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2015 Game Plans

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Journals
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For me the plan is simply not to have one, or at least to avoid making New Years resolutions because that’s so embarrassing to asses by December. But for the year 2015 I really have to set things into writing. I must simply have some decent goals to achieve. And thanks to Instagram I already post those:

Yup it’s true that:

1. I’ll finally enroll for a Master degree

2. To run 2,015 kilometers this year (yeah I’m that crazy)

3. To run faster (because I have to finish my marathons earlier for breakfast)

4. Draw More and Paint More (I’m making a disservice to God if I keep ’em secret or locked up)

5. Just to make the most out of life through travelling, reading and doing stuffs I really love.

6. Learn a new foreign language (that’s a tough one)

7. Reconnect with God. I admit these past few years I’ve been having some trouble reconciling and understanding the institutions called Religion over my Faith. I just want to worship a higher being.

Hello 2015! Sorry this is epic late.



How many times do I need to say I’m sorry guys for being from this blog? This time I really  mean it. Insert: confession coming.

September 2014. Now its been four long years since I started writing in this page. I’ve always been faithful to the blog. There were of course, a few weeks-long of  hiatus throughout  but never this serious. What is happening is, I’m now almost at the end of the rope. I seem to be losing the juice guys… the stories never stops coming but its just.. I think  whats missing is that drive, that fire to write what needs to be written to tell those stories that needs to be share. This never happened before as if either I’m a facing a monster called ‘Writers Block’ or perhaps its just the end of Lapiskamay dot WordPress dot com… I dunno let’s see. Perhaps this is still part of growing up.

But I’m not letting go without sharing something I liked recently, it’s a Taiwanese movie called “You Are The Apple of my Eye“. I’m a movie lover who searches for good stories anywhere regardless of the language and the cinema it came from. Some days I get lucky to find something. But there are days when I stumble across this priceless gem. Taiwan did it again (after Secret and Cape No. 7)!


But I have to admit “You Are the Apple of my Eye” got some similarities with the Korean film “Architecture 101” which I absolutely loved too. Both uses flashbacks, both are Asian  romance films that are insanely nostalgic, both shared scenes on train tracks and both share the same philosophy on the way they end their stories (sorry no spoilers here). So here’s Apple’s synopsis err trailer (Update: It’s actually the movie! Go watch!):

Here’s a quick synopsisy from Asian Fixation:
“It’s the year 1996 and Ko-Teng (Ko Chen-Tung) is only 16 years old, a senior in high school. He, along with his four other friends, has a crush on the smartest student in class, Shen Chia-Yi (Michelle Chen). The five of them has different ways of pursuing her, but for Ko-Teng, competing with her and annoying her endlessly are the only things he could do. After doing something foolish in class, Ko-Teng’s punishment is to sit in front of Shen Chia-Yi so that she can scold him everytime he’s doing something inappropriate. Shen Chia-Yi challenges Ko-Teng’s intelligence that pushes him to do better in school. It’s the start of a decade of competing with each other and falling deep in like.”
Asian Fixation blog


looks familiar? Architecture 101 has this scene too! 🙂

So what did I liked about the movie? Where do I start? haha. Ok the story is really nice perhaps too damn honest one could swear it really happened somewhere in our past. It’s the kind of movie that transport us to our high school years with all those pop cultures and feelings and crushes and stuffs. Again its an honest take on teenage love and friendship. The story captures the emotions from our souls, bakes it and serve it hot and sweet (sometimes crushingly painful).  The casts were terrific in portraying their characters specially the lead guys (especially the naked parts). I love Michelle Chen‘s charming portrayal of the nerdy girl and all-around-good-girl crush ng bayan. Apple is so sweet and  truly funny, I had a lot of LOL moments, alone. Dad thought I was weird last night.


But the biggest sell of the movie is their philosophy on love, on losing it and life in general. It’s very rare for a romantic-comedy film to have deep grip on problems beyond romance. It asks the classic What If question by showing the lovers talking on the phone asking themselves “What if there’s a parallel universe?” Perhaps they’ll be together. Perhaps the guy decide to man up for her. And there’s a few more What Ifs  then there’s this beautiful quote:

“People always say that the most wonderful time in a relationship happens before it really happens. When the two people are together, the magic vanishes.”


