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Here goes another obligatory wishlist. Where material things rule and never granted (thanks goodness). This is only a for-your-information only post, and not some kind of tool to extort my friends and relatives. I always end up buying or making them, like last year lol. However people are free to grant these material wishes. Why not diba? It will be much appreciated.

These list are the things I want and need right now as I am starting a new life as an art student and is also embracing my life-long fascination of history. (Which is only awakened due to historical revisionism by the Marcos camp, he’s no Hero btw).

  1. War in Cebu  by Resil Mojares et’ al. – let us start the list by listing the biggest and most expensive book about History. Folks this is the big coffee table book to dig up what happened in Cebu during the World War II against the Japanese occupation. It’s also written by my idol historian and essayist Resil Mojares so that also got me really excited. Another wishful reason why I must have this book is that boy I might need to write a book similar to this on the War on Leyte Gulf durign the same period.. from a local’s perspective. #libremangarap
    Where to find: War in Cebu is published and sold by the University of San Carlos Press and are sold for P2,700.00


                               (c) PhilStar

  2. Kamingaw by Raymund Fernandez – This one is something personal because my current art professor in UP sir Raymund wrote this. I saw how hard he truly worked for this book this past year, and we’re jealous of this book for stealing his time from us. haha.  The book is about the Cebuano painter Martino Abellana sir Mon’s friend and mentor. This book also serves as our guidebook about the Visayan art scene, and hopefully a great campaign material to make Mr. Abellana a National Artist. Launch of the book will be sometime on January 2017
    Where to find: KAMINGAW is published by the University of San Carlos Press. Price is still for confirmation but should be about P2,700.00-P3,000.00.


    (c) University of San Carlos Press

  3. The Art of Moana – I’m a frequent window shopper at FullyBook. I could not really afford most of their leather-bound books (though I buy some new paperback novel there) and these includes the incredible “Art of” companion books of Disney, Pixar and most animated movies.  So far the best Art Of book belongs to Disney’s new movie “Moana”. It’s a comprehensive book from idea conception to the post-production. And the designs are stunning.
    Where to find: The Art of Moana is available at FullyBooked stores. Price is about P1,800-P2,000.

    (c) Disney

    (c) Disney

  4. Oil brushes – this should be easy to explain: because I’m an art student. We are not yet into oil or any painting at all but it’s really helpful to explore the medium already. And brushes are distinguished and separate from every medium. I only have watercolor and acrylics brushes.
    Where to find: I’ll be needing artist grade brushes set and they are available in Fullybooked and at the

    (c) the Oil Paint Store

    (c) the Oil Paint Store

  5.  Oil paint tubes – I only have the basic Reeves intro set, and its not really a good quality (my opinion). If I have money I’ll go buy some Grumbacher or  Winsor and Newton artist grade tubes.
    Where to find: Artist grade tubes are available at the Paint tubes vary in price individually usually P300-P900. Mahal I know.

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  6.  Acrylic paint tubes – Unlike oil, I’m much more at ease and used to acrylic painting. I only have limited colors of cheap Reeves and Sakura tubes. But if given the chance please buy me some Golden and or Liquitex tubes.
    Where to find: Artist grade acrylic tubes are available at the Tubes vary in price individually usually P300-P800.

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  7.  MMFF Tickets! – Prior to this year, I used to hate cinemas during Christmas because they only show those stupidly unoriginal and badoy films from the likes of Vice Ganda, Vic Sotto and Kris Aquino. This year however, I’m in full support in putting only the quality films and rightfully snobbed those big stars’ lazy entries. The result is an incredible and promising lineup that’s too good to pass up. Just give me money please!

    (c) MMFF

    (c) MMFF

  8. An Escoda Reserva Round Brush, size 2/0 – relax I wont request for the big guns, I only wanted a small one size 2/0 for details. Price is only P275 available at  ArtWhale Ph or DEs Artroom.

