episodes of explosions, guns, and massive body counts. But this series got a heart. Here we follow a group of US soldiers deep into WW2 Europe who put their faiths into each other in overcoming the horrors of war and the pain of losing a friend. Lots of brotherly love involved.
  5. Pillars of the Earth – a historical drama about a gifted artist who rose from being a small town outcast to building a great Cathedral, and a Catholic bishop who is capable of doing the most horrible things in the name of ambition and shrewd sense of faith. An unlikely hero, a perfect bad guy (beyond redemption) in an incredible love story filled with greed, conspiracy and intriguing characters.
  6. Smallville (season 10) – this series has been on TV since my first day in high school and the idea of a growing up Superman really fascinates me. The bad thing is they stretched the mythology just too long – in ten seasons for ten years. I got to watched only a ‘handful’ episodes of the first five seasons ‘coz we don’t have Cable TV back then, until DVDs came. Season 6th and 7th was a bit dragging, but the 8th season is a total f**k up, as in so bad and silly I have to skip the 9thseason and practically drag myself to watch the last season just to see how they’ll transform hunky Clark Kent into Superman. Then the episodes suddenly got interesting with clever narrative, deep plots and powerful quotes. What a surprise!

    Oh girl, they rock..

  7. Spartacus: Blood and Sands – a tale of guilty pleasures. This is not your ordinary Tv series and certainly you don’t wanna watch it with a minor. Because this series knows no boundaries. It is filled with full scale nudity, steaming sex scenes, jaw dropping sword fights, CGI heavy bloodfest galore and a surprisingly great story. Really loved it.
  8. Sherlock – Imagine Sherlock Holmes living in a modern-day London. That’s the premise of the groundbreaking BBC mini-series. Here we have a Sherlock Holmes and still the brilliant detective but with expanded so arrogant and low sensitivity, weird and incredibly pathetic socially. The series’s two season are each composed of three insanely addictive and clever 90-minutes episodes that could really pass as feature-length films (and give RDJ a smack in the face). Fast pace storyline, brilliant actors and a bold new take on our beloved sleuth. You don’t want to pass this one.
  9. Glee – this is series is the black sheep on my list, it just doesn’t fit my taste and I think this is just a silly chick flick. I only watch this one because I want to hear good music. But this musical turned out to be a knockout comedy, oh the joyous discovery of the unexpected. Just don’t tell the girls I’ve watched (and awfully enjoyed) this one. Please.

And to add further damage and distraction for the centennial review goal, I’m planning to watch these additional titles all year-long. Oh babe, good luck to my bucket list.

To Watch List:

  1. Boardwalk of Empire – coz I’m a fan of Martin Scorsese.
  2. The Pacific – coz this is the cousin of Band of Brothers.
  3. Lost – I love cleverness and J.J. Abrahms (Star Trek, Cloverfield)
  4. L. A. Noir – coz Frank Darabont left TWDead after a season to make this one. Bye-bye zombies, hello Shane?
  5. Prison Break – coz I was cut-short watching this, damn pirated dibidis. Boss is nuts with this.
  6. House – coz there’s a badass doctor here.


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One of my favorite female characters is the character Lady Éowyn of Rohan from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. She’s a beautiful woman of a royal blood but with a bad-ass fighting spirit that she ended up killing one of the baddest creatures in the story.  One night she was asked by Aragorn what she fears and she answered:

“A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall and desire”

The lady wasn’t referring to a literal cage but was pointing to the kind of gender discrimination keeping her from engaging in battles. The norms have always been “Men fights the armies of Sauron, women stay behind”. She wants to fight but to make things worse she’s a princess. Her moves are limited, her presence venerated, guarded and there’s not much she can do but to stay behind unable to do what her heart’s desire, unable to fight for what is right.

I can relate to her situation, although at a different level. I fear a cage, to feel deprived of doing things you love, and to feel left out when you knew there’s a world out there to explore. I have a problem with my job, the hours of work is too long.  Working with 12 hours a day, six days a week schedule I am fortunate my job isn’t so demanding and not much pressure. Aside from the hours I seem to blend in perfectly with the whole hotel operations.

