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There are places seem far and out of reach,
Hills, Seas, Islands and the great beyond
Growing up, I look at their directions
Hoping one day, somehow, to get there.

Years have passed, horizons broaden,
Mind’s ablazed of information irrelevant
Soul’s a weary one of countless challenges
Life beyond trapped in a cage, or is it?

Muscles grew big and strong,
Mind been kept sharp and wild
Imaginations expanded beyond
Thirst for adventures insatiable.

I dream of escaping reality,
even for a day, even a Holy one
We are strong and curious,
And off we went to that hill.

Here’s a place of legends of my younger days
Four coconuts on thine of thine hill,
Like drunkards they look down on us
Like warriors praying the sun.

The time hath come, we journey
To the unknown roads, long and steep
Drench in sweat and thirst abide
We walk and we climb, like vagabands

For at the top of the hill,
Stand not four, but three coconuts
One hath fallen never to see us
Claim thine throne up above.

Sight everlasting, a view of
Beloved homeland, I look at you
Yes so small yet o peaceful.

Altogether beautiful with the sky
And the crystal seas so clear and blue
I’m glad I came back and be thine champion
Beloved hometown.

For in this short life, I’ve been lost
Yet I came back stronger and better
Living still, for a life so beautiful.
Journeying still, I am a Pathfinder.



Camera 360

Camera 360



Hello there! Your humble self-thought and self proclaimed artist is back for the fourth week of Lapiskamay Project, you may click the link to know all about this campaign. For this edition I’m posting two new art pieces  inspired from the imagination two fascinating ladies. I am so honored for the opportunity Miss Laurel and Miss Addie.

As promised last week the first artwork is my rendition of Miss Laurel’s 2011 poem ‘Caught In A Summer Downpour‘ posted in her blog Laurel’s Reflections. It goes like this:

Arms outstretched in delight
Smile stretching wide
Laughter bubbling –
Drenched in joy.

“Downpour” 190 x 270mm, watercolor. 2012

I used watercolors for this painting to capture the subdued sense of being happy during gloomy days. I put in elements like the smiling woman, the train and the couple with arms wide open while enjoying the downpour as per the author’s request. I took the liberty in adding windmills and green pavements which symbolizes sustainability and hope, respectively. I could have opted to use blue shades to go along with the many shades of grey, but I think it’s about time to put on some green movement nowadays.

Artwork number two came from the lovely Addie‘s (of  Betwixt and Between)  brilliant idea of challenging me to come up with a sequel of the painting “The Hangover” Esao Andrews (click here to see the painting). Addie really felt connected to the painting of a girl looking down from a bridge, as if having doubts or weighted down by uncertainties. She gave me three possible plots of what the sequel will look like: 1. Should that girl keep looking down? And if she does, ano kayang maaari niyang makita other than the kawalan? 2. Or should that girl look up? And if she does, may makikita ba siya? 3. Should she move forward to the other side? And if she does, anong meron?

Our topic was certainly on a religious note. But my interpretation of a sequel goes on like this: The girl jumped and walked with Jesus in the water below. It’s a full pencil sketch with an ordinary blue ballpen for the girl’s dress.

“Out of the Blue” 270 x 190mm, pencil sketching. 2012

The sketching is a metaphor of how we should live our lives. You know we mustn’t worry too much about the future but instead invest our lives in building and nurturing our relationship to other people and to God. We can start that by living through what Jesus showed to us – a life of trust, respect and love.

I am still accepting drawing suggestions and concepts for future posts. To suggest you may drop in comments or via email at Your participation is really appreciated. Once again I’ll draw ’em for free. See you guys again next week!


I’d like to dedicate this song, “Someday” by John Legend, to my dearest number one and only sister Ate Gretchen and to a special friend. Both of them are went to places with greener pastures this past week in search for career and monetary fulfillment. I’ll be missing both of them especially my sister. I hope someday we can be together again. I hope all of us can get out of the blue.

Hey there guys! It’s the third week of my humble Lapiskamay Project where drawing is free and for all.  All you have to do is tell me what to draw and I’ll gladly draw it for you, with absolutely no talent fee (I’m not that talented actually).