    (c) ArtWhale.Ph

    (c) ArtWhale.Ph

  9.  External memory drive – I wont request for a new smart phone or a laptop even though I badly need it because mine are already so obsolete and ancient. But let’s be realistic, a terabyte of extra mobile memory is good gift.

  10. Free Tuition fee – but my oh my! This one’s was actually granted before I could even put my ideas into writing. The Senate already approved a bill for Free Tuition Fee to all State Universities and Colleges (SUC) which also includes UP! Yes, best Christmas gift ever!

Of course, except for No.10, everything is wishful thinking. What we truly need this Christmas is some peace, some time with family and some winter chill and kilig. Char.

Have a very merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!


2015-12-24_22.08.24 copy

I am intentionally posting these Christmas wish lists not for everyone to know but just for the sake of posting something this Christmas haha. No kidding, I’m not really comfortable in receiving gifts from other people, thanks God I dont receive much because I don’t know how to thank and react properly when surprised. Let’s just say I’m more of a giver. I find tremendous joy when I give people presents and see them happy.

Look there are two list in this post: one is from the child in me and the other the young man that I am. The former is a materialistic line up that can be bought on malls, but the latter are simple and heartfelt wishes that no amount of money can’t buy.

Ok, lets start with the material things I crave. Dont be surprised they really show the things I’m fascinated and passionate about… except for running since I’m currently injured huhu

1. a BB-8 – There’s been an awakening.. and if you’ve seen the Star Wars: The Force Awakens  you’ll know how cute this ball droid is! This thing stole the best scenes in that movies.
2. Kylo Ren mask – yeah another Force Awaken wish list because I really like it’s villain. They say the movie can only be good as the villain is, so how do we top Darth Vader? The answer is we build one, someone who is not 100% bad yet who can be tempted, imperfect, confused and quite messed up. For that I want that mask badly! haha
3. TDSV book – I’m in love with Vietnamese artist Tuyet Dinh Sinh Vat’s works. Big fan of hers so when I heard she’s publishing an artbook of her works I was like: Can I go to Vietnam right now!?
4. Escoda brushes – it’s the finest watercolor brushes out there. I just wanna try them.
5. Heneral Luna DVD – one of the best local film this year is the game-changing biopic of the Filipino-American war hero Gen. Antonio Luna. It just shook the country on how Pinoy films should be made and made a nationwide social awakening on the problems of the country. We need to support this kind of films so I need to buy that DVD… para sa ikauunlad ng bansa. haha
6. Vietnamese coffee  – the best coffee in Asia (or even the world) are found in Vietnam. OMG! I really need to go there!
7. Rise of the Tomb Raider video game – I do play video games. And playing a strong female character and solving mysteries in brutal environment is my kind of game. (I’m currently playing Star Wars: Force Unleashed)
8. Rappler sweater – it’s cute and when I’m travelling its cold most of the time so I’d love to have that.


The things listed above makes me happy but they are only material things and in time for sure I can have them in one way or another (like extorting my friends, joke!). However, the items below are the real Christmas list for me. They aren’t much and I have no intention of explaining them on details. I’ll just list them and you guys figure out why they are in it.

1. Parents’ blessings for my next journey
2. Good health and motivation to get back on shape
3. Time and courage to take the Talent Determination Test
4. To have my big sister here this Christmas
5. To go out with friends old and new
6. A successful alumni homecoming this weekend
7. Recapture the magic and love for writing and running
8. To meet and share a cup of coffee with new friends next year! (that includes you Anlee! :p )

There you go; 2 lists, 16 wishes and one big heart humbly wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a fruitful New Year 2o16! God bless!

A Badass Christmas

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Journals
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How do you measure Christmas? If you’re saying it’s the amount of Christmas gifts one receives, well I just have the worst Holidays ever, again. C’mon receiving gifts is not my forte, not that I don’t appreciate them, but what can I ask for more? I have my family together, I have a job, a healthy body, a creative spirit and peace of mind. This year I measured my Christmas on how much I’ve given to other people. 

And I  have experienced the most extraordinary Christmas ever!

