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“LaBoracay” by Lapiskamay (mech pencil on moleskin notebook) drawn May 1, 2014, a Labor Day.

It’s that time of year where people flock in the island just to enjoy the heat. But what really catches my eyes are not the bikini bodies but those random and clothed people just lying in the sand and not having a care in the world. That’s summer paradise. Wish I can have those moments.

My Moleskin Diaries is back! I found a new notebook with an actual moleskin to justify my hand’s craving to doodle. I had my first post back in January but I lost the notebook and only last week I found a replacement, and I love it.  Thank you FullyBooked Cebu! (I really hate your price tags though).

Yeah every summer for the rest of my life I’ll be looking back on the days I spent in Boracay. Used to be a slave an auditor out there. Great place for summer and its bad news if you hate big crowds haha. I think I’ll go back there next year for the Skyathon 2015, it’s a beach run easy 10k course. I’ll be half-naked and barefoot out there. Anyone who want to tag along just contact me.

For the meantime here’s my previous post on my Moleskin Diaries:

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By the way, a moleskin notebook looks like this (mine’s technically dont have a moleskin cover, it looks like one though haha).

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