For this week I’ve done two art works, both have a common theme: falling in love.

Drawing #01. The first one came from the insanely talented Tagalog blogger Bagotilyo the online superhero. The title of the full-pencil drawing is ‘Bagotilyo in Love‘  inspired from his idea about moving on after you were hurt and broken there’s a time that you’d have to rise up and, with arms wide open, fall in love again. I should have drawn Batman. The drawing is now featured in his latest blog post ‘Para Sa’yo‘ (For You).

Drawing #02. The second drawing came from The Appletizer‘s fascination of that very romantic scene in the movie ‘Before Sunrise‘ featuring the suddenly speechless Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy. Damn I love that scene. I planned to have as an all-out pencil illustration until I saw my sister’s watercolors and pastels. So I gave it a go to color the drawing (my sister’s going to beat me up haha). I need a lot of practice.

And just late I received an unexpected email from Miss Laurel of Laurel’s Reflection asking me if I can draw an interpretation of her short poem titled ‘Caught In A Summer Downpour‘. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of drawing something about rain. And I am very excited to make a drawing or a painting for that very nice poem.

Arms outstretched in delight
Smile stretching wide
Laughter bubbling –
Drenched in joy.

I hope you can still send me more drawing suggestions. Just drop in a comment or e-mail me at Thanks a lot!

Blogs have changed.

Something happened:

Pictures got bigger,

Prose got shorter,

And yet we’re still

Left famished.

Hello everyone I got lost for the past few days, but now I’m back with a vengeance and one crappy post. So here’s another blackout poetry taken right out of a newspaper. Unlike Addie’s blackout poems that keeps getting better and better, mine seems to be getting worse. I means look at the way I scribbled! A kindergarten would have done a much better job, yeah and people call me an ‘artist’. hahaha.

But never mind the way I did it, and focus on the thought. I read this article from last Friday’s Youngstar column over at the Philippine Star. I really agreed that blogs nowadays have evolved from the original online diary a.k.a a ‘web log’ (thus derived the term blog) into picture galleries, with little or no thoughts at all. Tumblr got a lot of those. And I’ll be in that platform myself for my art blog launch this summer! God bless the exciting world of blogging and its fascinating citizens.

Point No. 2: (yes this is a treyenwan post, as in three thoughts in one post) At the very back of the article linked above, is another curious topic which has become nowadays a national controversy. Youngstar actually run a post using two of its best writers to write it, click here. The topic is about this March FHM cover featuring Bela Padilla (wait is she Robin’s daughter?). My question is: Is this picture racist or not?


In my personal opinion as an artist, feeling artist pala, NO COMMENT. Racism is really not a topic I would tackle on this blog. It’s just too sensitive and very subjective just like the appreciation of an artwork: a garbage for others, might be a gold for me. Although, at a first glance those black ladies were downgraded a bit to highlight the goddesslikeness of Bela. But truth be told this particular cover is one of my favorite shoot in FHM history. I love the emphasis and the contrast cast by clever lighting of the picture (I wonder how much of it were photoshopped?), I can recall myself saying ‘This is one bombshell material’. Bela is now a lot more famous thanks to the controversy. I was surprised when I learned BBC interviewed her, whew it’s really a big stir, international level. Bela apologized during that broadcast. What a good girl, but it’s not really necessary for her to give an apology when you know you didn’t do anything wrong or had motives to hurt people. It wasn’t her fault for Christ sake!

Then this afternoon I saw the controvesial issue in the magazine stands and found out there’s already a new cover, a far cry from the original. FHM changed what could be a classic magazine cover, because some people got irritated and called it racist. That’s freedom of expression, great. Lesson: Just because this is a democratic country doesn’t mean you can do unlimited forms of arts however you like it. You also have to think the possible reactions from your audience. If it ain’t appreciated it no art, it’s crap man.

Point Number 3. I just watched a downloaded video of last week’s 84th Annual Academy Awards and Billy Crystal and some of its presentors were very funny. Love that show! Congratulations to The Artist for winning the major awards. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ll try maybe tomorrow I hope it wont make me doze off (like that paking Tree of Life). Bagotilyo, our online superhero blogger, requested help for a cover design for his fesbuk timeline, and I notice the word ‘Artist’ so I quickly came to the rescue. And here’s the result: Ka ‘ching!