Apple is a movie that is never afraid what to show even it means showing some gross scene unacceptable by the Church (trust me this film will never reach the Philippine theater). It did not lost its identify to show this wonderful story the way it meant to be. Kudos to the film maker, the producers and sue me for writing this really bad movie review.


I guess this is a case of saving the best for last. I just watch Robin Williams much-beloved non-comedy film called The Dead Poets Society. It was terrific. A true timeless classic. A master piece. And I only just watched it.

Robin Williams died the other day and sent shockwaves to the world on mouths wide-open. Look I’m one of those nineties kids he entertained through his humor and genuine charm with movies such as Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Aladain, The Bicentennial Man and Flubber just to name a few. Those were good movies sent from heaven from a kid’s perspective. His smile meant the true meaning of life to us. His adventures speak for the unlimited power of courage. And his charm and heroics  in those movies, those were the first definition of what a true love feels like. Robin Williams was, is and always will be our hero. And no amount of negativity and pain about his life and the way he died can ever ever erase those treasured memories.


Now back to Dead Poets Society: It’s a drama about teenagers and boarding schools and poetry. Things a 7-12 year-old kid can understand and much less enjoy. DPS along with his fine performances on the serious movies  like “Goood Will Hunting”, “Insomnia”, and “What Dreams May Come” came much later when I started to devour movies as an appreciation of art, talents and film-making. He was great in those characters. But not a character is as memorable as Prof. John Keating in The Dead Poets Society. He gave the character a face and a soul that imprints deep into the soul of the viewers. Let us not be cynical, we secretly wish that our teachers and professors are as good or unorthodoxically fearless/effective as Prof. Keating. He’s a dream mentor we never had. Thanks God there’s Robin William to fulfill that part.


I wont be making much review about the film because I don’t think I can give justice to it using my own words. But mark whatever integrity I have left the movie is beautiful and pretty much as important in our society today. The movie is about education on an elite boarding and of how a single teacher can make a group of boys change their lives forever. Education, education… society view this word as a noun defined as sort of key to a brighter figurative room. While we are supposed to see it as a blessing, a privilege when we should be consuming it like a blessing, like food that should be devoured and enjoyed to make one’s life better. But strip the movie down to the basic core we have these young boys that needs guidance where John Keating came in. It was a kind of unnatural teacher-student relationship that is still debated nowadays if its effective or destructive. I guess it depends on the actor who plays them.

But Prof. John Keating is sure is fun. Just like Robin Williams, he’s always fun and never fails to make us laugh despite his deep sorrow and loneliness inside.. which ultimately got the better of him at the end. The movie pretty much reflected how he come to our lives as a Godsent character and how cruel he has to leave. But one thing is sure  that when he left by the door, I was one of those who proudly stood up and  said: O Captain, My Captain.



Photo from

Getting a time to read for a book nowadays is getting harder to come by. Reality does bites. I love reading stories and I completely believe I only got the writing gift because of it. Mostly I read novels to be entertained, newspapers to be informed and online articles to waste some time. But to get heart-broken… I can try.

Enter: The Fault In Our Stars. The first book I attempted to read this year. I had to read it because the copy is hardbound-shiny from the Galdo sisters. I only got curious w/ the positive response the movie adaptation got commercially and critically. It might just be good, right? Sue me, but I don’t really got hype up with what the girls read nowadays especially when it’s narrated by a female character.. oh hello Twilight, 50 Shades and even Hunger Games (I remember nightmares).  I just cant connect and relate with the narrative. Sue me.

But #TFIOS (oh this annoying hashtags!) is a welcome breather. I actually liked the book. The story is surprisingly deep and thoughtful (and thank God less silliness). The story is about a teenage girl named Hazel Grace who has a lung cancer who opts to dislocate herself from the society while waiting for the Day. She’s a grade, the lesser she associated with people the lesser she’ll hurt when she, well goes off … off the grid of this Earth. Until Augustus Waters comes to the picture and challenge her beliefs and perhaps completely change the way her story is written.