The world witnessed how Yolanda crushed the heart of the world by bringing unimaginable loss to my brothers in this very island of Leyte. I made it a point to help on whatever ways I could give. So far, so good. I think. I volunteered. Gave away some clothes. Donated a few amount of money. Initiated a few donation drives for a particular community. And perhaps captured the hearts of many through a series of fortunate events and passionate writing. Whatever. I just did what I have to do and not expecting any returns at all.

I shared and helped the best way I could. God made all the rest.

I’m very much overwhelmed on how great things started to happen right after the storm. I’ve seen from ordinary people to giant nations sharing and donating in an epic scale. All wanted to help my brothers in Tacloban and the rest of the affected communities. The storm may have brought out devastation, but it certainly brought out the best in people (and yeah the worst of politics, shame). I’m glad to be one of those helping out there. And to serve as one of the vessels of help for my fellow runners in Tacloban? One of the best things that happened in my life. Special thanks goes out to the Cebu running community, SunStar Cebu, John Pages of CERC, RunRio, The Brick, Three of Me, Sir Jidan Jakosalem, and the Jopson couple. See you all at CCM.

All good things happen for a reason, yeah even the craziest things too. I.e.: Organizing a running event is way beyond my darkest nightmares and wildest of dreams. But I did. It was badass! And it happened for a good purpose. I love it.

So well, there goes my Christmas: no girlfriend, no Christmas gift and did not even enjoyed Noche Buena. But perhaps the true meaning Christmas is not measured by material things and the level of happiness from Xmas parties. It is measured by giving… of hope and of love.


Assuming the world will not END on the 21st of the month, I am likely going to spend a Christmas like never before:  a dark one. I don’t know but I feel like spending this Christmas at home, on exile, seems a bit off or strange or not really what I imagined to end this Year of the Dragon. I think I screwed up too much this year that I really deserve to slow down, take a breather,  get back to my roots and come up of a better game plan in the game called life. I still feel lost after all these years of wandering. And I have no plans on finding that promised Path, yet. I have no plans to be merry either.

But for the same reasons I am planning something new this Holidays. I won’t party around, no alcohol, cut some calories and as much as possible no travelling and adventures. I have to cut down on my costs to save for a Vietnam trip next year. So to do that here’s a list of the major activities for an economical-not-so-merry Christmas.

  1. Gift Cutting – I’ve always been a generous giver all the time (ironically not much of a receiver hahaha). So no Kris kringles, no surprises for friends, no extravagant Noche Buena ideas, no solicitations accepted and sorry kids I won’t be giving you some monies for the carollers. God I’ve spent millions of centavos crafting The Great Parol Project and the Parol Project 2.0 (the one above for my company, it’s a pair) so the only kids I’ll be giving some heartfelt gifts are my brothers.
  2. Play video games, a lot – who says playing video games is a freakin’ bad idea? I fell in love with gaming just this year so why not spend some more during the Holidays hehe. I’m really really excited to play Assasin’s Creed 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, two of the best games released this year. The gaming experiences for both games are no doubt top-notch based on the reviews and the way I enjoyed their earlier instalments. But what I’m really after in these games are the STORY, its better than watching stupid movies and stupid telenovelas.   
  3. Play with Fire’ – Ahm no… I aint planning to get involve in illicit love affairs! Haha, I just want to read ‘The Girl Who Played With Fire’ by Stieg Larsson. The book is the second instalment of the Millennium Trilogy, and based on what I’ve heard it’s the darkest and meatiest part of the series. I can’t imagine how dark and better it would be since the first one, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is absolutely beautiful (including the Hollywood adaptation). It’s likely going to be a feel-bad reading, and I’m perfectly ok with that. 
  4. Night Running – Four months ago, I reluctantly accepted a job offer here in my hometown. At the same time, I also stopped running  unceremoniously for no reason at all. Well, I can’t really blame my work since it’s really not that hard and I love my work. Maybe I just got tired or felt lonely running alone, with no other runners in sight every time, all the time. The result of this 4-month hiatus is measured in 20 extra pounds and four extra inches on my waist. Great, never felt so ‘taba’ all my life. Have to run again, and harder to get back into shape by summer. I don’t really run the morning because I’m a late night owl, so I have to run from now on at NIGHT, under the Christmas lights. Night Running


So there goes my grand schemes for this Christmas. They’re boring and not really badass, I know, but I guess not pursuing exciting stuffs might help me see the bigger picture. Merry Christmas everyone and may this one be a little special and merrier than mine. I’m serous, really.