But there will be a time when I start to question… WTF am I doing here? Where’s the fun here when I’m stuck in the office day-in and day-out? Where’s my time for doing my laundries? Will I still learn how to paint like those artists are doing in Lonely Planet? Where in the heck am I going to find some time to run, to worship and to socialize with the foreigners? When can I swim on the beach? Where’s my love life… sexual life?

I am just happy that my co-workers fromCebuwho are doing a special 3-week assignment here in Boracay are sympathetic to understand the disadvantages of a 12 hour work week. Extended working hours beyond the normal 8-9 hours can decrease and employee’s effectiveness and focus at work. Just because one is working longer hours doesn’t mean higher quality of work. Another is its not everyday there’s a lot things to do, there will always be lean seasons at work but the problem is whether you are doing something or not doing at all you have to find a way to consume that 12 hours. It can lower the moral of the employee. Those daily extra three hours might have been a short period of time, but now I realized how precious it can be. The shift is just too long in my line of work, it feels like I am wasting precious hours of my youth doing nothing when those hours should have been spent with the family or learning new things and experiencing the life outside.

I am not writing this post to complain about my job because I love what I am doing and I respect the hotel policy regarding the hours of work. The real issues I want to express are the undesirable effects it has on me. Six months in and I am still yet to come to terms with the 12-hour shift. I am still struggling and the worse thing is it brings out the very worst in me. I am becoming an irritable person, pissed off at the slightest mistake. I am suddenly the nagger complaining on everything. Insensitive, as I observed I am no longer careful with my words or the way I deliver it that affects the feeling of others.  I don’t know but I am allowing too much hate, anger and frustration on my heart than what I could handle. I just don’t know myself anymore.

I swear I am not much of an ass before I arrived here in the island.  Perhaps it’s because I’m just tired always, or the lack of either social interaction outside, limited inspiration or I am just f***ing pissed-off because I don’t have time to do personal things and practice my passions outside. Whatever the reason it is maddening, and if this continues I am on the right track to becoming a monster. 

Now that I’ve said that I hope I won’t turn into something in between an orc and Gollum. That’s pakensyit!

DPWH Goes To Boracay! (at the back is the Willy's Rock at Station 1)

 The great photoshop fiasco caused by the DPWH have been a massive hit over the internet these past week. Just the other day TV Patrol’s comical segment ‘Mga Kwento ni Mark Logan’ featured the edited photo and its many incarnations under the DPWH Goes Places campaign where the three officials are seen on several locations (from the Miss Universe pageant to the moon), iconic photos (with the Beatles), a lot of movies and a cameo of a Lady Gaga music video. Man, those three are now famous! They even landed on the Washing Post.

My last post has been a statistical success too garnering a tsunami of hits and not even a single soul clicked the like button or left a comment.In hollywood a film with a huge gross at the box office often gets a sequel, and truly I felt obliged to follow that trend. So here goes the sequel post about the national issue. Instead of taking the three officials to far far away places and more movie roles I choose to treat them to a vacation here in the island of Boracay (I reckon they really need a lot of that after all these sudden rise to popularity).


The trio is seen in the great bonfire site at Station 1.


Girls with big cams are so common in the island, and those gadgets always turns me on. Their common subject however are not the TNL (tunay na lalake) like me but the sunset.


The three officials enjoying a hot summer day in Puka Beach at the northern tip of paradise.


A perfect vacation in Boracay will never be complete without a picture of the majestic Boracay Sunset.


Before departing the island the officials were seen at D'Mall debating as to what souvenir item they'd buy they will give to their fans.

All the photos posted are my shots with the exception of the girl with the big cam, I stole it from Wikipedia’s Boracay Island page. I just have a crush on the girl the way I crave for her gadget. ^_^ I hope you enjoyed my works as much as the tree officials did on their vacation.

And please leave some comments and like this post!