Okay, it’s a love story most teenagers will definitely dig in. It’s beautiful and honest. But at the same time heartbreaking. But what really makes me like about the story is the way the characters interacts with each others. At least they don’t talk like Bella Swan or that stupid 50 Shades college girl. They talk above all else their philosophy and how they view life and love. It was a real treat. And for the record, I did not cry reading this book. Nice try, but it’s not a tear-jerker enough for me haha

Of course all the credit goes to the author, John Green, for making the story readable for non-believers. He made the narrative entertaining and fun through humorous and thought-provoking first-person narrative in Hazel Grace’s point of view.  That is an amazing accomplishment. Thank you man, for giving us one beautiful story to devour in one day. And maybe perhaps two hours of good drama on my laptop Someday (when the copy is downloadable already). Sue me I missed the screening last month. 😛

Cancer sucks, I know. But that doesn’t mean the people who have them does. They are friends, family and even lovers. This book made us understand even better on how great their battle is. Respect. Respect to those who are fighting. Respect to the long list of cancer heroes… and beloved ones who have gone before us. Respect.

For Ney, RC-san and Tiya Ofella.

Limasawa Chronicles cover

“We do swear under pain of friendship lost to never speak of this enterprise to any adult and to never betray its location or its participants and from this day forthwith to boil our own water, kill our own food, build our own shelter, and be our own men”
The King of Summer

On the pages of our childhood history books there’s an island that is said to be the cradle of the Christianity in Asia and the place where a sacred blood compact between Ferdinand Magellan and the king of Mazaua as sign of friendship. It happened more than 400 years ago in an island called Limasawa. It is located in my home province of Southern Leyte.

Limasawa is an island municipality of the province of Southern Leyte. (c) wikipedia

Fast forward to present time,  summer just came and gone already this year. To be honest I never did anything related to summer. I got busy and got stuck in a boring place somewhere. So I decided to stage an uprising to escape somewhere. And I know exactly which place it is: Limasawa Island.

There’s just so much on that island I wanted to see, stories I’ve been told, tales of big waves and mystical creatures.

The reason I want to run the whole island is pretty much because of the picture on the cover above (photo credit from Wow Philippines’ flickr page). I simply want to be on that valley on that of a high cliff. I’ve been to Limasawa before 8 years ago on a Theology subject requirement. We only visited one particular site of the island and left for the mainland that very afternoon. That wasn’t much fun. But this time around I made pretty sure I’m gonna be the actor, scriptwriter, cinematographer and director of this cinematic solo travel adventure back to the island. Remember, this is my only shot at summer.

Screenshot_2014-06-16-05-24-44 copy

Due to lack of detailed maps of the island, a friend from Limasawa drew the schematics for me. Its the best I could find. The right side is taken from my Runtastic app.

After lunch, I caught a boat found for Limasawa after visiting Maasin City to receive my second Blood Galoneers Club award for past blood donations. Yey! I already plotted the course of my adventures in Limasawa. I had my itineraries figured out the week prior. But nothing could have prepared me on what’s waiting for me in the island. It was simply amazing.

I stepped on the island around 2.30 pm in the afternoon, and after settling down on a homestay (I was not able to book on a nearby resort) the first thing I did was to immediately hit the road up north. Let us conquer the North! Sugod sa San Agustin! I hit the road rampaging  for adventure. I brought my Salomon hydration pack as my only means of survival against the heat and the uncharted roads of Limasawa.  And here’s the result of that afternoon run:


Day 1: covered the northern part of the island on foot. It’s around 12 kilometers.




Inita bai oui… dagan dong, dagan!

At first glance the performance indicated on the map was an OK manageable 12 kilometers of fun around the island. But if we take a closer look at the northern tip of the island, you’ll see my stupidities. Lol. (Dotted numbers are the mileage of my run) I got lost somewhere at kilometer 4.8 that by the time I reached kilometer 5 it was an all out trail run at the wrong direction!  haha



Okay, you’ll be laughing out loud that it took me more than 2 hours and thirty minutes to run a 12 kilometer course, but I have my excuses (or palusot):
Excuse No. 1,  it was really really hot. At 3pm it was the hottest time of day in the island. I was exposed to the elements and the only prior heat training I had was.. two months ago. It was virtual suicide caps lock STUPID. But it was fun anyway 😛

Excuse No. 2: I got lost (I wondered, since the valley is on top of the cliff, why am I going down hill to the sea?). Excuse No. 3: I had fun bumping into the trails of nasty spiky rocks and climbing vines that will make Tarzan jealous.
Excuse No. 4: I got chased by dogs somewhere.
Excuse No. 5 My camera is slowing me down, blame the island’s beauty. Not me haha.