Now where are my gifts, people? Hahaha


Just want to share to share my wish list for PM‘s online Kris Kringle this year. Unfortunately me will not be able to take part of the event due to some unforeseen events that would prevent me from complying my would-be partner’s wish list. Me just posted this for any potential generous donors out there for their reference (i.e. YOU!).

But me sure did made a lot of efforts preppin’ up my wishlist which are just comprised of easy to find and cheap wishlist (guaranted no expensive Star Wars merchandise). I drew some characters here, just two lovers wondering around  while wishing some things and stuffs hehe. Forgive my sketches, hope you find them cute.  Again, they are cheap so it wont be hard to make this humble dude  happy like heaven. Two will be perfect (demanding).

And oh, the little girl is based on Vietnamese artist Tuyet Dinh Sinh Vat‘s chibi character. She also made the cover.

Ah finally Christmas Day 2011 is now in history books, and I somehow managed to enjoy it!

Maybe the secret to enjoying Christmas while away from your normal life, family and friends is simply to get busy at what you’re doing with  the solid exception of  WORK. People just wanna have fun this season to be jolly, falalalalala. I never thought I’d survive the days leading to Christmas in a positive but I realized pain and loneliness is inevitable but misery is optional. I chose to be merry.

 So for a brief recap here what’s happened and what I did for Christmas in this beautiful island of Boracay:

1. Simbang Gabi – This year I completed the nine mornings! Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo is a tradition for Filipino Catholics that is composed of 9 masses every 4 AM in the morning starting from the 16th of December  towards Christmas. When one completes this task it is said one’s wishes are granted.

I’ve never been to a single simbang gabi for all of my life, and I dont have to because I am not a Catholic. But I am still a Christian, I have my own prayers, I worship the same God and we celebrated Christmas altogether. So why not give it a try.  It’s an advantage to be on a graveyard shift since I just used my break period going to the church.

A view of the mass inside the Holy Rosary Parish Boracay.

2. A taste of island the delicacies and kakanin – simbang gabi wont be complete without puto bumbong, bibingka and other kakanin. Also I love to eat one of Boracay’s gems, the Kalamansi muffins at Real Coffee.

what's cooking? Puto bumbong!


A line up of kakanins displayed outside of the Church.


That's a view to a kill. yummy muffins.


3. Beach Running and Shooting – I’m back in running the front Beach after weeks of struggles with the graveyard shift. Now I can wake up before the sun sets – the perfect time to run here in the island. The destination is of course the front beach. So a point-and-shoot camera always comes in handy. There are sexy people everywhere.

Walanjo, bat may mga sumaling mga aliens. One ruined picture 😦


There's a star above the bonfire at Station 1. I wonder how that looks at night. if the sun is hiding behind those rocks.


The island's golden sunset is always a thing to behold.


4. Night Hopping – even for a few minutes It’s lovely to go outside during the night and see the lights around. By the way, there isn’t really much Christmas lights and decoration anywhere, as in not as festive on the cities.

The glowing light of the Ferris wheel inside D'mall.

Lights and lights at D'mall.


A lantern made out of recycled materials. Lovely bottles.


5. Giving and Receiving gifts – It’s been long said that the spirit of Christmas is found on sharing the blessings to others. This year I believe I shared my fair share of blessings. Yeah I did share my 13th month pay to my siblings, made padala the HP camera for Tatay, I gave the ham that I won on a raffle to co-worker, sent my Kris kringle to my online manita (Miss N), sent my first gift to my lovely goddaughter, and etc etc. The joy of giving is so overwhelming, and I dont really care enough if I dont receive anything return.