Not long ago you were ordinary,

No promises, no praises.

Not long ago you were a coward,

No adventures, no greatness.

So they took you for granted, coz’

You were just the Whimpy One.

But soon blooms your fiery self,

Unyielding, relentless, formidable.

And soon comes greatness,

In one breathe you kill ’em all,

On your guard you protect ’em all.

Lodus and Kudos to the Might One!

Hello everyone! It’s the start of another month of mayhem and brawls, it’s definitely March Madness! This is only my second attempt on my Blackout Doodles series (see the first one here), same rules apply: Draw, Scan, Edit, Invert.

I took my fascination with dragons into my own hands.. and pencils. This I drew not one, but two blackouts! I was really planning to make a sort of ‘How to draw you dragons’ post but unfortunately I can no longer do that because I lost my camera, my old but ever reliable CyberShot. So to make amends I made an impromptu poem depicting the fall and rise of a dragon. It’s a figurative style of telling a story of an ordinary person who rose to greatness, either in a negative or positive way. Dragons can mean a really bad guy who destroys life or a good guy who fights to protect and preserve life.

I hope I didn’t suck big time, but still sarcasms and violent reactions are highly appreciated.

If you want to see the original drawings drop by a message in the comments section, I’ll send it through email. Thank you.

Enter life
Say it, breathe it
It is how that real.

Presenting my lousy second take on the (fine) art of Blackout Poetry. The first one is about death, and Addie kinda got pissed off with me, so I created something about the opposite: LIFE! This time I used an actual newspaper from today’s edition of The Philippine Star‘s entertainment section. There’s no cheating this time though, no animated bling bling of words. Sarcasms and violent reactions are highly appreciated.

P. S.: And I would like to congratulate my humble self for winning PM’s 4th Blog Anniversary blog contest. But you should know up front that it was not a blog contest, it was a game of luck. The Catwoman herself raffled the whole thing. Hahaha. Below is the evidence.

photo pirated from PM

I just got lucky today (yeah after breaking my external drive and misplacing my CyberShot last week). I’ll receive the following: a book, a customized, handmade clay trinket, and a coupon for a beach resort stay in Bataan. Thank you PM!

Blackout death

Death – is coming

Death – is inevitable

So meet and befriend people

See the world and visit place

And live life to the fullest.

 Dear Addie,

This is my first attempt at your blackout poetry. I would like to take back the sarcasms I gave you because I realized this stuff is no easy. I spent all afternoon thinking of you, I mean the words in this poem. It was so hard finding words in a newspaper article and convert into a poem that I ended up cheating. Haha.

I adore my photoshop skills so much that’s why I utilized the animation technique. I know its a form of cheating but I cant help it. I hope you cannot forgive me. Let’s just say I put a little twist to our art. Anyways, I did stay true to the newspaper rule: I used my Youngblood article published last year (click here).

I’m no poet or anything close to Lourd De Veyra (Palanca winner, TV5 hunk?, and we shared the same birthdate) or Tyler Knott, your current lover? So I will accept your comments and sarcasms with open arms.

It’s been a wildest day, yeah it really is, one of the most memorable day of my life. First, I flunked the tryout for a Boracay dragon boat team by not showing up. Then I got late for a couple of hours, an all-time high. And moments later I almost witnessed a hotel burn down to the ground. Thankfully we averted the disaster in the nick of time. I’m not the hero, but hey I’m still alive, and still has an office. And I’m crazy about death once again. I really wonder when it will come to get me…perhaps the sooner the better.

But I always pray that before Mr. Death comes to me, I hope I can see you in person. You are this fascinating young woman that’s quickly becoming our WordPress darling. There’s probably a lot of things we can talk to, and I got this feeling you can as bubbly and as crazy as I am.  If you have any plans to go on a vacation this summer, please come to Boracay and may you find some peace and happiness to come.

Your’s truly and cheating,

Lester Pencilhands.