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I thought these guys are cute and warm, until they start chasing me like hell. :( Animal!

I thought these guys are cute and warm, until they start chasing me like hell.  Animal!

But at the end of Day 1 what’s important is I completed the course in one piece and made it to the valley and the cliffs! It was nice up there. There were lots of tall shrubs which were annoying sometimes and the ground is quite tricky because of limestones everywhere. But hey the views are to kill for, as long as you dont jump on the edge. Btw, its not jumpable;  too high and too fatal. I have to settle for a selfie overlooking the long drop below.  Here’s a few pics to look out for when you visit that part of the island:

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By the second day I was heading off for the lower half of the island. But unfortunately, I ran out of batteries in the middle of my run so forgive me for not giving you the complete details of this leg. The scene were scenic. Perhaps you shall discover it yourself mga idol! I started trip down south started as soon as the daylight broke out. I was heading to the white beaches baby! See the map on the south eastern part of the island, yup that’s kilometers (plural) of fine white sand beaches!


My run was not better this time with breath-taking views especially the unspoiled beach front plus the added historical landmarks that made Limasawa on the World Map.  It also happens to be the more painful part. It was not as hot like the day before but the muscle pains it caused to my feet was really taking its toll.  There were killer uphills to cross to the other side of the island (I slept in Triana on the west side,  and I was running to the east side for the beach). And I was dead hungry, I ate a little for dinners and none at all for breakfast. But I persevered. from this day forthwith to boil our own water, kill our own food…


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I knew I have to get to the beach by sunrise to get to that spot, to take a picture of the scene

monkey king

From the Dakdak Resort where this picture was taken, I head to barangay Lugsungan where my college classmate and now a colleague in the public sector, Eldieflor Laurejas, lives. He’s the municipal accountant of Limasawa. He offered me breakfast. Thanks God!

Then about three kilometers away is the barangay Magallanes, home to the Magellan Shrine, the wishing Well and that infamous cross Magellan believed to have put and held the first mass in Asia 490 years ago.  But to get to the cross is a long 450 stares of uphill climbing. The stairways to heaven seemed to go on forever and my knees were picking me apart. Fortunately, I meet three boys at the top who offered me buko juice fresh from the tree! I was offered generosity in the most unlikeliest of places.

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Just up ahead of the cross come this very beautiful valley of grass that overlooks the entire island and the crystal blue seas. It was simply beautiful, the pictures just dont do justice to the beauty of the place. There are trees nearby so I gathered myself there and rested under them. I wish I could bring my friends here in the islands and experience the amazing in Limasawa. And before I knew it I began to worship with nature. It was a  Sunday.

Looking back, I’m so glad I made that solo trip to the island to train, to experience the island life and see for myself a hidden gem just waiting for others to discover. I was there, man, I was there. I love every moment of my stay in Limasawa. It’s something I’m not going to forget for a long  time.. both the great ones and the painful ones (including you doggies). I made peace with myself that I never missed Summer at all. She was after all just there waiting for me in the island, a place I can safely call a Paradise. For sure this wont be the last I’m going there, I’ll be tagging along as many friends as I can convince. I’ll do the MTB challenge next time! Because  in this island I am the King of Summer!



If you’re from Manila:
Manila to Tacloban City via Plane
Tacloban City to Maasin City –  van transpo for P220
Maasin City – Padre Burgos. You’ll arrive at the Bus terminal, then go to the buses/multicabs going to Sogod via Malitbog.  Drop off is in Padre Burgos town proper. Bus fare should be P30-40.
Padre Burgos – Limasawa Island– this time we ride a lantsa to paradise! Fare should be around P50.00.


If you’re from Cebu:
Cebu – Hilongos at Pier 3 ride a Roble ship around P280-400 depending sa accomodation 
Hilongos – Maasin. After arrving in Hilongos, there will be buses and shuttle services waiting sa Port (tip: pareserve daan sa barko palang). Cost around P60-70 for a 45-60minute trip to Maasin City.
Maasin City – Padre Burgos. You’ll arrive at the Bus terminal, then go to the buses/multicabs going to Sogod via Malitbog.  Drop off is in Padre Burgos town proper, and you’ll see the pier. You wont miss it. Bus fare should be P30-40.
Padre Burgos – Limasawa Island– this time we ride a lantsa to paradise! Fare should be around P50.