But I did received gifts this Christmas like a parasailing adventure this New Year, a package from Miss N which I absolutely appreciated, some smiles, some hugs, some handshakes, ‘I love yous’ and ‘thank yous’, I mean how can I ever ask for more? That’s everything I ever wanted for Christmas.

Ah I'm so trying you this New Year! Pareng Jorney are you ready?


thank you Miss N for the Pencils (man these are expensive), ballpens, Batman case and the yummy marshmallows!


6. Party party!

This is the cocktail party.

and this is the beach party!

So that’s it. This Christmas turned out to be a blast even before the New Year Eve fireworks. Looking forward for the  next Christmas back at home, I’m willing to trade anything for that. Right now, I’m just too glad I survived a Christmas away from home. Merry Christmas everyone!


Hello guys, my apologies for not posting earlier this week. I was supposed to post about really interesting topics about my recent trip to Ilo-ilo City last weekend, you know what crazy things I did there, the places I visited (and end up with) and simply to brag about my new laptop. But I think those can wait for future post, not this week. I simply don’t feel like blogging I just want to take some time off the internet and celebrate the life of my precious friend who recently passed away.

RC Estrada was a good friend of mine. I met her on facebook two years ago although we were schoolmates before. We’ve shared great moments as we filled each other’s fb inboxes sharing our thoughts and opinions and general non-sense friends love to talk about. We were like modern-day pen pals. Our correspondence was a very pleasant experience for me because I got to know her beyond her beautiful face. It gives me the chance to know the real her – the one is so kind, so sweet and friendly young woman. By the way, she’s a pretty smart girl, her words are well thought yet maintained her quality of being innocent, fun-loving and carefree.

She’s probably one of the nicest person I know, such kindred spirit that is so kind and so young. But I never knew her in person actually but we love to keep it that way, at least we have something to look forward to in the future. If Christmases and New Years are much-anticipated by everybody that the English language decide to capitalize their first letter, RC and I decided to call our much-anticipated future together as  Someday.

One of the best thing that makes us click as good friends was that we shared the same fascination for Japan, with its rich culture and picturesque landscapes. We fell in love to the idea of visiting Japan, well, Someday. I address her as RC-san, and she addresses me as Lester-san. I guess that was our terms of endearment. I cherished every moment I call her RC-san, like what Japanese call their friends, the sound of it and the fluid motion of typing it in the keyboard felt so natural as if I’ve known her a long time..

RC-san was diagnosed with the big C, some three years ago. She was fighting for her life all those time we shared on the internet. I never met someone outside my family who has given me time to listen to my thoughts and took the pain of reading my letters with utmost attention, all that while on chemotherapy. I can only imagine how much she had to go through in all those years of battling cancer. But the irony of it all is that she’s still thankful for the life she had, the family and who loves her. Her sense of optimism was so overwhelming. I will be forever thankful for all the time and friendship she has given me.

The past couple of Christmases were highlighted by our friendship, and really I couldn’t imagine this Christmas without reading a word from her. This year I probably  had spent my Christmas in Ilo-ilo last week, I guess she spared me that one joy by not letting me know about her departure.  And I am so missing her this Christmas (this really is not my Christmas, no family, no money, no time, and no RC-san).

I just wish she knew how much I much I cared for her. But maybe she got it when I told her that I’d do anything to make her happy and if a guy should ever hurt her, I’ll beat the hell out of him. hahaha. She made it so easy for me to make her laugh and I really hope I made a good company for her. I’m just glad that she’s no longer in pain, that she would not feel alone anymore. Finally, you can now rest my friend. For me there’s no doubt that you’ve lived a good life, even though it was cut short too soon but you sure left many good memories and smiles. The people you’ve touched will always be celebrating for the change of  knowing you and deep within our hearts we know you are never gone.

I designed this T-shirt for her, and still is the best tee I have on my closet.