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I believe Art nowadays, have become more of a ‘for sale’ business adventure. Not that selling artworks are bad, it’s just even then beginners are trying out Art to earn money and forgot the very essence of Art: self expression and the appreciation of creativity. Business is good, but make sure what we, artists, are selling are truly worth it. A month ago, I have the misfortune of experiencing bad side of this enterprise in the very art group I founded when a member just suddenly went ballistic against all my ideas and principles I have for the group. He just want to sell his works, but he’s a beginner who just got a glimpse of improvement and without informing practically created another group of for hire artists and judging me I’m holding ’em back and abandoned them. It was sickening. Suddenly all the values of Kindness in art gone. What an a-hole.

But at the end of the day, my faith in Art remains the same. It’s all about kindness. Yes, I am not a pro and my artworks are not really that good. But I’m doing my best to improve my craft, for what very limited time I can get after office. I’m doing my best also to share whatever knowledge and resources I have to others especially to my friends. And I think I have never ask for a price in my work not that I’m not a fan of money, it’s just I’m not worth it just yet. 🙂

And then came miss Valerie Chua’s invitation:



Honestly, how can I ever refuse a favor from miss Valerie, she’s like one of the most influential artists in my life. My fandom for her art goes a long way back and Valerie is one of the people who kept me pushing without knowing it. The goal of the Creativity x Kindness project is to showcase kindness through Art. One of them is for artists to give back to people by making postcards, hand-painted or printed, for others.

And painted, I did!


It was total fun! One of the most fulfilling and enjoying thing I did in a long time. 🙂

My goal was to make the maximum of 10 postcards submission, but I only managed to make nine. The last 5 last were done on a cramming mode. But the other best part of the project is that I got to write messages at the back. They are all heartfelt and some are really pasaway haha.

And here’s a view of those postcards. I wish I scanned them for memories sake but I really hope they reach out to other people to inspire and be kind. Pay it forward, whoever you are. 🙂

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Of course, I was not in the Ayala museum last Saturday July 25th because I was in Cebu for my grad studies (and an Abbey Sy lettering workshop!). But I did followed the event through social media! I heard the venue was jam-packed and the postcards reached more than a thousand. What!? A thousand postcards! Amazing. I guess there really are a lot more kind people out there. Faith in humanity restored.

Here’s a few instagram post about how the post card event turned out.

(c) credits to Ayala Museum and Valerie Chua for their posts. 🙂