“Everybody wants to be loved. Everybody wants to be in love…”

There was this series of short films release in the YouTube Channel of Cornetto, yeah the ice cream brand. They were pretty awesome and I only just discovered them. Better late than never coz these stories deserved to be heard er watched. I absolutely digged them. I think each of the stories are unique and independently produced but the quality is really great.  It’s really the content that captured my imagination. (I think I wanna do stories and short films like these and perhaps quit my job)

All of the short films starts with the quote I wrote above. They have the same narrative style by cutting out segments of the stories into ‘Acts’. I find it cool to have different international short films follow the same narrative formats even though they have different languages. Oh love, it’s so universal.

Be warned these are heartwarming teenage kind of love stories, well sue me, I’m a romantic. So here’s my Top 3 Cornetto Cupidity.

3. Margot – this one’s shot in Asia, or at least it’s an Asian story with very Asian actors. It’s like a fairytale and probably the most heartwarmingly-hopeless- romantic in the series. It has this killer quote short into the beginning, “It’s funny what the world really love is not a lover but a love story. Journeys of the hearts that inspire us all”.

2. Kismet Dinner – This one is set in Brooklyn New York, well this one started it all. Got this from my facebook wall and it blew me away. It got a catchy premise where a talented singer get ignored by a cute guy every time she performs, and the reason will surprise everyone. Deymn, that’s a short film. I’ll be happy if I can make a good story like this but for now jus “Enjoy the Ride. Love the Ending.”

1. Travellers – for the movie lovers, a tribute to them and their passions in life.  This is set in European town of Polignano on the way to Rome. This will come in familiar as this story blends in a couple of really good love stories like the two random strangers meeting on a train in Before Sunrise and an ending scene that deeply echoed a scene in My Sassy Girl. But this story goes deeply personal to me, some part of it did happen to me.. there were decisions I’ve made, of paths I followed, things I’ve done and did not do, of the never ending questions of what-ifs and what-could-have-beens. Man, it feels so good to be reminded of life and of love and those rare encounters of a midsummer night’s dream. This one nailed it.

I am Cupid, and this Cupidity.


I found this article somewhere in my facebook newsfeed. This is a reblog of the same title from a article written by Charm Vergara. Honestly I got blown away by its sincerity and how it captured some nerves. Beautifully well-written.  Man, it is still awesome to be  a happy and freakin’ single guy. The Dream Girl will come, but for the meantime let me be badass as I wanna be. 

1. Go on as many adventures as possible.

I hope you’re going everywhere and doing everything. Hang out with your friends. Travel a lot. See as much of the world as possible. Try as many exotic foods as you can. Climb mountains. Join Fun Runs. Go diving and skydiving. Explore this beautiful world. I hope you’re starting to check off items on your bucket list because one day, when we’re finally together, I would like to hear all about it. One day you will share all those stories with me, and maybe we’ll try to do them together too.

2. Find yourself.

I hope you’re taking time to get to know yourself. Take time analyzing what you really want to do in life. Love yourself and be strong for yourself. Some people enjoy being needed but I (know) what I like is to be wanted. You are your own person and I hope you know that you don’t need anyone to complete you. One day we will be there for each other not because we can’t live without each other but because life is much more colorful when we’re together.

3. Live your life.

I hope you’re taking risks. I hope you’re not hiding under the covers to make as few mistakes as possible. Go out and make good and bad decisions. Do not be afraid of pain or failures. They are there to make you appreciate the good things. I hope you’re as in love with life as I am. Enjoy the sweetness and bitterness of this roller coaster ride. Life is short and I don’t want you missing out on anything.

4. Take good care of yourself.

I hope you’re keeping yourself healthy and fit. Eat vegetables. Eat fruits. Hydrate. Get as much sleep as you can — more than you think you need. Exercise. Do all these for yourself and for me, and for our future kids. One day when we’re already both wrinkly, we will enjoy the senior citizen benefits together. We will play bingo and have weekly brunch with all of our children and their children. Take good care of yourself because I would like to grow old with you.

5. Pray for us.

I hope you’re praying with me every night before sleeping. I hope you’re praying for me as much as I am praying for you. Pray that we may meet. In the right place. In the right time. Because I’m hoping and praying for the same thing, too.

Cover photo taken from this cheesy named site.  The rest are stolen with the help of Google. Lol.

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